What’s Going On


I pretty much forgot I had a blog for the past week. I’ve been living in a giant blur.

After adventuring to NYC and Boston for four days, which was awesome, I arrived back to DC and promptly incurred a case of food poisoning and was out of work for a day and a half. I’m feeling better- but still a little out of it and in a fog. I’m sitting here wondering what- how is Friday again- this time last week I was about to leave on vacation and now a week has past and so much has happened and I just feel all the things. 20150416_172417[1][water and coconut water and watermelon made up a good chunk of my diet yesterday]

Overwhelmed would cover my current situation pretty well. It’s hard when you take an ideal vacation and spend a couple days in the place you really want to be with the people you really want to be with- and then to leave and go back to a stressful environment that you feel trapped in. And THEN to get sick on top of all of that. It has made things feel impossible. Worrying about work. Worrying about my health. Trying to find the answers and solutions to things that I’m so tired of fighting against.

I’ll save those rants and ramblings for another post. It’s Friday. And while its easy for me to sit in a puddle of negativity, I know I need to do the harder thing and try to think positive.

So let’s talk highlights of my recent vacation!20150410_202543[1]There was ice cream from Big Gay Ice Creamwpid-20150410_214048.jpg [I think my chubby cheeks say it all. Soft serve ice cream for the win!]wpid-20150410_214134.jpgBreakfast at Sarge’s with one of my good friends who I always make a point to see when I’m in NYC…20150411_075818[1]A Yankees/Sox game at Yankee Stadium (and the Red Sox WON) with my favorite Yankee fan friend and her boyfriend…wpid-20150411_121937.jpg20150411_143135[1]wpid-20150411_142338.jpgDinner at Stanton Social with my best friend and his girlfriend (who is also a good friend)…wpid-20150411_190425.jpgSpin class at Flywheelwpid-20150412_075255.jpgAnother breakfast at Sarge’s…wpid-20150411_104450.jpgDig Inn to go on our drive up to Boston…wpid-20150412_130304.jpg20150412_113908[1]A visit with my family that was WAY too short but all too necessary…1428890322897[1]A stay at the coolest hotel I’ve seen in a while (the Liberty Hotel)…wpid-20150413_074339.jpgBarry’s Bootcamp with my BFF Michelle followed by hanging out + getting lunch together…

GOING TO RED SOX OPENING DAY!!!!!!! And the Sox beating the Nats! Bwah hah hah!wpid-20150413_141039.jpgwpid-20150413_173121.jpgwpid-20150413_154047.jpgDinner out in Cambridge with my main squeeze…

A slow morning wandering neighborhoods we potentially might move to this year…wpid-20150414_085119.jpgAnd a drive back to DC and reality. With Marylous in hand.wpid-20150414_132522.jpgKeep it wicked healthy.


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