May Day Three: Texture

wpid-20150503_095112.jpgDay three of the May Blogging Challenge and the word is texture.

So many cool textures at the farmer’s market. Don’t you want to just feel and touch everything? It all looks so perfect.

I absolutely love walking to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood early in the morning on Sundays- especially when it’s beautiful outside (like this morning). It’s a spring/summer ritual that just makes my soul happy.wpid-20150503_095851.jpgI don’t think I’ve ever seen fresh spinach looking like this. I just wanted to plunge both of my hands into the big barrels of the stuff and grab a bunch.wpid-20150503_095101.jpgI’m pretty sure I laid my eyes on the freshest asparagus ever today.wpid-20150503_095551.jpgAnd I bought the prettiest lilacs in the whole wide world.wpid-20150503_105029.jpgKeep it wicked healthy.



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