May Days Nine and Ten

wpid-20150510_185314.jpgTheir respective words are eyes and nature.

My eyes. One of my favorite features. They’re big and brown and expressive. I love them and always have. I can’t hide anything behind them.wpid-20150510_124032.jpgAnd with today being Mother’s Day and all, I feel like I need to give a shout out to my Mom. Our eyes are one of the only physical attributes we have in common. Most people on first glance think we look alike because we both have brown hair and big brown eyes- but my sister (with naturally strawberry blonde hair and green/blue/hazel eyes) looks WAY more like my Mom than I do. But our eyes- I have her dark, beautiful, all telling eyes. I’m really thankful for that.wpid-20150510_185357.jpgAnd I’m really thankful for her in general, obviously. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Besides calling my Mom and thinking of her like every second of this weekend (this is what happens when you’re not with your Mom on Mother’s Day), I spent my time with my other mother- mother nature. That was SO cheesy. Ugh. I’m sorry. I needed a transition! And its sorta kinda true, right? I’m rolling with it.wpid-20150506_151938.jpgSummer basically hit DC- we skipped Spring- and everything is so lush and green outside. I can’t get enough of it. Will and I spent half of our walk to the movies on Saturday night (finally saw the new Avengers movie!!!) talking about the greenery. We’re dorks. But it’s been so nice to see.wpid-20150509_182409.jpg I walked past my favorite street as much as possible. It has trees lining it and during the summer its always so green and pretty- and in the fall it’s like bright yellow and orange. I love it. This picture doesn’t do it justice. You’re probably thinking I’m a crazy person at this point.wpid-20150510_141938.jpgIf you couldn’t notice, I try and spend as much time outside as possible. It’s good for the soul.

As are Moms.

Keep it wicked healthy.


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