Louisiana and Back

beignets 2{yes, the beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde were so good. But the best thing I ate while there? These little crawfish hush puppy things at EAT New Orleans. DE-voured in seconds}

My trip to Louisiana was everything I wanted it to be.FOOOODBesides the whole “throwing up on the plane on the way home.” Wait what? Did I just say that? Did that really happen? Yeah… not my best moment. I could’ve gone without that. As my friend Kate said to me via text, Louisiana is not easy on the tummy. True. But I survived! And I’m definitely proud of that 😉swamp 3It was delicious- it was fun- it was different- it was silly- it was sunny (rainy too, but I digress)- it was relaxing- and most importantly, it was refreshing to be in a place I’ve never been before with a best friend that I haven’t seen since before Christmas.swamp 4st. patrickshurricanesCafe Du MondeI haven’t been on a solo trip to someplace other than to visit my family since… I don’t think ever? It was awesome to go on an adventure to a new state by myself. In the commute there in back I read a lot, listened to new music, and contemplated life (deep, I know). But in all seriousness, I had so much quality time to reflect and think about myself away from the stressors of work and home. It was fantastic. And I was with a friend who knows me so well- so that was just really nice and comforting.BoubonCorgiHouseMississippiMy bff Kate was an amazing host and I felt so at home in her lil Baton Rouge apartment. Whenever I see her, its like we were never apart and I feel like we could talk FOR-ever. It’s the best. It’s a bummer that we don’t live closer, but having her live in a faraway land gave me the excuse to visit a place I’ve never been! And for that I am grateful.LouisianaaaI got to see the Mississippi, rural Baton Rouge, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, swamp life (including alligators), people with lots of great accents, and how my friend lives on a daily basis in her new home.Swamp ToyrtabascoBut, like with the end of any indulgent trip, I’m always comforted to be back home and back into my usual routine. It’s a lot easier too when you come back a few shades happier, lighter, and more refreshed.Baton RougeeealligatorKeep it wicked healthy.


6 thoughts on “Louisiana and Back

  1. Sorry to hear you were sick on the way home. That’s happened to be, and it ain’t fun! Your friend lives in my wish list destination. Your post only convinced me more that I must see the Big Easy for the food, music and fun.

  2. You summed it up so nicely Allison!! So glad you were able to make it! Louisiana is awesome! Good food, drinks, sights and of course friends!!

  3. Looks like you had a fun trip. I’ve always wanted to see an alligator up close. I loved that show The Crazy Crocodile Hunter (RIP Steve Irwin)…but I would probably chicken out before getting too close 🙂

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