Name: Allison
Age: 24
Born: South Shore, Massachusetts
Currently Living: Washington D.C.


Why I Started This Blog: In the year 2012, I lost around eighty pounds by eating better and exercising. This blog began as a way to share my story, inspire other people, and remind myself of all the hard work I put into making my life what I wanted it to be.

Why I’ve Continued This Blog: I enjoy sharing the little things I do every day to make nutrition and fitness priorities in my world. I really like having a space to get things off my mind, something to help me stay creative, and a way to connect to other people out there with common interests.

Blog Title Background: I wanted my blog title to incorporate my sarcasm, place of origin, and current location. Thus you have: Wicked Healthy Washingtonian. Wicked is my number one adjective as a MA native. The title is meant to be partially sarcastic as I’m not a health freak or anything- but being “wicked healthy” is what I strive for {at the end of the day what it comes down to is: I eat healthy, exercise, and live an average life}.

Interests: First and foremost, my family:

Camera(74) (1)-1

This is my grandfather (poppa), grandmother (mema), three sisters (rachel, angela, and jessica) stepdad (kevin), and my mom (maureen).


We’re a lot of fun. These people are everything to me.

And he’s not necessarily an “interest” but he does occupy a good chunk of my free time. I love spending moments with my boyfriend of over four years, Will.Angels 2Then my interest list continues with Boston sports {Go Sox! Go Pats! Go Bs! Go Celtics!}, discovering new music, healthy eating and cooking, Dunkin Donuts coffee, nail polish, being inspired by song lyrics, attending concerts, devouring delicious meals, being with friends, trivia, watching too many shows on Bravo, obsessing over history, Russia and everything about it, the United Kingdom, sociology, the medieval era, bike riding, museum going, shopping, mini-golf, the beach, creative writing, making gifts for people, Food Network {I’m a Bobby Flay fangirl}, reading celebrity/athlete twitter accounts, beards/facial hair in general, the Kardashians {no shame}, exploring cities, anything New England related, running, pets {esp. labs, retrievers, corgis, and all cats}, earrings, crossfit, dresses…. {the list goes on and on}

Short Bio: I grew up in MA, went to American University in Washington DC, got employed here, and now reside in the nations capital. I’m frequently homesick but there is a lot I love about being in DC. I currently live with Will and am madly in love with our wonderful little home together. My family and where I’m from is everything to me. Family is pretty inclusive as it includes all my amazing friends of course and really anyone that has made a positive difference in my life (yeah, that’s a lot of people).

I see the good in everyone (even if I also see the bad- at the end of the day I believe in the good). I love people and their stories. I was a history major and a sociology minor. In general, I love far too many things to keep track of. I’m an all or nothing, very committed, dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable human being.

Growing up I experienced a lot of heavy stuff and didn’t have the easiest time. I’m one emotional human being. But it all shaped who I am today and made me realize what’s truly important in life.

Where I’m from, we value what you can make with your hands. What you can do. My Grandfather was one of the best bankers in the city of Boston- and while I value his intelligence- what I admire most is the fact that he can fix anyone’s roof, refurbish kitchen cabinets, build coffee tables, etc. He can MAKE THINGS with his hands and fix things- and he does. He does so much in terms of these things for the community and others (I promise there is a point to this story).

There is a lack of appreciation for these types of people. It’s not necessarily commonplace in DC to come across people who can do these things or value them. It’s certainly not the image one sees when they think of “the Washingtonian.” It’s all jobs jobs jobs, climbing the ladder, who do you know, internships, money… and that’s not impressive to me whatsoever. What can I do with my hands?

Make food- and share it with others. Cooking, food, and the importance of nutrition are things that mean a lot to me. I get so much satisfaction from serving people food- being a hostess- taking care of people- helping people with nutrition- talking to people about eating well. It’s all I want to do. It takes me back to home and the people there and their skills and this deeper level/connection to what life is all about. All of the strong females in my family that I look up to, love, and admire can cook and they live to take care of people. They’re amazing and I want to be amazing too. I’m finally understanding why they do what they do. I’m embracing these important attributes and skills and seeing how they relate to my own life and how I want to live.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. What do you suggest for someone who can count calories. I have tried in the past and it started ok and then went down hill fast into obsessing and not eating, i.e not healthy! You said you rely on it but any other tips?? ❤ luh u!

    • I was going to respond to this privately but as I was thinking about it- my response might help other people who have been in similar situations (I’ve had other people come to me with very similar concerns) Hope you don’t mind (and of course if you have more personal/detailed questions, FB me or email me at wickedhealthywashingtonian@gmail.com).

      Is everyone ready for a long, intense, and very personal story?
      *please be kind with what I’m about to share with you all. it’s not easy for me to talk about this aspect of my life with the world but I really think it would help other people- so here we go*

      Okay. Counting calories CAN be a slippery slope. I would know. I have had short time periods of being more OCD about it than I should be. And with graduating college, starting full time work, moving downtown, moving in with my boyfriend- all this change- it was hard to adjust to a new schedule, new workouts, new everything. There was a solid month where life felt pretty out of control this summer for me (back in June). Calories were the only thing I could control so I took it too far. The month leading up to me launching my blog- I was the opposite of healthy. I couldn’t convince myself to EAT MORE. I needed to eat more because I was working out more/more intensely but I had been so used to this number that had been working in terms of dropping pounds that it was mentally painful to get myself to consume more. I was still eating, but I was NOT eating enough. It was awful.

      I was miserable. I was undereating and was sad. It endangered my relationships, my job, and probably my life. I had ZERO energy but was still forcing myself to exercise. It was a complete and total mess to say the least. And on top of that- I was embarrassed that I developed a problem.

      It took a brief intervention/breakdown with my Mom and with my boyfriend to show me that I had gotten off track. I wanted to start this blog to help keep me honest. I knew I couldn’t start a blog if I was being unhealthy and lie to the world. I really do use my blog to help me- as a layer of transparency and a new level of accountability.

      I sat down with myself and made a list. Literally. A list of all the things in life in general that made me happy. Then I made a list of what I didn’t like about my life at that moment. The things I liked: feeling loved, being around people but also having “me time,” eating healthy, having a positive relationship with food, feeling in control, being well rested, having energy, feeling accomplished, being productive at my job, etc. etc. The thing I didn’t like: feeling tired all the time, having no energy, resenting exercise, resenting food, being fearful of food, weighing myself every two seconds, forcing myself to do things that made me feel unhappy, feeling rushed, etc.

      Then I took the negative list and made a proactive list of how to change those things. I wanted to erase the negative and make the positive things possible. Solutions: give yourself more time to wind down at night and get sleep, eat filling meals with ingredients you enjoy and that make your body feel good, have a MINIMUM amount of calories you need to eat a day- not a maximum, workout when you are well rested- don’t force it, step on the scale only once a week and don’t let it destroy you, when you feel anxious- write it out or talk to yourself (as crazy as that is) and rationalize your behavior- take a walk and drink some water- BREATHE, call or text a friend when you feel overwhelmed and have them bring you back down to earth, make more plans with people.

      Finally I realized… it’s life- what are you rushing for, Allison? A healthy body and lifestyle come naturally after working toward them at a certain pace- there is no rush, it takes time. It’s better to take your time and be happy then do drastic things for immediate results. I remind myself of this often.

      Other things I started doing to feel better:
      1. Having something non-food related to look forward to. All too often I would put SO MUCH focus and emphasis on some splurge meal I was having that week or whatever. I would build it up and then feel sad when it was gone. I’ve really tried to take the emphasis off food. Instead focus on like going to the movies with a friend, or catching up over trivia at a bar (don’t think about the alcohol splurge but the new things you’ll learn, the laughs you’ll have, etc), trying a new exercise class, attempting some new nail polish design on your nails, a new pair of earrings, etc. etc. Having food be like the highlights of your day just leads to its importance taking over completely. Food is important and awesome- but not everything.

      2. Taking at least ten minutes a day to sit on my balcony or somewhere relatively quiet and alone to sort of talk to myself (I’m mildly religious so I usually take this time to pray a little bit) or write in my moleskin journal (which I keep on me most of the time to write out my anxieties- it helps so much and keeps me level headed). Sometimes I even sing a slow song I know all the words to just to calm my brain. I remind myself of all the good things I have and that I do. I tell myself that I’m human, I’m beautiful, and that life is so short. I’m an anxious person in general (runs in the family) so I need this time to breathe. Even at work there are times where I bust out my notebook and scribble some stuff out just to remind myself that everything is fine. I also record how I feel after days where I eat poorly AND days I eat really well. It reminds me that there is a big fucking difference.

      3. Calling a close family member or friend who knows what you’re going through and understands that you have bad moments sometimes and need to just be grounded. I don’t know what I’d do without my mom, will, sister, or best friends. I just take a walk, drink some water, and call one of those people (or make will come with me haha).

      4. Dancing around my apartment alone. There are days where I feel so BLAHHH for whatever reason. I fucking put on Ashlee Simpson while I’m making lunch on my lunch break or dinner or whatever and just dance and sing out loud. It’s dumb but it makes me happy.

      5. Number 4 sort of leads to 5- POSITIVITY. I might come across as wicked positive but I have a naturally sad disposition. It’s easy for me to get down. I have to physically tell myself to think positive. Sometimes it takes a good Justin Bieber song. Sometimes it takes some lemon water. Some tea. Coffee. Retail therapy. Blasting Juicy by Notorious BIG (it’s a comeback song and a big fuck you to haters and negativity) is one of my all time favorite things to do. I go on pinterest less. Read through fashion mags less. Read tumblrs and blogs of girls with positive messages regarding body image. I’ll run a mile and dedicate it to someone I love. There are times where I’m real sad and it’s a force to be happy. But I try and force it, fake it till ya make it. Sometimes I don’t come around and have a mopey day- but you’d be surprised how many times it works and I have a better day because I tried to think positive and see the world in a brighter way.

      6. Worrying about myself first and foremost and what is best FOR ME. I was so concerned with how other people were seeing me. I wanted the compliments to keep coming and was afraid to fall behind in some way because then everyone would know and judge etc. etc. etc. Like I said earlier- relax- this isn’t a race. It’s your life. If you want to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise and you will. It doesn’t matter how fast it happens. Be realistic. Listen to your body. Fuck everyone else and their opinions. Do you. Live your life. Do it for yourself and no one else.

      7. Have healthy snacks that you love on hand always always always. Don’t cut out things you love.

      8. Eat dinner with people/have people over for meals. Transparency- it helps. People hold you accountable.

      So. I’ve just been trying to be more positive and realize that food is there to make my body feel good. Too little, and I falter. Too much, and I falter. I’m more so focused now on finding the amount that makes me feel good and gives me the energy to live a normal, happy life. Losing weight is an extra added benefit.

      While I definitely still count, I’ve been trying to be less rigid and structured and trust my intuition more. I’ve been telling myself- you’re not an idiot- you know what you’re doing. It took so much to get to where you are now and a lot of what you did was lifestyle changes- there is NO WAY IN HELL you’re going to gain all that back. Stop freaking out over nothing. Ever experimenting- I’ve only been at this shit for like six months haha. But I have a positive outlook and am trying to figure out what works best for me.

      My blog is a big FUCK YOU to my demons and negative feelings that pop up my lifelong relationship with food. Life is short- I’m determined to make my life positive. I’m determined to give my body what it deserves and to sort of defeat negativity. So cliché but I’m just at the point where I know I need to keep counting but I also know I need love myself more, give myself more credit where its due, and while keep working hard- more so do what makes me happy in the moment while also not spiraling out of control.

      I’ve found two bloggers who are sort of my role models now, one is the author of “Kath Eats Real Food” and the other is the author of “Carrots ‘N’ CakeBOTH started as calorie counters! And now they both don’t count at all. GO READ THEIR STORIES AND ADVICE ASAP- they make me see the brighter side when I’m down and have motivated me in a million plus ways. Seriously- they are amazing and will probably give you better advice than I am right now or I ever could.

      Like I said above. I’m so new to all this and I’m not an expert. I’m trying everyday and I’m far far far from perfect.

      Told you this would be long 😉 Hope my novella helps. Message me with any comments/questions/concerns.

      • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am going to be adapting a LOT of this! Its hard to get life back on track (especially when it seems like the track is miles away!) but Im trying. What you said has helped me start to accept that the fact that even trying is what matters! Im a little to veruca salt with how i want results (aka I want them now) but Im coming to realize that thats not the kind of journey this is. Its going to take time and in the end I will be a better person for it, I just have to try to remember that every time I hit a bump in the road 🙂 Thank you so much! ps. im printing this out and putting it on my new ‘to healthy life’ bulletin board lml lindsay

      • Aw yayyy! I’m so glad my advice was good advice- I always worry that my thoughts won’t translate well from my head to paper/blog.

        I hope you can always keep your chin up and if you ever need someone to vent to or anything- utilize your sista friend over here 🙂 support systems are the absolute best.

        Love and LML

  2. Wow, I was soo inspired and touched by your journey with calorie-counting, and struggle to overcome an eating disorder. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your struggles and what you did to overcome them with the world. You are sure to be a role-model yourself for so many who struggle with weight and eating.

    • Thank you so much for you kind words and support- it really does mean a lot to me. It’s never easy to write about your struggles and have your life be an open book to the world. But writing my blog and getting my thoughts out of my head definitely helps me to find clarity and balance in my life. If I’m helping other people at the same time- hey well then that’s just an AMAZING bonus. Thank you, again for reading and learning more about my life!

  3. Your story is such an inspiration!! My husband’s from Boston (go Red Sox) and we get out there twice a year to visit his family. We love eating at Life Alive in Cambridge, have you ever been? Anyway, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more of your posts. Celeste 🙂

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