Yankee Down South

charlestonWill and I are becoming pros at packing as much good stuff into a vacation as possible without over planning and making things too stressful. That was pretty much how our short trip to Charleston was this past weekend. We drove down on Thursday to watch one of Will’s best friend’s from high school get married on Saturday- and were sure to soak in as much Charleston as possible while we were there.beach 4toesbeach 2Side note: I decided to loosen the reigns on AIP limitations for the weekend (which I know isn’t the best thing for me physically- but it was the best thing for me mentally) and just live life + eat all the delicious things that my heart desired. It messes with my healing process in the long run, but at the very least, I didn’t feel physically terrible or anything.plantationCouplingBesides attending a really fun and really beautiful wedding, we basically just ate all the things, practically lived on King Street, and went to the beach. We had been to Charleston for a night on our way back to DC from Red Sox spring training way back in 2011- but that felt like for.ev.er. ago. It was nice to be back older and wiser. And 21.margsWe stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Waterfront hotel and boy was it gorgeous. Our view looked like a painting or something. It was about a 20-minute walk to King Street (the main touristy road in downtown Charleston- a weird mix of Miami and Georgetown, with a splash of colonialism), which was kind of perfect because it gave us an excuse to get our walking in every day. That was our primary form of exercise on this trip- we definitely walked at least five miles every day (similar to our lives in DC).hotel viewWe ate dinners at The Grocery (great food, pretty space, little overpriced for the portions) and The Macintosh (AH-mazing food! I got duck breast over ramp tagliatelle and was just blown away). But really- got to the Macintosh- really good food. They had everything bagel seasoned rolls… uhhhhhh. Yum.

We had GREAT breakfasts at Hominy Grill and The Daily. Hominy Grill was good, classic southern breakfast food. Will got this crazy fried chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich.hominy grillThe Daily was outrageously delicious and impressive. It has a farmer’s market vibe- selling local products and handmade stuff. It reminded me of Glen’s Garden Market in DC. I got this breakfast sandwich with bacon, smoked onion jam, and pimento cheese… and I couldn’t even. They also make a ton of in house juices and smoothies. And their fresh pastries and croissants were like things I had never tasted. I got a strawberry/rhubarb/coconut water juice… AHHHHHHH. Need more of that in my life.the dailythe daily 3the daily 2epic breakfast sandwichThe Daily is owned by the more well known sandwich joint, Butcher and Bee where we grabbed lunch on the same day we got breakfast at The Daily. I got their roast beef sandwich with their same smoked onion jam that I had on my breakfast sandwich and it was unreal.butcher and beeOn our last day, we had brunch at the very much loved, Husk– a restaurant who’s game was on par with Rose’s Luxury in terms of them making you feel well taken care of. The restaurant is in an old big southern house, which just gives it such charm.HuskTheir menu changes every day based on what they have available. I mean, just look at their local purveyor board:Husk 2And dessert was obviously a priority of this trip as it always is. Besides wedding cake, we hit up the classic Kaminsky’s (gluten free chocolate cake for me, key lime pie and key lime pie martini for Will… he’s intense like that), Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts (fresh, hot doughnuts), and Jeni’s (because when Jeni’s is around, you must go).Cake Topper(the bride and groom were both rowers at Northwestern)glazed 2(go early- they close as soon as they run out of doughnuts!)glazed(our pictures don’t do the doughnuts justice- they had some other more visually stunning doughnuts in the shop. and even our simpler ones were CRAZY good. I had an orange glazed one with pistachios… wow)DoughnutsWe went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and brought peaches and okra back to DC with us! I’m still waiting for the peaches to ripen a little bit- but the okra did just fine as a side to some mashed sweet potatoes and curried mustard cod last night. It was a good start to a week of clean eats after a weekend of many indulgences.Okra30 days till our next wedding trip to Seattle!

Keep it wicked healthy.


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