Dance a Day

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.31.07 AMI’m always trying to find ways to de-stress, live in the moment, and have more fun. For someone who is as structured and rigid in her routine as I am, these are actual things I have to work on. They don’t come naturally to me. If I don’t work on them… I just become way too serious.

Sometimes its as easy as being more of a yes person and saying yes to last minute plans with friends or breaking my usual schedule and doing something kind for myself (letting getting my nails done or doing some window shopping). But sometimes it takes more scheduled action.

One of the things you guys already know I’ve been loving is the headspace app. I just finished the 30-day foundation courses and am now moving on to more specific meditations guided toward things like happiness and more harmonious relationships. I’m so excited! And proud of myself for actually committing to (almost) daily meditation.feetBut one of the other, more fun, things I’ve been doing is all out dancing to one song every single day. Whenever I find myself getting wound up tight or taking life way too seriously- I put on a jam that I love and dance like a freak. Even if I don’t want to- even if I’m in a bad mood- I just do it because there’s no way I can stay in a bad mood for the entire length of a song. It’s just impossible. I often have music on while I’m cooking or getting ready for the day, but the idea behind “dance a day” is to completely step away from whatever it is I’m doing and just rock out to the music. Not just shoulder dance or bounce around my kitchen as I make dinner, but really pretend like I can actually dance well and just go for it.

Whether its some Jason Derulo- maybe a girl power playlist featuring Queen Bey, Nicki Minaj, Miley, etc- an 8tracks playlist based on the show Broad City (love)- or these awesome spotify playlists that Cava Grill created for summertime enjoyment– I blast whatever I’m feeling and shake everything out/off.Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.28.57 AMThis little dance a day idea brightens my day and loosens me up. Things I always need.

Mental health- just as important as physical health.

Keep it wicked healthy.


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