Goods Not Bads

flowasI realize my past posts have been downers. That’s what happens when you don’t feel well I suppose. But life hasn’t been all doom and gloom- and I know being positive is one of the keys to good health- so this post is my attempt to turn the page and focus on the good.

Some blessings from this week…

  • There are beautiful flowers in my apartment from Valentines Day (red tulips from Will + colorful tulips from my parents) that have been brightening my days.
  • I’ve been getting a ton of sleep. Because I’m not waking up early to workout, I’ve been getting at least an extra hour of sleep a night. That’s been nice.
  • And not getting up before Will means that I get to wake up with him- which just feels like a treasure.
  • With the snow on Tuesday and the Federal Government being closed, Will was working from home and we got to take a quick walk together (to CVS) on a random Tuesday afternoon in the (cold) sunshine.
  • Also on the snow day, I made a loaded banana bread with raisins, coconut, chocolate chips, and pecans… and its been everything.
  • I have sort of lost my appetite and have only been craving comfort foods. I caved Wednesday night, went to The Diner, and had blueberry pancakes for dinner.
  • My left foot, which is normally plagued with plantar fasciitis pain and hammer toe woes- has been able to rest and breathe a lot more. I’ve been off my feet most days and resting a whole lot so my foot doesn’t hurt.
  • When I was stretching last night, I felt so much more limber and able bodied. Which sounds weird because I was sick- but without the normal pains of working out, I didn’t feel tight or overly sore anywhere. My knees felt pretty normal and my legs felt stronger.
  • Restorative/Yin yoga has been great to do at home. Any yoga practice that involves me basically resting in different positions using pillows + blankets is all right with me.
  • I haven’t been drinking coffee (which I’ve been meaning to try to do without for some time now) and opting to drink a lot more tea. I’m currently having a love affair with tea + honey + coconut milk.


And things I’m looking forward to…

  • Getting better fully! And in good health, taking better care of myself
  • Running in slightly warmer temperatures. I miss it a lot.
  • Going to Baton Rouge in 20 days to visit my BFF Kate!!!
  • Will and I just purchased our first baseball tickets for the 2015 season! And they’re for a Sox vs. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium ahhhhhhh!
  • Having a full weekend off work next weekend + brunch plans for both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Chipotle for dinner tonight where I will eat all the guac!!!
  • TODAY was pay day! And I used some of that sweet cash to buy some eating evolved coconut butter cups. 

Keep it wicked healthy.


3 thoughts on “Goods Not Bads

  1. Way to find some bright spots in the downs of winter! I have been drinking more tea and juice instead of coffee lately and it is doing good things for me 🙂 Yesterday I heard birds outside (even though it was negative degrees) and that means SPRING is coming! 🙂
    Are you a March Madness bball person too? Or just football and baseball?

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