Feel My Life


I want to feel my life while I’m in it.

Meryl Streep

You know those really surreal moments where it seems like you can feel every fiber of your being- where you can see yourself in the universe so clearly that it both comforts you and freaks you out- where you feel out of your body and like you can see yourself from the outside- where you are totally at ease with who you are, where you are, and where you’re going? I hope so. Those are my favorite moments.

And I had one randomly on Monday before work when I was test riding my bike (after not riding it all winter). I was just riding up the street toward my apartment, through my neighborhood, no sense of time, in no rush- and the beauty + complexity of life just hit me and made me all emotional. It was one of those moments.

I saw this quote online when I got home later that morning and it resonated with me big time.

Man do I live for those unexpected moments of feeling everything all at once.

Keep it wicked healthy.


One thought on “Feel My Life

  1. As my yoga teacher said tonight “Let go whatever you brought in the door and just be in the moment.” Such a freeing concept, so simple, yet so hard to accept.

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