FAQ: How I Eat

Curious about my eating? No, I’m not on a diet and I never was on one when I lost weight in 2012. Seriously- don’t even get me STARTED on how crazy diets make me ARGH. When I set out to lose weight, I wanted to do it the healthy way. I wanted my relationship with food to improve- not get all scary with some ridiculous/insane diet that wasn’t maintainable in the slightest.

I figured out what my body needed, identified weaknesses in what I was eating (changes I had to make), and the things I wasn’t willing to compromise (eating out occasionally, dessert, etc).

I saw that I needed more veggies, more fruit, more whole grains, more healthy fats (think avocados and nuts). I needed a greater balance of macro nutrients in my life. I saw that I needed to lower my carb intake, my sugar intake, my processed food intake, and my caloric intake.

I developed healthy habits that haven’t broken because they work for me! It was a long process of trial and error and it still continues. Whenever I would try and place food rules on myself that I genuinely didn’t enjoy or feel right about (never eating bread, avoiding dessert, having vegetables be the core of every meal)- it always backfired, would be short term, and eventually just caused me to be unsuccessful at eating better. You have to be realistic about what makes you happy when it comes to food. But you have to balance that and often times combine that with what you know is good for you health and nutrition wise.

If you want lifestyle changes to be permanent, they have to be things that you actually believe in and that make you feel good.

Examples: I no longer drink soda, I always eat a healthy breakfast, and I don’t buy baked goods to keep in my apartment (packaged cookies, donuts, cakes, etc). Those are things that I stick to without even thinking about now because they have made really positive differences in my life.

In short, I eat food:

  • That is really good for my body
  • In appropriate portion sizes
  • That I love
  • That satisfies my body’s needs, wants, and cravings
  • That fuels my active lifestyle
  • That makes me happy

Here’s what I strive for:

  1. Eating as cleanly as possible and focusing on nutrient rich foods (cutting out processed foods as much as possible)
  2. Eating a good balance of macro nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and a source of each in every meal
  3. Eating intuitively (when I’m hungry)- but usually that translates to 3 meals a day and snacks in between
  4. 8+ cups of water a day
  5. Alcohol once a week

If you have any specific questions, please email me at: wickedhealthywashingtonian@gmail.com

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