Countdown to Spring

I keep personifying spring and imagining it as Lionel Richie singing,Β hello- is it me you’re looking for.

YES SPRING. It is you that I’m looking for! And you’re just about here. And I am content.

The change in weather has led to big ol’ acai bowls for breakfast // made with frozen acai, frozen banana, coconut milk, canned pumpkin, vega vanilla protein powder, cinnamon – topped with Steve’s Paleo nut-free fig flavored granola + chopped dried figs.acai bowlsFloral headbands and whites.whitesSunny lunch food to go meals //Β bowls from sweetgreen and Cava.sweetgreencava grillAnd tulips.tulipsThis time last week, we were getting ready for THIS.snowAnd now we’re all about THIS.wpid-20150310_094727.jpgwpid-20150310_094649.jpgwpid-20150310_094712.jpgI’m into it.

Keep it wicked healthy.