May Day Two: Sweet

wpid-20150501_195827.jpgDay Two of the May Blogging Challenge.

And the word isย sweet.

The issue ofย sweetย things has been a tough one for me since starting the AIP. You’re not supposed to have artificial sugars or anything chocolate. Rough.

But part of doing AIP for me is doing it on my own terms and that means not obsessingย too much about fruit and natural sugars. I know limiting them a lot or even eliminating them would help me get better faster physically, but mentally, it’s not worth the mental struggle for me to go that route. I’m a slow and steady kinda gal when it comes to changing eating habits.

One of my favorite spring foods is rhubarb- I’m obsessed with the stuff. Combine it with strawberry (my favorite fruit)? Ugh, done. Sold. Want it. Need it. Gotta have it.wpid-20150501_194812.jpg[Can you tell it was dark out when I took these pictures. Such good quality, amiright?]

Last night I roasted some rhubarb and strawberries in a little bit of honey in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes… let the jam like mixture cool- and then served some of the gooey-ness over whipped coconut cream. Now that’s my kind of dessert.wpid-20150501_202420.jpgwpid-20150501_212931.jpgWatching it with the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York made it that much sweeter.

Keep it wicked healthy.

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