May Days 30 & 31

AllisonMessy || Untouched

It’s the last post of my May Blogging Challenge! Where did the month go? Guys, it’s JUNE. Time continues to fly by at the speed of light. Although, I hafta say, my blogging challenge helped me live more in the day to day. Having to post something for every single day of the month made me much more aware of each individual day. It slowed things down a little bit which was kinda great because normally I’m thinking a week ahead and am all GO GO GO.

I ended the month with a big day at work followed by a day of rest.

I teach a kids cooking class at a nearby middle school and the final event for the kids is a Chopped style cooking competition held at one of the Whole Foods stores I work at.

There were three teams of kids and they got three secret ingredients that they had to make a dish out of. Each team got a cooking coach, someone who works at the store to help/guide them, and the same kitchen equipment (bowls, burner, pans, knives, measuring spoons and cups, etc). They got to shop the store for anything else they needed to make their dish (ala Supermarket Sweep!). And then three judges tasted the dishes and chose a winner! I was so proud of all of the kids- they really know their stuff, man.IngredientsStore ShotCookingWinning Dish 2Judges 2Winning DishI helped out with this event last year- but this year- I was the one running the whole shebang! And it went off without a hitch! Phew! I was stressed about it all week. There were just a lot of moving parts and people involved.Store ExcitementI envisioned it being wicked messy and out of control- I mean, middle schoolers cooking food quickly in the middle of a grocery store… recipe for disaster, right? Wrong! I hammered it into them this year that its so important for chef’s to be neat and have clean kitchens- that they made a big effort to clean as they worked. The store was organized chaos- but definitely not messy. Thank Gahd.

The event went so well, but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was through. It had been living in my brain for so long- it was nice to have it finished. On Sunday I tried to recover from all the stress and just chillaxed. Besides going to spin, I just cooked, laid in the sun, and watched the series finale of Parenthood (too many tears- so sad its through).

Makeup-less Sundays without to do lists or commitments are one of my favorite kind of days. Here’s an untouched selfie to prove it:wpid-20150516_071440.jpgKeep it wicked healthy xoxo


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