What’s Cooking

wpid-20150405_141351.jpgI feel like I literally just wrote this post. How did a week fly by already?! I’m not complaining. I’m going on a mini vacation this weekend so I am SO ready for it to be Friday! Almost there. So close!

Having all my food ready to go at the start of the week definitely helped this week feel faster and easier. Sunday was Easter and it was beautiful outside- so I wasn’t really feeling doing a ton of meal prep. But I knew I would be annoyed at myself if I didn’t get it done and then struggled with time during the week. So I gave myself a little pep talk and sucked up a couple hours to do it to it.wpid-20150405_152917.jpgPlus… Will and I went to a jazz brunch at Georgia Brown’s- which is an unlimited buffet mind you. An unlimited buffet of really good food. And I ate WAY too many desserts. I mean, no regrets at all, but I was so full when we left and in a slight sugar coma. I couldn’t imagine eating anything but healthy stuff for the rest of my life. Says the girl who then proceeded to make coconut macaroons that night. To be fair, they were relatively healthy!wpid-20150405_195708.jpgANYWAY- after indulging like that- making healthy food for the week made me feel a lot better.wpid-20150405_152922.jpgFor breakfasts I made a batch of turkey breakfast patties (basically mini turkey burgers). Whenever I made turkey burgers or meatballs- anything with ground turkey- I always add an egg and a shredded zucchini to the mix. To this batch, I added some ras el hanout seasoning that I had leftover from making that cod dish last week.wpid-20150406_073804.jpgI also sauteed some kale, onions, and garlic in ghee to have on the side. Plus roasted mini-chopped sweet potatoes. Now that’s a real food breakfast if I ever saw one!

This was only enough for four work mornings out of my five this week, so one morning when I had more time than usual, I cooked a different breakfast. Ezekiel english muffin with sunflower seed butter + jam + banana and a chicken sausage sauteed with a couple of egg whites and sundried tomatoes. Sounds fancy- it really was just leftovers I needed to get rid of (sundried tomatoes from tuna salads last week, egg whites from macaroons, chicken sausage from stuffed acorn squashes).wpid-20150408_082928.jpgLunch was a hodge podge of weird stuff. I had a spaghetti squash I needed to use so that was the base. To that I added shredded carrots and zucchini and roasted mushrooms + cauliflower. I stirred in some fresh basil and sage. And I made a little sauce to pour over the whole thing with pumpkin, sauteed onion, canned coconut milk, sage, and nutmeg. Sounds bizarre. But it was a combination of unused ingredients from other recipes and random veggies that I was craving. It weirdly worked.

There weren’t really enough carbs in this lunch for me to feel totally full and happy for hours and hours… but I just balanced it out with a heavier afternoon snack.wpid-20150405_152926.jpgFor dinner Will and I tried out Jose Andres’s new fast casual, veggie centric joint downtown- Beefsteak. SO good. I cannot wait for the one in Dupont to open! You basically pick as many veggies from their big selection as you want- they cook them in a flash right in front of you- you can choose a grain and a sauce to go with them (I chose white rice and a cilantro sauce) AND THEN fun toppings in addition to all that (like kimchi, halved cherry tomatoes, crunchy onions, olive oil drizzle…)vegIn the nights to follow… I recreated a recipe that I made for myself a couple of weeks ago. These hardboiled egg and brussels bowls. I used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. So easy and good. No pics, but if you want to see them- check out that earlier post I linked to.

I also cooked some cod and served it over rice + sauteed dino kale and shiitake mushrooms with some pancetta (extra protein- the cod fillets were really thin).wpid-20150409_080106.jpgKeep it wicked healthy.


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