I love helping people. Thus, answering questions and providing feedback for others trying to get healthy or stay healthy is something I am really passionate about. Click through each link for a more in depth answer to the most frequently asked questions I receive daily:

How did you lose weight?

What do you eat?

Are you on a diet?

How do you exercise?

What do you consider to be the formula for a healthy lifestyle?

  • Everyone is different but I definitely think there are four core elements that lead to a healthy and happy human being:
  1. Balanced food choices and eating whole, nutritionally dense foods (eating less processed food and making more of your own food)
  2. Exercising and moving regularly
  3. Sleeping enough
  4. Taking care of your mental and emotional health (seeking help when you need it from doctors, making time for yourself to do things that interest you and following your passions, spending time with friends and family, addressing responsibilities in your life like your job and doing your laundry, and having fun) aka food and exercise are not everything.

What are your current goals and ambitions in regards to a healthy lifestyle?

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