Warmer Weekend Please


I feel guilty complaining about the weather because I know there are people in the northeast (my family + friends) and in the midwest that are experiencing a ton of snow and freezing weather… but man- I’m COLD. As I type this I can only feel about half of my fingers (hello, poor circulation). It’s cold outside and grocery stores are always cold… thus, I’m always cold. Unless I’m cold. I’m all about hibernating at this point.Snapchat--2933498520009688643[1]SpringGood news for us DC people… the weather this weekend is supposed to warm up and be in the 50s! PRAISE. I really cannot wait. And I’m not working on Saturday AND Sunday (a rarity). Sooo… TGIF indeed.

This past week flew by and to be honest, it wasn’t really so great. My workouts were lacking and didn’t feel that great, work was a little hectic and frustrating, I didn’t sleep as much as I like to, and I kept forgetting things that made me feel like an idiot. All and all- glad it’s ending and its the weekend. I’m looking forward to starting a new week after two days of rest + doing whatever I want.

Tonight Will and I are going on a sushi date- tomorrow I’m going out to dinner with a friend- and Sunday… Will’s making dinner! Good thing all of my weekend plans revolve around food. Typical. I swear I’m doing other stuff (like meal planning and prepping haha).

No really. There will definitely be some Grammy watching on Sunday night. I love the Grammy’s because there are so many great performances. And I’m going to bootcamp tomorrow afternoon and spin on Sunday. I am making it a point to definitely be at spin Sunday because after this weekend, I’ll be doing long-er runs on the weekend to train for the 10-miles I’m scheduled for at the end of April. I’m doing a slow and steady training plan that starts next weekend.

I also plan on sleeping lots, working on some Valentines Day stuff, catching up with some family, hanging with Will, drinking kombucha, and GOING OUTSIDE. If it ends up being as nice as its supposed to be… that’s where I’ll be at. No doubt.

I wish I had more to share- but this week has been an off one for me. Everything I did felt dumb and boring and frustrating. I try to post three times a week and I realized I only posted 13 times in January. And once this past week (now twice). I want to step up my game on this and write more. I love writing. I just have less time.

OH. I’m thinking of starting a small meal planning business. What do you think? People are always saying that they wish I could do that for them (make a meal plan for the week, compile a grocery list) and I think know I’m good at it.

“When I grow up” I want to be a personal chef and cook for people/families in their homes… but what if for now I start small, do what’s tangible, and help people with their meal planning? I wish I could do it for free, but that stuff takes time (and I put a lot of effort into it)- so I was thinking of charging $5 for the first plan (so you can tesry me out, not lose a lot of money if you end up hating what I come up with) and then $10 for weekly plans after that…. Yay? Nay? I’m leaning towards YES and going for it.

I’ll let it simmer over the weekend I suppose.

Besides that personal business venture, food, and the Grammys, the main other thing I’m excited about is going to Baton Rouge next month to visit my BFF Kate! It’s going to be the perfect mini-vacation. Here’s hoping the weather is lovely when I’m there.

AND I’m still reveling in this amazing-ness:PatriotsKeep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Warmer Weekend Please

  1. You sound almost like you’re going through withdraw…maybe it’s your body reacting to being off the Whole30 diet? It could have been really great for you and now that you’re off it your body has to get used to the other stuff…sound plausible?

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