Maca and Whole Foods Market Fun

Maca BallsAs most of you know, I’m a grocery store guru. I know a lot about what’s in the aisles of Whole Foods Market and the food we all should be eating to feel our absolute best.

But there is one section of WFM that I’m not as acquainted with… and that’s the Whole Body aisle. You know, the big section of probiotics, supplements, protein powders, body care products, and all that jazz. It’s not that I don’t want to learn about all of this stuff, it’s more so that it’s kinda intimidating. Straight up food I can handle- the things beyond food? That’s where I start to get a little overwhelmed. There’s just so much to learn and know! Luckily for people like me, there are team members who work specifically in Whole Body who I can talk to whenever I’m looking for something. They’ve always helped me in the past to find things like essential oils, chap stick, magnesium powder, and hair products made of all natural ingredients.

When the Whole Foods Market on P Street reached out to me about trying some of their Whole Body products that already curated and made for summer fun- I couldn’t say no! All of the WFM’s in this region (including the three I work at: Tenley, Friendship Heights, and Bethesda) are going to be offering these awesome bags of trial products for only $12 on Saturday, June 27 starting at 10am. We’re calling them, Ready for Action! bags and they’ll have everything from aloe to deodorant to energy boosters to super food blends to keep you safe, energized, and healthy this summer. They’re a $50 value… for only TWELVE dollars! Plus you get a cute little bag to boot. Continue reading

May Days 30 & 31

AllisonMessy || Untouched

It’s the last post of my May Blogging Challenge! Where did the month go? Guys, it’s JUNE. Time continues to fly by at the speed of light. Although, I hafta say, my blogging challenge helped me live more in the day to day. Having to post something for every single day of the month made me much more aware of each individual day. It slowed things down a little bit which was kinda great because normally I’m thinking a week ahead and am all GO GO GO.

I ended the month with a big day at work followed by a day of rest.

I teach a kids cooking class at a nearby middle school and the final event for the kids is a Chopped style cooking competition held at one of the Whole Foods stores I work at.

There were three teams of kids and they got three secret ingredients that they had to make a dish out of. Each team got a cooking coach, someone who works at the store to help/guide them, and the same kitchen equipment (bowls, burner, pans, knives, measuring spoons and cups, etc). They got to shop the store for anything else they needed to make their dish (ala Supermarket Sweep!). And then three judges tasted the dishes and chose a winner! I was so proud of all of the kids- they really know their stuff, man.IngredientsStore ShotCookingWinning Dish 2Judges 2Winning DishI helped out with this event last year- but this year- I was the one running the whole shebang! And it went off without a hitch! Phew! I was stressed about it all week. There were just a lot of moving parts and people involved.Store ExcitementI envisioned it being wicked messy and out of control- I mean, middle schoolers cooking food quickly in the middle of a grocery store… recipe for disaster, right? Wrong! I hammered it into them this year that its so important for chef’s to be neat and have clean kitchens- that they made a big effort to clean as they worked. The store was organized chaos- but definitely not messy. Thank Gahd.

The event went so well, but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was through. It had been living in my brain for so long- it was nice to have it finished. On Sunday I tried to recover from all the stress and just chillaxed. Besides going to spin, I just cooked, laid in the sun, and watched the series finale of Parenthood (too many tears- so sad its through).

Makeup-less Sundays without to do lists or commitments are one of my favorite kind of days. Here’s an untouched selfie to prove it:wpid-20150516_071440.jpgKeep it wicked healthy xoxo

May Days 22-28

wpid-20150525_153805.jpgMay Blogging Challenge Days 22-26
Sleep | In My Fridge | Morning | Sign | Opposites | Feet | Today

I blame the long weekend on me losing my blogging groove! I did a pretty good job of unplugging for Memorial Day and since the work week started back up again, my job has been my main priority because I have a lot going on. Lo siento for being absent-o but I swear I didn’t fall of the face of the earth of anything! Still alive.wpid-20150524_200342.jpgBut real talk- I feel like I had a real weekend for the first time in forever. My best friend Rachel was staying with me and visiting for Memorial Day and it was so awesome to have her here. She’s the kind of friend that you don’t have to rearrange your life for- but you can just live your life and they’re perfectly content bumming right alongside you. So basically, I got to do all the things I would normally do and love to do here in DC- but with a lady friend with me every step of the way. It was fantastic.

I got plenty of much needed sleep.

I spent a significant amount of time out in the sun every single day (I think Rachel and I exclaimed fifty bajillion times how perfect the weather was this past weekend). And I got a decent tan going on! There was urban hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and lots of walking around.wpid-20150525_154634.jpgwpid-20150523_151206.jpgwpid-wp-1432825212383.jpegI went grocery shopping and cooked. Here’s a little peak in my fridge:wpid-20150523_132209.jpg(lots of watermelon, swiss chard, roasted sweet potatoes, dinner leftovers, organic grapes, cooked peas and asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, lots of green stuff in the drawers below, lemons, limes, carrots, chicken thighs, grass fed beef chuck roast, breakfast chicken sausage, prosciutto, Epic jerky, coconut milk, coconut flour, maple water, canned pumpkin and Will’s milk + greek yogurt. plus some other stuff)wpid-20150523_132216.jpg(the door is filled with some Paleochef sauces, all fruit jams, pasture raised eggs for Will, some Tessamae dressings, coconut aminos, fish sauce, Sir Kensington ketchup, apple cider vinegar, old tahini, horseradish, worcestershire, butter from grass fed cows, lime juice, and mustard)

I woke up early and made the most of my mornings.wpid-20150524_100646.jpgwpid-20150524_152443.jpgIt was the best.

And this week- well- the weather has decided to go from perfect to the complete opposite. It’s wicked hot and humid. Helllllllo DC summer. Its like 90 degrees with a 50% chance of late afternoon storms erry single day. Lame. I decided to exercise outside this morning- holy cow. I don’t know why I did that. Yes, lets sprint and jump around in swimming pool humidity. Sounds like a smart idea. But last night- on my way home from work, I saw one of the perks of late spring // early summer storms- a beautiful rainbow!wpid-img_20150527_201222.jpgFor work, I’ve been rocking loose fitted pants (can’t wear shorts at work) + flowy sleeveless blouses all week to survive. Oh, and of course my birks. They’re a must.wpid-20150528_103807.jpgFeet shot!

Denim + neutrals + pale pinks and nudes + pops of bright color is my favorite look this time of year. And its what I’m wearing today!wpid-20150528_104603.jpgAs I said earlier, this week is redonkulously busy with work. I have a big event on Saturday that I’m excited for- but also… I can’t wait for it to be over so that I can breathe more normally. Plus, I have a celebration date with a gal pal (I just aged fifty years with that expression, right?) that Saturday night for Mexican food + seeing Pitch Perfect 2.

But seeing Pitch Perfect 2 would require me to see the OG Pitch Perfect… which believe it or not, I have never seen! Shock! Not on purpose- it just never happened. I don’t have to be at work today until after noon so I took advantage of my free morning and FINALLY watched that movie. How have I never seen it before?! It was thoroughly enjoyable. I love a good cheesy, funny chick flick.wpid-20150528_095108.jpgReally not a fan of that girl projectile vomiting though during I saw the sign. That was a surprise I was not prepared to see while eating breakfast this morning.

Nonetheless, love the Bellas. Anna Kendrick has been a girl crush of mine since Up in the Air (movie with George Clooney from like 2009) and so anything with her featured gets an A+ in my book.

Keep it wicked healthy.

May Day 19: Go

wpid-20150519_092427.jpgI love the freedom of zipping around the city on my bike. Having a bike makes me feel like I can just go wherever whenever I want. My bike also helps me live a life on the go that I love. I can easily get from my apartment to my gym to downtown to meetings and back home again while experiencing the sometimes death defying adventure of sharing the road with a bunch of cars.

This morning, I brought my breakfast with me when I went to the gym so that afterwards I could eat outside. In between bites of sweet potato + blueberries + kale + ground turkey breakfast sausage and scrolls through instagram, I looked over at my bike and felt really lucky to have something so simple that makes such a difference in my life.

Keep it wicked healthy.

May Days Fourteen Through Seventeen

wpid-20150517_183140.jpgMay Days 14-17: Home | Laughter | Small | In My Cup

Whenever I used the word home I always used it to describe the house that I grew up in back in Massachusetts. I didn’t think DC would ever feel like home. But somewhere it did become home. My apartment with Will became home without me even realizing it. Sometimes I get homesick and sad because I miss my family, but the person wiping my tears here on my couch here in DC, he reminds me of the home we’ve created together. Here is home. Home is where you make it.wpid-20150517_183532.jpgwpid-20150517_183246.jpg[Our home has been filled with cooking (per usual) and Mad Men this weekend. The finale tonight has us both feeling all the feels.]

On Friday night, when I was feeling over emotional and tearful- Will was able to bring laughter back into my life and make me smile. He does this all the time.

Home is where the heart and the laughter is.wpid-20150516_152612.jpgHome is also where the food is. Well for me anyway 🙂 In addition to being thankful for Will, I’m wicked thankful for summer produce right now. Small pieces of fruit are making me so happy!wpid-20150517_164402.jpgwpid-20150517_184229.jpgFruit + a cup of tea has been my evening nightcap for the past several days post-dinner while watching either Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, or Mad Men re-runs. The best.wpid-20150514_081029-01.jpeg[In my cup has been juicy summer fruit! I’ve been practically addicted to watermelon]wpid-20150514_085156.jpgThis tea bag quote reads: live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light. I think it was my favorite tea wisdom yet.

Keep it wicked healthy.


May Days Nine and Ten

wpid-20150510_185314.jpgTheir respective words are eyes and nature.

My eyes. One of my favorite features. They’re big and brown and expressive. I love them and always have. I can’t hide anything behind them.wpid-20150510_124032.jpgAnd with today being Mother’s Day and all, I feel like I need to give a shout out to my Mom. Our eyes are one of the only physical attributes we have in common. Most people on first glance think we look alike because we both have brown hair and big brown eyes- but my sister (with naturally strawberry blonde hair and green/blue/hazel eyes) looks WAY more like my Mom than I do. But our eyes- I have her dark, beautiful, all telling eyes. I’m really thankful for that.wpid-20150510_185357.jpgAnd I’m really thankful for her in general, obviously. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Besides calling my Mom and thinking of her like every second of this weekend (this is what happens when you’re not with your Mom on Mother’s Day), I spent my time with my other mother- mother nature. That was SO cheesy. Ugh. I’m sorry. I needed a transition! And its sorta kinda true, right? I’m rolling with it.wpid-20150506_151938.jpgSummer basically hit DC- we skipped Spring- and everything is so lush and green outside. I can’t get enough of it. Will and I spent half of our walk to the movies on Saturday night (finally saw the new Avengers movie!!!) talking about the greenery. We’re dorks. But it’s been so nice to see.wpid-20150509_182409.jpg I walked past my favorite street as much as possible. It has trees lining it and during the summer its always so green and pretty- and in the fall it’s like bright yellow and orange. I love it. This picture doesn’t do it justice. You’re probably thinking I’m a crazy person at this point.wpid-20150510_141938.jpgIf you couldn’t notice, I try and spend as much time outside as possible. It’s good for the soul.

As are Moms.

Keep it wicked healthy.

May Day Three: Texture

wpid-20150503_095112.jpgDay three of the May Blogging Challenge and the word is texture.

So many cool textures at the farmer’s market. Don’t you want to just feel and touch everything? It all looks so perfect.

I absolutely love walking to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood early in the morning on Sundays- especially when it’s beautiful outside (like this morning). It’s a spring/summer ritual that just makes my soul happy.wpid-20150503_095851.jpgI don’t think I’ve ever seen fresh spinach looking like this. I just wanted to plunge both of my hands into the big barrels of the stuff and grab a bunch.wpid-20150503_095101.jpgI’m pretty sure I laid my eyes on the freshest asparagus ever today.wpid-20150503_095551.jpgAnd I bought the prettiest lilacs in the whole wide world.wpid-20150503_105029.jpgKeep it wicked healthy.