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SnowLast night I had a dream that I was at a surprise birthday party for Adele. And the people there with me were my high school classmates. Totally makes sense.

NAHT. I haven’t listened to an Adele song in forever (hold on, putting on Chasing Pavements) and I haven’t thought of high school people for any reason lately. And it was totally random people- like people I wasn’t even friends with but that I just knew. So weird. But I cracked up when I woke up.

I immediately stopped laughing when I looked out the window. It hadn’t started snowing yet- but it was definitely icy raining. I walked all the way to my gym at 6am for a spin class- only to find that the gym had a delayed opening. I laughed out of pure misery and walked home. What a life.

ANYWAY. I’m not cooking anything to be honest with you. Unless you count reheating leftovers from my big batch cooking. I beasted out a ton of good stuff on my days off Sunday and Tuesday and so I’m actually done with cooking for a while. AND I’m leaving for Baton Rouge Wednesday to visit my friend Kate (!!!) so it’s not like I’m doing anything to “get ready for” next week. It always feels strange to not be cooking for days on end.

So what have I been eating and what am I reheating these days you ask?

I made a couple different things for breakfast. I got to try out this grain-free skillet pancake with blackberries and almond butter… holy cow did I miss pancakes! I haven’t made them in forever. And having a huge one is a skillet? It fed my inner volumisaurus rex.pancake 2pancakeBut that only lasted for two breakfasts. So I also roasted some butternut squash and tossed it with sauteed rainbow chard + garlic and chicken sausage. chardbutternut squashOh and I have to mention this one breakfast I had that was full of leftovers in the fridge that I had to get rid of + eggs. I had leftover plantains topped with bacon jam (made with bacon, dates, and onion- I’ll get there I swear), sauerkraut, scambled eggs + avocado, and massaged kale salad. I don’t think I could eat a more stereotypical breakfast if I tried. I laughed at myself. What a little cliche.breakfastLunches this week have been these spicy tuna cakes which I make not so spicy by leaving out the jalapeno. I can’t take the heat- so I took it out of the kitchen. I served the cakes with roasted broccoli and sliced avocado.tuna cakesDinner lately has been really fun! On Saturday night I made Will and I a brussels sprout + parmesan cheese + chicken pizza (using my favorite NY Style Zen Belly crust). We’re pizza freaks so this was simply perfect (there was a giant kale salad on the side- I promise).pizzabrussels pizzaAnd on Tuesday I experimented with making gnocchi for the first time! I made sweet potato gnocchi! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it also wasn’t terribly difficult. Mine didn’t turn out perfect- I burnt a few and they were a tad gummy- but it was a learning experience for sure! And served with this beef ragu- holy cow- I couldn’t have cared less about a few burnt gnocchi at that point. I had some leftover parmesan cheese from the pizza so I added that to the bowl.gnocchi 3gnocchi 2gnocchiIn order to make the gnocchi and tuna cakes, I needed to roast and mash sweet potatoes. I overestimated how much I would need and had lots of roasted sweet potato to use. So I pureed some of it so it was reaaaaalllly smooth with full-fat coconut milk and served it as sweet potato mash alongside salmon (pan seared with salt, pepper, dijon mustard, and lemon juice) and wicked crispy brussels sprouts. Clutch dinner.salmon mashed sweet potAnd I have to say… there is something about rainy or snowy weather that makes me want to bake. I had a lot of brown bananas to use and so on Sunday during our ice storm, I made these walnut banana date muffins. How beautiful are they- seriously!muffinsLast night, I had the urge to bake again and whipped up these totally random loaded banana carrot bread mini-loaves. I had three big carrots to use in the fridge and so I shredded them and added them to THIS sweetener free batter (along with raisins, cacao nibs, coconut, and pecans… aka everything all in one bread batter). I could’ve made one big loaf but thought two mini ones were cuter. And they are.carrot breadI also made a batch of Liz’s 3-ingredient bacon jam (as I hinted at earlier). Seriously obsessed with the stuff. After this post, I’m putting some on one of the last remaining muffins and chowing down. You can put it on anything- eggs, bananas, or just… eat it out of the jar with a spoon? It’s that good. I swear to you.bacon jam 2bacon jamAt work, on Monday, Chef Armstrong from Restaurant Eve came to talk to the kids that I teach a cooking class to and do a recipe demo- it was awesome. I’m usually the one doing all of the work and so I miss out on the kids faces and reactions to watching the instructor. Watching them pay attention to the Chef and ask questions was just wicked cute. It was also nice to have a legit chef (you know, someone who has been cooking professionally for just under 20 years) who values eating healthy, teach the kids for a change.armstrongLastly, I never thought to make anything with the snow… but Chef Michael Schlow (well known Chef in Boston- just opened a restaurant in DC) was on the Tonight Show and he totally made a cocktail with actual snow from Boston. Hilarious. That’s one way to get rid of the stuff.

Keep it wicked healthy.


6 thoughts on “What’s Cooking

  1. That pancake!!! OMG I WANT IT! I realized that the thing I love about pancakes is leaving them cooking too long and getting a bit of char on there. That is delicious. I don’t even care what they look like 🙂 Have a good time while you’re away!

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