Still Winter After All

think springThis just in: it’s still winter. But I think you all already knew that. It was easy to forget when it was 65 degrees here in DC on Sunday (I kid you not). I was walking outside in shorts and my birkenstocks around 3pm (no lie). This weekend felt like a dream.dc sunsetThe weather pushed me to buy some spring colored tulips to brighten up the apartment. A little premature, I know, but I knew the cold would be back so I needed these guys as a reminder that winter won’t be here forever.flowersAlso in an attempt to bottle up spring, I preserved some meyer lemons! I was inspired by Adrianna. Their bright hue adds a pretty pop of color in the kitchen. Meyer lemons have a unique taste- sweeter and less acidic than regular lemons. You can use them just like you would regular lemons- but they’ll add a new, fun flavor.P1040910P1040912Not spring related at all, but I have to note, I tried the salted caramel poptart from Ted’s Bulletin this weekend… holy wow good. Seriously. If you live in the area, go get one. I’m pretty sure they’re seasonal #notwhole30salted caramel poptartOne reason I’m glad it’s still kind of cold out- squash is still abundant! I’ll be kind of sad when I no longer see mounds of butternut squash, acorn squash, and spaghetti squash at the grocery store. I’m eating as much of it as possible before it goes away! Stuffed acorn squash + apple chicken sausage + raisins + sauteed spinach and onions for breakfast allllll week. And I definitely want to make this butternut squash soup before spring arrives too. OH and this winter chowder! I made this mushroom soup yesterday for dinner this week… REALLY excited about it! Apparently I’m all about soup… hey- the cold weather calls for it.acorn squashAlso, all of the citrus happening in life right now is awesome.20150211_102446[1]And despite the cold being back, I was jonesing to walk to work this morning. I haven’t in a while thanks to the weather, but I figured if I bundled up enough that I’d be okay! I was- for the record. As long as the sun is shining, I really don’t mind the cold.20150211_091119[1]Yesterday, on my day off, in order to help relax my body and escape the frigid air, I went in for a myofascial release massage (something new to me!) The massage therapist had me laying on an infrared mat that was nice and warm- oh my goodness it was so relaxing. I was half asleep the whole time and totally forgot it was freezing outside. I recently got my tax refund and I can’t think of a better way to have spent some of that money than on some quality me time. My body feels so much better today.

I will admit, with my body feeling good and the weather back to being cold- I’m finding it really hard to get outside and run. I know how hard it is on my body- especially when it’s not even slightly warm- so my motivation is pretty low there (I don’t want to hurt all over, no thanks). I’m supposed to do my first long-ish run this weekend (five miles) and I’m already sort of worried about it. I might downscale to four miles and start small. I know getting out there is half the battle- once I’m dressed and ready to go- I got those miles. But the idea of waking up early to get out there in the cold is so unappealing so I’ve been putting it off in favor of yoga in my warm apartment and long bundled up walks (aka this morning). I don’t want to force running- because that’s never the answer- but I also know I can’t wait for the weather to cooperate. Gone are the days where I can run on the treadmill a few times a week- blech no thanks. 

Before I go- I want to call out something that has me REALLY angry. There was a segment on the TODAY show (which I love- their health segments, usually, not so much) about cholesterol and heart health. One of the women, Erica, based on her dietary restrictions, is clearly doing a Whole30 or something similar (forward to about 3 minutes to get this part if you don’t have time to watch the whole segment) And Nancy Syderman nails her on her LDL cholesterol- and tells her that she should, “get off that caveman diet or whatever and go back to being to a girl.”



I can’t. That comment is OUT OF CONTROL. And not to mention, Erica’s cholesterol numbers wouldn’t be indicative of the way she’s been eating for the past two weeks so it’s an inaccurate measure anyway.

I was offended. And annoyed. And disappointed. Not cool.

I hate ending the post on such a negative note- so let me just say, I’m excited for Valentines Day! Working in a grocery store where it basically looks like the holiday exploded all over the place will do that to ya. I drew up some fun food valentines and am so looking forward to my date night with Will on Saturday.20150209_082802[1]OH- yesterday I said that this would be our fifth valentines day together… this will be our SIXTH. My bad. Will corrected me last night- whoops!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Still Winter After All

  1. I saw that Today’s show segment and had the same initial reaction. It’s just like when people say whole grains and fruit are bad for you because they are carbs. Complete BS!
    Those cards are so cute! I want to buy them all up!
    Congratulations of 6 years of being a couple on Vday

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