Thursday Treasures

Guess who is back on track to feeling like her old self? THIS GUY. I’m almost afraid to type that out for fear of jinxing myself and waking up tomorrow feeling like crap… but I don’t care because I need to shout to the world that I don’t feel sick today. It’s been a full week of feeling miserable and today definitely marks the upswing. Not 100% but close. Getting there. I feel like I can get stuff done and be a real human so I’m a happy girl.


A change in attitude and the positive vibes I’m feeling this afternoon make the perfect set up for a Thursday Treasures post. Yesterday I was thinking- oh shit, thursday treasures tomorrow are going to be rough- nothing is good in my life right now and it’s going to be a FORCE to write that post. maybe I just won’t do it. Well whaddya know. I’m feeling better and life has been treating me well today, thus seeing the bright side of things is a hell of a lot easier.

And with that, my Thursday Treasures:

1. Ben Rector’s album, The Walking in Between

In addition to a playlist consisting of Brave by Sara Bareilles and Roar by Katy Perry on repeat, this song If You Can Hear Me by Ben Rector has been killing it lately. Will gave me his whole album and it’s kind of been the perfect thing for me these days. Hopefully you’ll like it too. One of the lines in this song in particular really resonated with me:

Sometimes the devil sounds a lot like Jesus- telling me I’m not enough. I don’t believe it, but I can feel it.

2. Upcoming Cooking Plans


I spent WAY too much money on groceries today. Whoops. I guess there are worse things in life, right? Right. Especially when all those groceries are going to produce the meals you see above. I also was running low on a lot of staples so I had to stock up (coconut oil + brown rice + oatmeal + various spices, etc.)

And yes, I always type out my menu for the week and hang it up in the kitchen for reference 1) because I’m a tool and 2) because it helps me keep my thoughts together and feel organized.

3. Figs


I bought figs for the first time around this time last year (when they were in season!) and was eagerly anticipating their arrival in grocery stores this year. They have a relatively short season and an even shorter shelf life once you buy them SO I have a feeling this might be the only carton of figs I purchase this year AND I need to use em up quick! Click on my link found in the first sentence of this lil paragraph to see how I used them last year.


Alongside lunch today, I mixed up a bowl of plain chobani, blueberries, and sliced figs. They’re just so pretty! I’m not like head over heals in love with their flavor but I figure hey- I should savor the seasonal produce while its around and cheap.

4. New Chobani Flavors


While I really love buying plain chobani and spicing it up with my own fixings (fruit + nuts + nut butters + coconut + etc.), I have been DYING to try these new chobani flavors. I heard a rumor that they sold them at a grocery store further from my apartment than I normally would choose to go- but I sucked it up today and hiked over there solely for chobani. Dedication- it’s a serious thing.

I’m already thinking of the ways to conjure up some amazing things with these guys. Honey roasted figs and coconut cho, anyone? Sounds good to me!

5. Organization

I’m a neat freak. I love to clean and organize. As my regular readers know, I had off work today to compensate for all the extra working we’ve been doing lately. So yes, today has been grand. One of the things I enjoy doing in my off time is- cleaning and organizing. It’s invigorating for me and makes me feel more at ease in my apartment. Today I had the urge to move some things around in the kitchen and get rid of a bunch of clutter.


6. Time Off

Speaking of having today off- I am so happy that I don’t have to return to the daily grind till Tuesday. Holy balls. I’m looking forward to this weekend more than you know. The weather forecast isn’t all that great but I don’t even care. Hello, rest, relaxation, and fun. I have every intent of crossing off as many summer bucket list items before September rolls around i.e. attend the last free Jazz in the Sculpture Garden downtown, drink a summer drink, consume gelatto, and eat as much summer food as possible.

7. Red Sox

Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 4.42.44 PM

Tonight is the last game in their current series against the Orioles. They have been kicking butt against the Orioles and I absolutely love it. I have beef with Maryland- not a fan of the O’s and obviously you understand my deal with the Ravens (ugh)- so I love when the Red Sox come out on top. But I mean, that seems to be the story of the 2013 season sooo… 🙂

8. Sisters in High School

I don’t even have much to say on this one but um, my two youngest sisters are now officially high schoolers. Angie is in 10th grade. Rachel is in 9th grade. Allison is in freakout mode. When did they get so old? Shit- I’M OLD.

I hope you all have awesome Labor Day weekend plans- whether you’re traveling or staying home. Hopefully you are just planning on doing whatcha love and what makes you happy. Enjoy every ounce of summer that we have left! Autumn is my favorite season, but I’m all for embracing the current season until its gone. And kids, summer ain’t over yet (the heat and humidity in DC is a wonderful reminder of this).

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

Another work week in my world has come and gone my friends. And just like that- we’re halfway through August. How on earth did that happen so suddenly? Maybe if I constantly reiterate how fast time flies here on my blog- I’ll actually remember this fact and do something with it. Instead of just thinking man, life is really moving fast- I’ll think that and then Carpe Diem a little more, live each day to the fullest, and try to appreciate the good in the world instead of accentuating the negative. But then again- let’s be real. Next Thursday you’re going to read something on here along the lines of “oMg you GUYS~ summer ’13 is like totally over already~ where did the time GO?!”

But in all seriousness- there is a small handful of bucket list-esque items that I need to get to before summer comes to a close. And with time moving at the speed of sound (I hope you’re like me and sang that like Chris Martin) I need to get on these things STAT.

I would use the expression “like white on rice” but I tend to eat brown rice. Speaking of brown rice- thanks to Jessica of the blog How Sweet It Is (one of my faves), I found out that Trader Joes has brown jasmine rice (!!!) Is this true?! Do they still have it?! If they do- I want it. Mainly because I want to make her recipes for Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice and Easy Chickpea Curry with Coconut Rice.

Got off track there. Sorry. Food excites me a little too much. Back to the summer bucket list-esque shenanigans.

{If you want to stay on the foodie track a little while longer- check out my pinterest boards– I’ve been pinning a bajillion plus recipes lately that I need to try}

Things I still need to do before fall actually starts. Because contrary to the fall-ish weather here in DC, we still have time before summer ends. Just wait. Next week it’ll be like a hundred degrees. Plus- TECHNICALLY the first day of Autumn is September 22nd. So we got time kiddos. Like a month.

Before jeans and leather jackets and scarves I want to:

  • Ride my bike to the National Arboretum with Will
  • Get the August special Banana Split cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake [partially because I love all things banana and partially because I didn’t try the July special Blueberry Cheesecake cupcake and am still upset about it]
  • Watch a movie outside
  • Attempt to go to a beach in the DMV area
  • Visit Massachusetts one more time
  • Go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden [confession time: in the FIVE years I’ve lived here… I haven’t gone once…]
  • Try gelatto from Dolcezza
  • Drink a ridiculous summer cocktail [I don’t know what makes a drink “ridiculous” but I’ll know it when I see it]
  • Eat brunch outside with Will [preferably at Mintwood Place]
  • Eat all of the berries and cherries [please don’t go out of season- pretty please!]
  • Eat all of the corn [it’s just such a summery food- I want it in everything]

Totally do-able, right? In addition to all those things to be excited about (plus a trip in September to visit Will’s parents in Chicago!), there of course are so many things both big and small that are bringing joy in my every day life. Regular followers know where I’m going with this- it’s time for Thursday Treasures. Because if there was one way to reflect on life and slow down time a little bit- it would be to hark on all the wonderful things that have been making me happy.

In an attempt to bring back my Thursday Treasures posts that I abandoned for a couple of months, I present to you for a now for a consecutive week, my Thursday Treasures:

1. Bootcamp Regulars

You’ve heard me say it again and again- but the community feel at my gym is like no other. Yesterday was a shitty shitty day but I forgot all about it as soon as I was on the roof of my gym with bootcamp regulars. It’s such a simple thing, but seeing these people makes me smile. They find a way to turn my mood around and make me feel less terrible.We all sort of motivate each other and root for each other’s success. We commiserate together and find a way to laugh together.


My bootcamp friend Lyndsey tagged me in this funny picture last night. At one point we had to push one of these guys back and forth the length of the roof with our team members. Talk about major quad burnout.

Bootcamp and the people I have befriended remind me that I’m stronger than I think I am physically and mentally. When one of favorite instructors of all time (Hey, Devin!) told us to run around the block carrying a dumbbell that weighed 1/4 of our body weight I was like oh hell no that’s impossible. But it wasn’t. And I did it. SO THERE.

2. Foodie Adventures

Okay so not going to lie but I’m freaking FLIPPING OUT over here about all the planned foodie adventures I have in the next week or so. As you may or may not know, next week is the fall Restaurant Week here in DC! During the winter Restaurant Week in February I managed to try out Jaleo, Oyamel, and the Hamilton. Guess who is outdoing herself this time around and has FOUR reservations?! THIS GUY. While my bank account is kind of crying and old E.D. thoughts are slightly creeping in- I’m doing my best to pay no mind and just live in the excitement.

Because let’s be real. I love food. It’s one of my greatest loves and passions and life. So why would I not take advantage of sweet deals to eat at restaurants I’ve been lusting over for weeks and months? Sorry I’m not sorry.

In addition to Restaurant Week where I’ll finally get to go to Agora (with Sara), the Lincoln (with Nick), B Too (with coworkers), and Zaytinya (with Will), I also have a couple other foodie adventures planned:

  • Going to Thomas Foolery tonight with my friend Liz
  • Trying the Loxy Lady sandwich at Glen’s
  • Taking Will to Cava so he can experience the magic
  • Having fancy times dinner at the Occidental during our big important conference next weekend

Last week I cooked A LOT and tried out so many recipes. And this week I’ll be eating out a lot. It all balances out in the end. Right? Right.

Have I mentioned that I love food? Because I love food. Okay.

3. This Body Wash

I buy whatever body wash is on sale at Target or CVS. That’s how I roll. I lucked out when I saw this guy was the cheapest of the bunch I was looking at. It smells delightful.


4. This Breakfast

Breakfast mess– how you be so GOOD? This one with strawberries + honey + coconut chips totally made my morning today. Looks crazy- tastes delicious


Sweet potatoes and banana cooked in coconut oil and then mixed with strawberries, cottage cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut butter, and roasted coconut chips.

5. This Album

I’ve been cranking up the JayZ these days. He gets me. We’re tight like that. Heart of the City and Lost One have been pumping on repeat. At work today I’m listening to his MTV Unplugged album featuring the Roots and Mary J. Blige. Love.

6. Tom Brady

Everyone was flipping out yesterday because Brady hurt his knee at practice. Including myself. But after a lil doctor’s appointment- they reported that he’s fine and that he’ll be able to play in their first game. SO THERE HATERS. You have no idea how many people texted me Looks like it’s Tebow time! Ugh- get outta here! You wish. Brady is fine. HE’S FINE OKAY. HE’S TOTALLY FINE. [end defensive new england sports fan rant]

7. Sox/Yankees Weekend

There’s always something extra special about weekends where the Sox and Yankees are playing each other. Even in seasons like this when the Yankees are like 8.5 games back from us (bwah hah hah) You can usually guarantee that Fox will cover the Saturday game and that they’ll be the Sunday Night Baseball game. BUT what I’m looking forward to is videos of the people in Fenway and their reaction to A-Rod. It’s going to be great. Go Sox.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series of thumbs up pictures from the world of Boston sports.

ALRIGHT. Before I bounce, I have to say one more time- holy crap thank goodness it’s Thursday. Dear weekend, I need you- love, me. ALSO- lots of love to everyone who reached out to me yesterday in real life and over the internet/phone. You people knew I was having a bad day and made me feel loads better. Thank you thank you thank you.

My best friend from home Michelle shared this buzzfeed article of a Corgi befriending a bunny and now I’m passing it on to you (in case you need a good dose of cuteness too).

I’m looking forward to enjoying all the things above, all the summer thangs I have yet to do, and even sooner- lunch outside in this gorgeous weather with my friend Sara. Life is good.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

Hello DC summer weather, fancy seeing you here. You know what, it might be muggy, but I wasn’t cold for the first time walking to work today and for that alone I am thankful. It was great to have on my light jacket and not feel like I needed more layers. Warmer and sunnier weather makes it so much easier to just run out the door in a flash without too much over thinking. Which we all need in the morning, right?

We have a big event at work this weekend that I am largely responsible for (!) thus I expected this week to be awful and stressful and hard. While I have been busy- it actually has been more so exciting to see what I’ve been working on for the past year here come to fruition. I have to work all weekend (boo) but it will kind of be fun because I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making this event a success.

Sometimes I hate that I’m a planner because the structure blows up in my face- but there are other times where I love that I’m planner (when everything goes according to plan). I’ve sort of done everything I could have done up till now to make this event go well. I also planned my food, workouts, and schedule for this week well so I haven’t felt totally crazy in the midst of work madness. Everything has been going right on cue (which is so rare! something always seems to go awry). So… knock on wood… but it looks like everything in my world is going to be a-ok. Again. Knock on wood for me.

I opted out of Thursday Treasures last week for an alternative post, so let’s get back to tradition. I am a lover of tradition.

Here are this week’s treasures on my brain:

1. French Toast

I was inspired by Anne’s stuffed french toast recipe (click through for the recipe) and went to making my own this morning based on the ingredients I had. French toast is always delicious- but its even better when it’s not heavy and full of sugar. It can taste just as good and be healthier. Win.

I used cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread, almond butter, sliced bananas, egg, vanilla unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. I topped this bad boy with some mashed strawberries and banana (heated up in the microwave to create almost like a jam).



2013-05-16 06.29.33

2. Television

Now. I don’t watch THAT much TV but there are certain shows I love. Mad Men being one. Can we talk about how HAPPY I was that THIS happened?


I haven’t watched last Sunday’s episode as I am a grandmother and can’t stay up till 11pm on a work night- BUT I am impatiently awaiting Will’s return from NY so we can watch the latest episode. Is it just me, or do you all think “the old” Don Draper is back? He’s been on FIAH lately. One of the most hilarious throwaway lines as of late:

Roger: Did Pete just tell you that the dinner was off with Jaguar?
Don: Yes, Unless it was the world’s most boring dream.


And in other TV news- ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT SEASON FOUR NEXT WEEKEND. Oh- is my excitement showing? Good. I know I’m prematurely shooting my wad here as I’m getting all amped about NEXT weekend. But if any family deserves the hype- it’s the Bluths. My friends are throwing a “Bluth Family Reunion Party” featuring ice cream sandwiches, hot ham water, mayon-eggs, and obviously- unlimited juice.

It’s going to be off the hook.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

Speaking of ice cream sandwiches, I decided to have a love affair with one Tuesday night. Cream Cycle DC was started by chef Carlos Delgado (an awesome DC chef from Peru). They specialize in gourmet ice cream sandwiches and while they don’t have their own store front (yet), they sell their products at Smucker Farms on 14th Street.


They have crafted flavors like: lemongrass & basil ice cream with coconut cookie, olive oil ice cream & bacon bits with bacon cookie, cereal milk infused ice cream with granola cookie, and even banana habanero ice cream with coffee cookie.


I decided to go with a mexican jalapeno chocolate sandwich and it was one of the most interesting dessert experiences I’ve ever had! You can taste the jalapeno big time and your throat gets a little firery for sure. My brain was so confused because I was eating something cold… but my throat was on fire… which led me to want to eat more of the ice cream to soothe said throat… but then that just made things “worse.” AH! It was craziness.


4. The Office

I was going to include this in the “television” point above but it deserves its own dedication. I can’t even guys. I think I’m going to be simultaneously crying and laughing for a solid two hours. How is this happening already?! GAH.


5. Rice Pilafs

In addition to the pasta salad I’ve been loving on, I have been loving creating interesting rice pilaf combinations for dinner. This week I’ve been wicked busy and the idea of throwing a bunch of stuff in a pan and making it work has just been my go to.

When I was meal planning for this week, I decided I wanted scallops and I was going to sear them with some bacon, apple, onion, and spinach. Sounds yummy, right? Kind of forgot scallops are MAD expensive. So I ditched that idea when I was at the grocery store and picked up some cheaper tilapia fillets. Still seafood- still a happy girl.

But I still bought the bacon, apple, onion, and spinach forgetting that I had changed the meal. Whoops.

So I improvised like TIm Gunn was looking over my shoulder and sauteed those ingredients together with some brown rice. It ended up being pretty delicious and a good side to some deliciously lemon/herb tilapia (served with avocado). I like nights experimenting in the kitchen. Even if something doesn’t turn out AMAZING- playing with flavors and different ingredients is a good way to develop those culinary skills. I ain’t no chef- but I do what I can.






6. 14th Street

Can I just say for the billionth time that I absolutely love where I live? I actually feel like I live in the best nook of this entire city. And 14th street just keeps getting better with all the amazing new stores and restaurants they are opening. I could spend a lifetime wandering up an down 14th street trying everything.

A new sweetgreen, Mike Isabella’s future greek restaurant Kapnos and sandwich shop “G,” a second Ted’s Bulletin location, Etto, Le Diplomate, Bake House, Piola, Bar di BariGhibellina, B Too… the list LITERALLY goes on for pages- those are just the ones I can recall of the top of my head. So many restaurants- so little money! Oh. Plus you know… just a casual new TRADER JOES.

7. Balance Gym

Between spin, bootcamp, and yoga (and a new body weight exercise class I’m trying tonight)- my gym is truly the best. And no- I swear they don’t pay me to talk about them all the time. The publicity is well deserved on their part. The instructors continually push me to do more than I thought that I could and as I’ve explained before, the community feel is exactly what I need at the end of my long work days.

One of the last working songs in spin on Monday was Justin Timberlake’s new song “Mirrors” which I didn’t realize how much I loved until it was bumping in the studio. So good. I highly recommend it if you haven’t given it a listen yet.

On Tuesday in bootcamp, after a warmup and some mobility work, the workout was as follows (and it’s meant to be done as quickly as possible):

  • 10 goblet squats
  • 10 kettle bell swings
  • 10 split jumps
  • 10 twisting mountain climbers
  • 10 burpees
  • After you go through and do ten of each, you then go through and do nine of each, then eight of each… etc. etc. until you get all the way down to one of each

If you have access to a kettle bell- I highly recommend trying this workout out on your own. It will kick your butt. You’ve been warned.

I think seven treasures will do it for today- lucky number seven, am I right? With a busy working weekend ahead, I need all the luck I can get. And on that note- it’s back to the grind for this little girl.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

I woke up this morning feeling pretty grumpy after a rough night’s sleep. After successfully putting my contacts in (they always burn when I’m overtired) and splashing my face with some cold water, I looked in the mirror and tried to lasso in some good vibes. The first thing I told myself was… hey allison- chillax- at least you can eat today and aren’t doing colonoscopy prep like you were LAST Thursday *shudder.* I don’t think I can emphasize enough how happy I am to have THAT behind me. My second positive thought was today can’t be too bad because today is your Friday… which means you just have this one day of work standing between you and MIAMI. Point taken, self- I have no right to complain about anything. I’m going on a weekend vaca.

Despite feeling kinda bleh when I first got up today, I can say that overall my life has turned around since the bad mood that plagued me Monday and Tuesday. I left you in a relatively dismal place in my last post. Sorry, guys. Lucky for me and your reading enjoyment- I have snapped out of my funk (thank GOD). That always seems to be the case doesn’t it? Just when we’re complaining about things- good times come around again. It’s the roller coaster of life I suppose.

Or as a reader commented yesterday, there is always the down hill side to every up hill road in life. WHY it is so hard to remember this fact on the bad days? It’s ridiculously challenging to see the better days when you’re going through rough times even though we see this pattern of good to bad and bad to good constantly happening in our lives. As a historian, I get annoyed at how little people remember or pay attention to history. Soooo it’s pretty sad that sometimes I can’t remember my own past, learn from it, and not let my current situation bring my down.

ANYWAY. I’m not quite sure when or why life became lighter, but I am thankful to be in a better place now. It was probably a combination of perseverance on my end plus a bunch of little good things here and there. I’m thinking that my usual “Thursday Treasures” post could not come at a better time in order to reflect on these good things.

Let’s do this, Thursday Treasures:

1. Balance Gym

Okay so normally I would just say “exercise” but the workouts I did this week were less about the workouts themselves- and more about WHERE I worked out. My gym in Thomas Circle. For as much as I was uninspired to do anything on Monday, I was re-inspired (if you will) on Tuesday. I was able to get to the gym and while yes- I had a solid bootcamp workout (my body is still sore from the man makers we did), more importantly, I was happy to be there with the people that come out to the class. It’s not like we’re all BFFs or anything, but it’s just such a positive community of people. Plus, the instructor never fails to make us laugh our way through the bootcamp torture. Lesson learned (hopefully): for every non-existent workout, cough cough monday cough cough, there is another ass-kicking one around the corner.

Then last night, I did a little 5k loop on the treadmill seeing as it was ridiculously windy outside (which I absolutely hate when I’m trying to run outdoors. slight wind? perfect. major gusts? get outta here). My run was followed by yoga… ON THE ROOF. We used to go on the roof for bootcamp workouts in nice weather but I had never done yoga up there! Talk about a place of zen. Even though we did a series of tough arm poses/postures that were nearly impossible for me, it was a good class. Running and yoga tend to enhance any good mood I’m in. Yoga always seems to find me at the perfect time and last night, a solid shavashana on the roof was exactly what I needed.

2. This Song

Vagabond by Wolfmother

3. And THIS Song

Strictly Game by the Harlem Shakes

4. OH and THIS Song

That’s the Way by Led Zeppelin

5. Deliveries

I came home to find two deliveries on Tuesday night. The first was from home. This is the most thoughtful “just because” gift I’ve received in a while. I almost feel weird blogging about it because it is so personal- but I also felt weird NOT blogging about it because it meant so much to me last night. I am extremely grateful to my aunt, uncle, and cousin for sending me this piece of love from home. My heartstrings. They have been successfully tugged.



the description on the bracelet says it all really.

The other delivery, while not emotional or necessarily heart warming… was drool worthy. You may remember me blogging about Postmodern Foods when I met the founder Denise at the Mind Your Body Oasis open house I attended a couple weekends ago.I believe I said that I wished I had a “vat” of her grapefruit juice in my fridge at all times. I now have a 16 oz. supply of the wonderful stuff AND this cool “millet krispie treat” to try. It said in it’s online description that it was good for digestion- I’m all about THAT these days. I need all the help I can get! Send me all the millet krispie treats you got, Denise!


Wahoo for healthy treats!


Mmmm algae? Supposedly it’s really good for you. While I’ll get on board and trust their nutrition knowledge, I think algae will always make me think of the beach at home. In middle school we studied a lot of ocean-y things (you know you live near the ocean when…) and algae will forever make me think of a field trip we took to study tide pools. And now I drink the stuff.


If you can’t read the ingredients on the label, it’s puffed millet, raw yacon syrup, agave, coconut oil, raw cacao, vanilla bean, pink himalayan salt. All very interesting things… but like I said above, the real reason why I bought it is because of it’s product description: “yacon syrup is a low-glycemic sweetener that is prebiotic, providing the probiotics in your gut with the nutrients they need to thrive, creating healthier gut flora, better digestion, and improving immune function.” Sounds like something that could be helpful to me.


Free inspirational quotes are always appreciated.

In her email to me notifying me of the delivery- she said to let her know when I picked up the delivery so she would be sure I got my “vat” of grapefruit juice. I was touched that she remembered that small detail about my blog post. Have I mentioned how much I love working with small, personalized, and thoughtful businesses here in DMV region? Okay good. Because really, they’re the best. If you’re a local to this area, I recommend trying out something from Postmodern Foods. You can order their goods online or stop by Mind Your Body Oasis in Crystal City where they sell their stuff as well.

6. GrohNola

Speaking of small, local businesses here in the District… I have been CRUSHING hard on GrohNola ever since I bought my first bag at Pleasant Pops. This week I have been devouring GrohNola mixed in with TJs pearsauce. So. Good.

P10009027. Trader Joes Eats

In line with the thought above- Trader Joes really makes my life WAY too convienent sometimes. I’m not complaining at all. They have been the source of many quick and easy meals this week. I had been eyeing this frozen blend for weeks now and I finally caved into it when I went shopping last week.


sweet potatoes, kale, AND carrots! so much love for all of those things.


A big ol’ pile of delicious mush basically. I mean mush in the best way possible by the way.


I knew I would need to add some more healthy fats and protein to this frozen blend so I halfed the frozen mixture and added each portion to some avocado, chicken, salt, pepper, basil, and red pepper flakes. Side note: yes, there was an avocado party happening on my counter. Sorry you weren’t invited.


The woman who rang me up at TJs said the mix itself was pretty bland and recommended adding a splash of balsamic vinegar and some spices. She was right! The balsamic really made a big difference in the taste.

8. Avocados

Now, I’m always lovin’ on these bad boys. Some days more than others. When I was grocery shopping, my big eyes thought it would be a good idea to buy three for the week. Unnecessary but it happened. I hate wasting food so I have been determined to use them all. Especially because around these parts avocados are not cheap (damn you west coasters and your cheap avocados- I’m looking at you, Zoe).


Curious about how I access the wonderfulness inside of avocados? Of course you are. Well it’s your lucky day. So I take the slice of avocado I’m looking to use and hold it like so…


then I fold it in half and squeeze all the green outta there. usually it prevents me from making a huge avocado mess and works doubly as a way to mush the avocado a little bit to make spreading it easier.

Avocado has been a key ingredient in my dinners (see quinoa blend + chicken + avocado bowl of yum above), lunches (see lunch wraps below), and breakfasts (I didn’t have overnight oats this morning and had an egg sandwich- I’m shocked too).


goat cheese, turkey, avocado, arugula, red peppers, and mushrooms. yum.


You always need a close up on some vegetables.


Egg, avocado, cheese, and tomatoes on some whole grain bread. And for sweetness- a lil bowl of chopped banana and wicked sweet strawberries. Mmmmm.

9. Seeing Jillian Michaels with Sara

Last night I went to see Jillian Michaels on her Maximize Your Life tour at the Warner Theater. I really had no idea what to expect but was definitely interested to hear what she had to talk about. The crowd and types of people who were there was pretty mixed.


Her talk was divided into two parts basically. The first was what she called “the information portion.” I knew a lot of what she was talking about- Sara and I joked that we could have led that part of the presentation. We’re both kind of snarky- I like it.


sorry I’m not sorry for stealing your sweet phone pic, sara.

BUT it was a solid reminder of how much I do know about nutrition and exercise that I assume everyone knows- but they definitely don’t. She talked about the very basics and the most significant aspects of nutrition and fitness (according to her). It was like a crash course on how to be healthier. She brought up calorie counting, BMR, high intensity interval training, the importance of strength AND cardio, the lameness of weight machines (USE FREE WEIGHTS) and a lot of things you’ve seen me bring up on this lil blog.


The point of Jillian Michaels’ info part of the show was to “arm us with knowledge.” One of her goals was to provide the audience with more information in order for us to feel more comfortable taking chances and making changes in our lives.

She also offered her secret to being healthy and not overweight. Are you ready? She proclaimed: Eat less… and move more! Can you believe that shit?! I died laughing. So true, girl. That’s all I’m trying to get across to people too! I loved that she also went on to emphasize that, included in the whole “eat less” part is… “eat better.” She talked about the importance of food quality and what we are consuming.

Also in line with my own personal views, she stressed that the more important takeaway from all these healthy shenanigans besides just “being thin” and “fitting into skinny jeans” is increasing the quality of your life. THAT’s what matters most- overall health- big picture.

Her down to earth and relate-able personality surprised me. She’s usually so intense so I guess I just didn’t expect her to be so “cool.” But she was! She definitely didn’t sugar coat things, admitted loving bread, and admitted not loving exercise (shock!). Yep, Jillian Michaels doesn’t love working out. She loves what she gets out of it- feeling better mentally and physically. She talked about food labels in an honest way and reminded the audience to “turn on their bullshit meter” when reading them. I found that hilarious. As someone who has been trying to cut out processed foods and eat as cleanly as possible, it was nice to hear someone else talk about this concept.

The second part- I couldn’t stay for unfortunately. That’s where she was going to get more into the motivational aspect of the talk. Jillian was going to delve into the inspiration side of things. I wish I could have heard THIS part and skipped the info session. Not because I’m not motivated- trust me- I know I can get what I want out of life- but I was so curious as to how she was going to try and convince other people of that. Mental mind games are hard, man. This part of the evening was supposed to really hone in on another one of her goals of the evening- to make sure that everyone left with a sense that they are capable of achieving anything and that their lives are worth it.

But because it was getting late and because I have to get up so early for work, I knew it wasn’t worth me staying for another hour. No offense Jillian, you’re great, but I’m already pretty motivated AND I really really value my sleep.

Even though the show was interesting and a worthwhile use of my time, I’m not going to lie, my favorite part of last night was hanging with Sara. She’s a great human being.

Thank you, Live Nation, for the cool evening with Jillian Michaels 🙂

HOKAY I need to hop on the productivity train and get a move on today. This time tomorrow I will be at the airport getting ready to get to MIAMI. Sorry- please don’t hate me. I’m just really really really excited. I promise I’ll give ya a little post tomorrow before I jet off for the weekend and get outta blogger mode.

Before I go today though, I just want to say thank you to everyone who read my womp-tastic post on Tuesday and offered me up words of support and love. You’re all great.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

I am in completely denial that I might be getting sick. Two of my sisters got hit with a sore throat plague in the last days that I was home. Deep down I had a feeling that I would catch whatever they had but I didn’t want to believe it (because who likes being sick? no one). Tuesday I didn’t feel so great but I also didn’t get much sleep. Yesterday I felt better after a full night’s rest and thought I had kicked the sickness outta town. Today? Wahhhh my throat is so scratchy! Not cool. Not cool at all. I’m hoping that it just stays a minor throat thing and doesn’t turn into a full blown head cold.

For now, I’m doing my best to ignore the soreness and counting on dayquil to work its magic. Thank God for western medicine, am I right? And while work is definitely not where I want to be, at least today is my Friday. Yes. I was able to take Monday off to stay home longer so this has been a pretty short work week for me.

While I am doing a good job of pretending like I’m not sick, I know I’m feeling under the weather because this blog post is proving to be quite challenging to write. Usually words just flow out of me but right now I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts out of my head and into the big white text box on the screen. All I want to do in all honestly is rest my head on the keyboard and go back to sleep. But I must power on. I’m overthinking things when I need to just write and not worry about it.

Lucky for me, on Thursdays my blog posts have some structure to them so they’re a little easier to write. And with that I bring you my Thursday Treasures:

1. Yoga and Yogi Friends

When I got to the gym yesterday, my first inclination was to bust out an intense workout because I was feeling better. But knowing I shouldn’t take away too much energy from my body as its trying to fight off sickness, I opted for some yoga instead. I usually don’t enjoy yoga at my gym but for some reason this class yesterday was everything I needed. It was a much needed stretch and a slower paced strength workout that I felt good about. Coincidentally, on the day I chose to practice yoga, I heard from two of my yoga loving friends who no longer are in the District. One was a planned phone call with my friend Kate (a yoga extraordinaire) in Baton Rouge and the other was a surprise email from my friend Alex (she actually teaches yoga!) in Philly. Hearing from friends always brightens my day. As do these cats:

2. Cardamom

There is a coworker of mine who is also interested in healthy eating and nutrition. Like me, she is a foodie and we’re always sharing meal ideas and restaurant tips. Last week I let her try one of my fudge babies and we got to talking about all the possibilities for the recipe. We ended up talking about the eastern spice cardamom. It tends to be on the expensive side and because it’s not really a practical spice, I never buy it. Also, it makes no sense for me to buy a jar of it when you only use a tiny bit every time you use it (it’s a strong and powerful spice- there is definitely such a thing as too much cardamom). BUT that being said, cardamom has an amazing aroma and does taste delicious in certain things (like Indian food and desserts).

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what this spice smells/tastes like… if you’ve ever had chai… it’s what makes chai smell like chai. Does that make sense? Just go with it. It’s a very unique scent and flavor. Pitango Gelato actually offers a cardamom flavored gelato… SO GOOD. Cardamom- more like carda-YUM! (Yikes- I’m a cheeseball…).

ANYWAY. My coworker bought a jar and brought me in a little baggie of cardamom to store in my “pantry.” Score! Wheeling and dealing spices at work- it’s fine. It made my purse smell delightful all day at work. I didn’t have time to experiment with fudge babies but wanted to use the cardamom somehow so I incorporated it into my overnight oats for today. I only used 1/2 tsp. of the stuff- but even that proved to be a little too much. The oats were still good, but you really don’t need a lot of cardamom to reap the benefits of its flavor.

Also- side note: I think it’s funny that even though I’m relying on western medicine to erase my sickness, I’m also reaching out to the other side of the globe and taking the more holistic approach to wellness by practicing yoga and nomming on eastern spices 😉 I’m searching the earth and will embrace ANYTHING that might make me feel better.


Oats, flax, banana, raisins, vanilla almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, cardamom, and cinnamon. Yum! If you want to recreate this bowl- I recommend only using 1/4 tsp. of cardamom.

3. Flowers and Upcoming Weather

Even though it’s been cold here in D.C. this past week (so annoying) the forecast is showing me nothing but 60 and 70 degree temps for the weekend and upcoming week. Wahoo! The nice weather is one of the reasons I definitely don’t want this illness to hang on. I’ve been waiting for lasting spring and want to be able to fully enjoy it when it hits soon! In the meantime, despite the chilly temps, the bright blue skies and warm April sun makes the cold more bearable. If there wasn’t any damn wind, the weather would be quite mild actually.

They’re thinking that the cherry blossoms are finally going to come out to play tomorrow which would be exciting. BUT Washingtonians looking for signs of spring need to look no further than all the other pretty flowers appearing throughout the city. I have been stopped by the sights of beautiful flowers all over the place in my urban hiking adventures lately. Don’t get me wrong, cherry blossoms are great, but that doesn’t mean the other spring flowers don’t deserve some love and attention too.

2013-04-03 19.26.59

2013-04-03 19.27.11

4. DC Eats

Seeing as I flew in from MA late Monday night, I never really had time to go grocery shopping for the week. On Tuesday I picked up a few things but decided to wait on a big haul till my usual grocery shopping Thursday trek to Trader Joes. Thus, for the past couple of days I have been eating out for lunch and dinner (gasp!) It is weeks like this that I am thankful for delicious healthy food options in D.C.

2013-04-02 20.01.24

Lanier Park salad from Taylor Gourmet and a raw, vegan tonic from Gouter.


I thought these two tonics were appropriate for me this week. I need all the protection I can get from scary germs and my digestive system definitely needs some loving.


Sound like a weird combination of healthy thangs? Yeah maybe it is… but don’t knock it till you try it!


2013-04-03 19.27.44


“Chop Bowls” from Chix are very similar to Chipotle burrito bowls. Mine had chicken, mixed veggies, lettuce, brown rice, black beans, some sort of spicy sauce, and guacamole.

5. Red Sox

Two games in and two wins. Against the Yankees no less. I know I know- the Yankees roster is pretty depleted and sad right now- but I’m not letting that take away from the glory of our wins in the Bronx. We already won our first series against the NY clowns and that’s something to be happy about. The Red Sox needed to start their season off on the right foot after all the heat they’ve been getting. I’m still not over how GREAT it is to be able to have a baseball game on when I’m home. Love it!


6. Russia

My time off from work was officially approved by my boss and little things are happening every day that remind me that I’m ACTUALLY going to Russia. We were asked to read a book before taking off in June by the professor leading the trip. Let’s remember my trip is technically a summer course offered by my school. The book was delivered yesterday and I nerded out hardcore over it. Oh history, I’ve missed you. Most people would complain about having to do school work but because I’ve been away from it for so long and I’m Russia obsessed, I’m weirdly excited to delve into this guy…


7. Mad Men Season 6 Premier

Sunday. My favorite TV show returns for its sixth season and all will be right with the world. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’ve missed these beautiful people (yes, even Pete Campbell).

Sickness or no sickness, I know this weekend will be a good one. Why? Spring weather will FINALLY be here! The sunshine and warm temps will make a wonderful environment on my balcony for some reading about the Romanovs. And if I’m feeling sick, I’ll at least be able to lay in the sun, perhaps stretch on my yoga mat outside, and soothe my sore throat with some cardamom gelato from Pitango he he.

And who knows, maybe I’ll make a speedy, miraculous recovery and be able to bop around the city doing outdoorsy things with Will.

Speaking of Will, because I went home last weekend, I haven’t seen him in two weeks. Needless to say, I’m craving a big bear hug.

I hope you all have a great days and are able to get through any and all of the things that are ailing and stressing you.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

Not going to lie, today is one of those days where I feel like I’m going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel (bottom of the chest?) for treasures. It’s not that I’m not grateful for a lot of good things in my life, but this week has just been a long one. I had some high highs but I also had some low lows. Despite the fact that its my Friday and the weekend begins tomorrow, I’m feeling blue (cue world’s smallest violin). I don’t know what it is lately that’s making me feel so blah. Last night I definitely did naht get enough sleep and so I am wicked exhausted today. Boo that, man.

I need a vacation… from my own brain. The expression, “you’re your own worst enemy” could not be more spot on. I’m just so worn down from feeling guilty all the time and nit picking every thing. I try and tell myself that there is no such thing as perfection and I need to just breathe and let things go but we all know it’s easier said than done. All this heaviness has made me feel like I could sleep for a hundred years. If only I’d let myself rest for five minutes without feeling guilty about it.


When I was google imaging pictures for this post, the sad man above (I know that feel, bro) led me to a blog called “Guiltless.” Their blog is all about self-love and improving body image. They don’t update the blog very frequently, but let’s just say I found it at a good time and enjoyed reading some of their posts.

As my R.D. said to me in an email this morning, “the honeymoon phase is over.” Damn did she hit the nail on the head.  It’s become a lot harder to accept and deal with this whole gaining weight, eating more, resting more thing now that I’ve gotten comfortable with the new meal plan. At first my new meal plan was fun, exciting, something different- and now it’s settled in and real life has come a-knocking. She said she knew it would happen and that it was totally normal for me to feel this way. Still, that doesn’t really make me feel okay with it.

I’ve started to physically see the results of this new plan and I won’t lie, it’s scary. It’s scary to gain weight even though deep down I want it and logically know I need it when everything around me is telling me to be super skinny and small. I am constantly questioning that the people helping me know what they’re doing and that I am doing the right thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not derailing here or anything and I’m certainly not giving up- I’m just saying- things have been really challenging lately and it’s wearing me down. I’ve noticed some of my old behaviors flaring up here and there and I know it’s just because I scared of the progress I’m making and what it will bring for me in the future.

But again, admitting I am not perfect and that I need help is okay. Sabotaging myself and giving up is not.

Trying to squeeze out the goodness from the end of my work week is probably a good idea. It can only bring me an extra dose of positivity.

SO here are this week’s Thursday Treasures:

1. Random Run-Ins

Lately I’ve been running into friends and acquaintances in the city a lot. I like feeling like  the city is my neighborhood and I have the potential to see so many faces I know. I saw Nick when I was with Will over the weekend and have seen lots of new friends from the DC healthy lifestyle blogging community all over the place. I even saw one of my sorority sisters when I was running outside on Tuesday- I was sure to yell her name as I run by like a freak.

But the best run in of the week happened today. I went out for a walk after eating lunch and was feeling so down. I didn’t really want to listen to music, I was tired, cranky, it was cold- but I wanted to be in the sun and not wallowing at my work desk. Apparently someone else had the same idea as me because I ran into my friend Sara! It’s moments like these that make me believe in a higher power. The new Pope Francis is already working hard for me 😉 But seriously, running into her could not have come at a better time- I really needed a friend. We walked and talked together but most importantly- we saw each other in non-workout clothes for the first time ever! Yes, you read that right.

2. Yoga as Real Exercise

As someone who loves the “cardio rush” and the feeling that an intense workout brings, most of the time yoga just doesn’t cut it for me. I never feel like I’m getting an efficient workout and end up feeling guilty for taking an hour to practice yoga instead of running or lifting. But truth be told- yoga is important for me. It’s more challenging than all my other workouts because of the mental limits it pushes for me. Maybe that’s also why I avoid it? I don’t know. I went to yoga Monday and Wednesday this week and of course feel guilty about it and don’t feel like they were quality workouts. But I’m trying to tell myself that they were quality workouts- different- but quality.

PLUS yoga reminds me of the GOOD things that have come from me eating more! The strength in my legs and arms has greatly improved. When I rise up into Warrior 2 or lunges, my legs actually feel strong and stable. I noticed this for the first time last night.

Yoga. It’s “real exercise” and something I shouldn’t brush to the side so quickly.

Also- the class I took yesterday at the Historic Heurich House in Dupont Circle for the first time continued my ever continuing pattern of having an instructor try and relax me during shavasana. Apparently EVERYONE can see that I’m tense. Cool. BUT it was the first time that someone picked up both of my feet and swung my legs slowly back and forth. Sounds weird- it felt SO COOL! Especially because my eyes were closed.

3. Seeing Oz this Weekend

In the midst of St. Patrick’s Day and NBC Health and Fitness Expo stuff this weekend, Will and I are going to try and see Oz. I’ve wanted to see it for a while now and am wicked excited!

4. Trader Joes

I feel like I’ve been talking your faces off about Trader Joes lately but I’m officially obsessed. They’ve made my week super delicious from their relatively cheap but quality smoked salmon to their portabella provolone raviolis to their dark chocolate coconut mango bites. I’m going grocery shopping tonight instead of tomorrow because I have an appointment over by the store later andddd am weirdly excited about getting there.

5. NBC Health and Fitness Expo this weekend at the Convention Center

(Click here to read the post where I announced this sweet opportunity)

Even though I just want to take a nap at the moment, I am pumped about the NBC Health and Fitness Expo this weekend. I feel like I’ve been talking about it forever and now its finally happening! If you missed it the other day, I was involved with my first ever press release about the event!

Having the chance to share my thoughts on sustainable weight loss and everyday healthy advice for the average person- it’s something I truly value. I can’t wait to see who I’ll meet and I can’t wait to hopefully provide good advice for those of you out there who trust my opinion. I’ll be tweeting about it all day I’m sure and you should expect a expo recap post weekend!

If you want to come see me, you will find me at the Diet-to-Go area:

  • Saturday, March 16th
  • 11am-12pm Booth 2404
  • 1pm-2pm Booth 1513
  • 3pm-5pm I’ll be participating in a panel discussion
  • Sunday, March 17th
  • 10am-11am Booth 2404

Besides getting to meet and talk to me, the expo is free and will have so many cool things going on. There will be cooking demos, exercise demos, tastings, panel discussions, booths on booths on booths- so stop on by! The weather forecast for the weekend is calling for rain so what better weekend to take the time to come inside and learn about eating right and exercising. Bar hop for St.Patrick’s day in Chinatown/Penn Quarter post-expo 😉

6. Wes Welker oh right, that would be the OPPOSITE of a treasure this week…

There’s a lot more treasures buried in the sand but I think my metal detector has run out of batteries for the day. Sleepy girl is sleepy and can’t type anymore. Good thing tonight involves naht working out and naht cooking (hooray for leftover raviolis from trader joes!) Hopefully I get some quality zzz’s tonight- I’m supposed to spin at 6:30 tomorrow morning eeeeep!

Well. At the end of the day- even if I’m feeling bad- I need to just remind myself that I’m doing good, there are good days, there have been good days, and a lot of progress has been made so far. I’m doing my best. I need to convince myself that I’m doing my best.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

Thursday Treasures

Getting one day off from work during the week is awesome because I already only work Monday-Thursday. So while it’s back to the daily grind today, tomorrow begins my weekend. Try not to hate me too much. The “snowquester” storm we were hit with yesterday was pretty lame. There were some big flakes for a little while but for the most part it ended up just being rain. As a New Englander I can say- hey DC… I’m not impressed. But again, it gave me a snow day and a day to catch up on much needed zzz’s and other shenanigans. It was like the universe knew how stressed I was.

While the work week itself was short, the days were long and I’m just happy I made it through in one piece. I didn’t get done everything I wanted to get done but I think I need to focus more on what I DID manage to accomplish. Four solid workouts, homemade breakfast, lunch and dinners every day, written blog posts, finished freelance writing pieces, put together and mailed a birthday present for my sister, responded to a lot of emails, got laundry done, and you know, went to my 7am-5pm job. OH all while dealing with troubling finances and severe mental stressors involving all my food issues that I’m working on. Sometimes I have to write out all the things I actually do because I convince myself that I’m falling behind or not doing enough… when in reality that’s just not even true. I’m only one lil’ 22 year old girl doing the best she can.

There were a lot of really good things about this week in the midst of the stress though and there are some big things I’m looking forward to this weekend. That brings me to my Thursday Treasures:

1. Run for the Dream

Some of you probably read about how I won a giveaway contest for free entry into the Run for the Dream race (which TOTALLY made my Monday). This snowy cold weather had me dreaming yesterday about running through the beautiful streets of Colonial Williamsburg in June.

I am THRILLED to announce that I am now hosting a giveaway of my own! Do YOU want to participate in the Run for the Dream race too?! Because I’m giving away one race registration to one lucky reader!

Wahoo! I know you all want to run with me- c’mon. Not only will I be there the weekend of the race, but there is SO much to do and see in Williamsburg whether you’re a history buff like me or you’d rather hit up the rollercoasters over at Busch Gardens. The weekend is going to be a blast.


All you have to do is comment on this post telling me why you want to win the free race registration and NEXT Thursday I will randomly pick one of you and announce the winner!

You can read all the deets on their website, but here are some highlights:

  • It takes place the first weekend in June on the 1st and the 2nd
  • The free race registration is for either the 8k or the half marathon
  • Both races benefit An Achievable Dream and the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Post-Race there will be a big par-tay with music, BBQ, and drinks
  • Runners will get a shirt, finishers medal, and goodie bag!
  • You’ll be in Colonial Williamsburg and there are a BAJILLION plus things to do in the area (shopping, historic sites, amusement parks, galleries, restaurants, etc.)

And readers- if you don’t win the contest but want to participate- using the discount code BLOG2013 will take $5 off the 8K, $10 off the Half Marathon and $15 off the Patriot’s Challenge (running both the 8K and the Half). The code is valid for civilian pricing only and expires on May 1st, 2013.

Let’s all go to Williamsburg together and run!

2. Breakup Songs

No, nothing crazy has been going on with Will and I. We’re happy as clams I promise! This treasure is in reference to my new found use of breakup songs- I’ve been BLASTING them during workouts and while walking around the city and think of them as about me breaking up with all my food issues- or a terrible man named “E.D.” so to speak. There’s been a good amount of T.Swift happening let’s just say that. But also I have been loving on this throwback:

You’re right, Jesse McCartney, I’ll tell E.D. that I’m leavin’ and never coming back again.  No more making me cry- no more gray skies. Don’t stress don’t stress don’t stress- girl you deserve nothing but the best…

On my hardest days mentally, these songs definitely help to remind me that I cannot afford to fall back into my twisted relationship with E.D. and that I need to keep pushing forward with everything I’m working toward.

3. This Onion Article that Will Found

If you’re from MA or you’re a frequent hooligan who makes fun of my city, you’ll get a good laugh out of the Onion article titled: Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game Of ‘Big City. Now, I’ll be the first person to jump up and defend where I’m from, but you have to admit, this is hilarious. My favorite part is the closing paragraph:

“I saw a guy wearing a Boston hat, and it was so cute,” Los Angeles resident Eva Anderson told reporters. “All that hometown pride for a place so small and inconsequential? It melts my heart.”

Boston is the best city in the world, alright? Deal with it.

4. Will’s Blog

Not to talk your face off about my boyfriend- I’m seriously not trying to be THAT girl- but Will may or may not be blogging now about his life on Tumblr. He used to use his Tumblr just for random things but now he’s talking about his travels every week from NYC to DC. Here’s how he describes his content:

Living the travelling consultant lifestyle on the road all week, every week. Quickly becoming obsessed to loyalty program points. Realizing at the ripe old age of 22 that I need to enjoy life and take nothing for granted. ‘Enjoying life’ includes Chicago Cubs baseball, music, quality television shows, coffee, great movies, and spending time with my one true love. It’s about more than just what fits in the suitcase.

Try not to vom at the whole “one true love” line (he he) and check it out! He’s a really great writer and is definitely living an interesting lifestyle that is usually a mystery to even me. I promise you will be entertained. Note: he didn’t ask me to promote his blog. I’m just impressed with it and think you all would enjoy it.


Screenshot 2013-03-06 at 5.23.40 PM


One of my best friends from home is visiting this weekend! The last time my friend Kelly visited I was a freshman at American University. Soooo yeah… her visit is long overdue.


We got nice and touristy during her first visit. I cannot believe this was FIVE years ago!


Kelly and I have been good friends since freshman year of high school. This picture is from freshman year of college.

I am SO EXCITED and happy that she’s coming. It will be sort of like a stay-cation for me because I know the weekend will be jam packed with touristy things, awesome eats, and neighborhood exploring. Plus, I mean, I love Kelly to death and cannot wait to spend a lot of time with her. She gets here tomorrow afternoon and will be staying with me till Monday morning. I’ve got a loose game plan of stuff for us to do and a good idea of things I HAVE to show her while she’s here.

7. Weather Turn Around

While the cold weather has been so annoying this past week, it looks like this storm might just be the last winter weather hurrah for DC (for now at least).

Screenshot 2013-03-06 at 5.14.32 PM

Kelly couldn’t be coming for a better weekend! I’m pumped the weather will be nice so we can do lots of walking around together.

Ho-kay so, I think it’s about that time for me to bid you adieu. This will be the last post from me for a couple days as I’ll be taking the weekend off from blogging so that I can just enjoy Kelly’s visit. I promise I’ll update you on all the good stuff when I make my valiant return to the blogging world next week.

In the meantime- comment on this post if you want to win the free race registration, catch up on some of my old posts, and paddle your own canoe out there in the real world offline.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo