March Picks

marchcalendarMarch might be more than halfway over- but picks are better late than never!

Grocery Store Find: All of the spring vegetables and fruits are starting to pop up everywhere and its making me so excited! Rhubarb, spring onions, vidalias, asparagus- come to mama! A change in season is a-coming…onionsSnack Savior: Ooey gooey dates sprinkled with a huge shake of cinnamon.datesFoodie Freak Thing: Later today I’m making this homemade coconut walnut butter and am weirdly excited about it. As in… I’ve been thinking about it all week in anticipation of making it.

Book: Sexy By Nature by Stefani Ruper. It looks like a cheesy self help book, but its absolutely amazing. It’s one of the greatest resources I’ve read about the female body and health. It’s been helping my solve problems and feel good about the choices I’m making every day. Here’s a little excerpt that has stuck with me-

Nourishment demands that you eat heartily. It gives you free reign to eat large meals. You can eat fat. You can eat animal products. You can eat carbohydrates. You can eat virtually any kind of food you want as long as it does not contain toxins. Focusing on nourishment is simultaneously the most fun and healthiest thing you can do for your body. The more you focus on nourishing your body, the more free you are, and the more you heal.

bookLook: I HAVE NEW HAIR. That has to be the most exciting thing of this month for sure.hairhurrrrAnticipated Meal: I’m going to an unlimited brunch at El Centro with some really good friends this weekend. I cannot wait to eat all the things!

DC Restaurant Adventure: Toward the end of the month, my friend Sarah and I are finally going to China Chilcano– Jose Andres’s new restaurant. I made reservations in February and they’re at long last almost here!

Smart Choice: Giving up caffeine (for now)! I’ve heard it can have big effects on the body and I thought it would be worthwhile to see if it made a difference in how I feel to give it up. I haven’t drank coffee in over a month (woah), but I just switched over to decaffeinated tea. We’ll see how this goes. After a month, I’ll check in with how I feel. Right now not much has changed- I just miss coffee. But it’s worth the experiment.

Next Best Thing to Water: La Croix! Warmer weather means- more cravings for this bubbly deliciousness. I had a lime flavor on St. Patrick’s Day- totally in the spirit of the croixNew Song: Time of Our Lives by Pitbull & Ne-Yo. I am obsessed with this song! I can totally relate to the sentiment- working so hard during the week, not really making the cut, but still trying to have a good time anyway. I can’t help but feel amped when I hear it.

Old Tune: Trapped by Bruce Springsteen. The intensity of this song always makes me feel like I can take on the world. It came on in a moment of stress and anxiousness the other day- and it instantly grounded me and gave me strength. 

Work Thing: The three stores I work at have been promoting my services as a healthy eating specialist and hanging all new signage about me. Its hilarious (and very surreal) to see my face all over Whole Foods allisonAlso, a parent of a kid from the cooking class I teach sent me an email about how much his kid now loves cooking (and looks up to me) and it just about made my heart melt into a puddle.

Workout Thing: You all saw my post yesterday. Slowing things down and working out smarter based on the needs of my body right now.

Keep it wicked healthy.


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