snow buddyChristy does these currently posts and I always love them I’ve stolen the idea before and I’m doing it again!


Feeling… tired. Sleeping was rough this week for some reason. I had a ton of vivid dreams though so that’s been fun I guess?sleepy catReading… besides the book I mentioned earlier this week– I’ve also caved and subscribed to The Skimm. It’s a daily news roundup written in an approachable and easily digestible way- delivered to your inbox every morning!

Listening to… Paul McCartney music. Lately I’ve just been feeling his jams (from some “best of” albums). It’s probably because of how obsessed I became with FourFiveSeconds and then McCartney was recently in a nerdist podcast interview. He’s also going to be on the SNL 40 years special. He’s timeless. And… the man.

Drinking… kombucha! Not all the time, but when I was on Whole30, I stopped drinking it because of the tiny amount of sugar in it (what can I say, when I commit to something, I go all the way). And nowww I’m so happy it’s back in my life on occasion!

Eating… nothing at the moment because I just devoured lunch but for lunches I’ve been loving cauliflower rice pilafs. This week it was some cauliflower rice, plantains, spinach, golden raisins, ground pork, onion, pistachios, and butternut squash all sauteed together (sounds random- I swear its delicious). And next week, I’m excited to make these greek cauliflower rice bowls.

Watching… well now that Top Chef is over (I haven’t watched the finale yet! No spoilers!!!)- it’s all about Downton Abby. OH OH OH and one of Will’s best childhood friend’s is currently on American Idol (yeahhhh Cody Fry!– keep killin it!) and so we’ve been watching that whenever its on. So awesome. And I’m really excited for the 40 years of SNL special Sunday!

Thinking about… The fact that today, seven years ago, I got in a really bad car accident that totaled my car and that I luckily walked out of with only chest contusions and major bruising on my hands and upper body. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it.

Working on… sending little “love notes” out to a different person I care out every day in February. It takes ten minutes out of my every day and I think its worth it because of how it brightens other people’s days! Some of my favorite people are born in February (one of my bffs, my youngest sister Rachel, my mom, and my grandmother) and so it seems only right to just go allllll in and mail something to a whole bunch of people. It’s been a fun daily reminder of how lucky I am to have so many great people in my life.collage of meLoving… the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! There is definitely some stress in the picture when you work somewhere where VDay is a BIG deal… but overall, it’s fun helping to make stores look pretty, cut/arrange flowers, and assisting people in making the day special for their other half.i love youNeeding… a million dollars so that I can get massages on a regular basis. In his latest book, Andy Cohen talks about his routine two-hour massages and it makes me beyonddd jealous that I don’t have the funds for this in my life. Ohhh what I would give. In the meantime, sorry legs, I know you hate me.

Excited about… Valentine’s Day date with Will tomorrow night 🙂 Love that kid. I cannot wait to eat food + drink champagne + celebrate everything we are.Angels 2Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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  1. I love Kombucha! I haven’t had it this past week because I got the stomach bug so it’s been apples and bread for the past two days. Have you ever tried the flavors with chia seeds inside? DELICIOUS!

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