Chocolate Cherry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

smoothie bowlThree of my current first world problems:

  • Its too hot and humid outside for my liking
  • I’m spending an arm and a leg on fresh, organic cherries weekly
  • The Red Sox are playing terribly and losing like, every day

While I can’t do anything about the Red Sox (except continue to hope and pray and all that jazz), I luckily can work on the other two. Continue reading

May Days Six and Seven

wpid-20150507_080904.jpgDays Six and Seven. And the words are: age and deconstruct.

Want to look younger? More radiant? More full of life?

No, this isn’t a commercial for makeup or skin care products. But with those phrases, it could be, right? How often do you hear all those promising words of youth and vibrancy on TV in regard to stuff we can put on our body?

But those promises shouldn’t go on products. They should go on foods. They should go on things like water, wild caught salmon, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, avocados, dark leafy greens blueberries, grass-fed beef, bananas, eggs from pasture raised chickens, broccoli, walnuts… the list goes on.

Whenever someone asks me how I always have this youthful glow about me (yes, believe it or not, people do say these things to me.. like customers at the grocery store when I’m doing a demo…)- I tell them that I 1) drink a lot of water 2) eat really well and 3) take care of my body. That’s it. I try and lead by example in that way.

Most people don’t know how old I am because I look relatively young, but I’m also intelligent, good at speaking, and wise for my actual age. So yes, age is but a number. Confuse people of yours by taking care of yourself.

One of the ways that I’ve been taking care of myself is this awesome adrenal cocktail that I learned about from Haley Mason and Megan Rand (of Ginger Newtrition). It’s meant to help restore the adrenals and balance hormones (thus reducing stress in the body). It’s a mix of 6 oz. of OJ, 2 tbs. coconut cream, 1 tbl. collagen, and as much Himalayan pink salt as you can handle. BASICALLY it tastes like a creamsicle.wpid-20150507_084326.jpg I deconstructed it for you guys:wpid-20150507_083913.jpgwpid-20150507_084137.jpgwpid-20150507_084233.jpgThis little drink packs a lot of benefits. According to Megan of Ginger Newtrition:

Fresh squeezed OJ gives liver the glucose it needs to regenerate. [It has] the perfect balance fat/carb/protein ratio for adrenal health and blood sugar balancing and enough fat [and] protein to keep the juice from spiking your blood sugar. Collagen is loaded with the amino acids and building blocks for healing. Himalyan pink salt has 84 essential minerals that the adrenals need to function properly.

Holy cow! So awesome, right?

I’ve been having one of these almost every day. Not only are they ridiculously good for you (especially me right now), but it tastes SO good. Big thanks to Hayley for posting about these on Instagram.

So take care of yourself- make health a priority- defy the principles of aging.

Keep it wicked healthy.