You’re Beautiful

Warning: this page is going to contain a lot of cliche-esque statements #sorryimnotsorry

I wish desperately that everyone out there could just feel beautiful in their own skin all the time (including myself). Our bodies do SO MUCH for us and we tend to be hard on them always. I wish we weren’t so hard on ourselves. I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself.

No one else has what you have in terms of genetic makeup and appearance and heart and soul. It’s all YOU. We’re all capable of being wonderful and great (even if we refuse to believe it). And we’re all different.

If you’re doing your best every day, trying to be a better you, helping others, etc. then you’re doing something right. That’s all that matters- seeing the good in others, yourself, and trying against all odds to stay positive.

Size, weight, height, blah blah blah measurements, BMI, body fat content, etc. etc. – – – those things don’t determine whether you deserve love or respect or happiness. I hate how distorted all our body images are. I absolutely hate it. I hate how our body image affects so many aspects of our life and ability to be happy.

I changed my physical appearance because I was unhealthy and could feel it affecting parts of who I was. It was making me negative and putting me in a dark place. I changed my physical appearane for no one else but myself.

Yes, of course I wanted to “feel prettier” and “look better” in certain clothes- these aesthetic things are embedded in our lives. But I more so wanted to be proud to live in my skin and give back to my body by being healthy. I wanted to give my body what it deserved. I wasn’t taking care of myself and now I am.

I’m a big advocate for being happy in the short amount of time I have here on earth. Seriously. Every second I spend caring about how something is fitting me, or what I look like, etc. is a second TOTALLY wasted. Pointless.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Underneath the clothing, makeup, nail polish- all those things- is a body that yearns to be loved primarily by the person that it has composed.

So love yourself. Take the time to tell yourself that you’re amazing and that you can do amazing things.

6 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful

  1. I am so glad to have come across this blog! I go to Catholic University (NE DC) and am absolutely loving living in the city. I so needed to read this blog to continue to be inspired in living a healthy life in the city!

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