Fitness Fill In and Faux Pas

wpid-20150129_072023.jpgI’m not only the biggest fan of the boston red sox and new england patriots, but also of alliteration. Did the title of this blog post give that away at all? #sorryimnotsorry

Anyway, I realized I hadn’t really talked about fitness thangs in a while so I thought I do a big ol’ roundup of everything that has come across my mind related to exercise in the past couple of weeks.

I have been doing a really good job this month of listening to my body and not pushing it to the brink of exhaustion. Well… maybe to the brink- but definitely not over the edge. While I love love love working out at my gym, lately, because of the bad weather and my crazy schedule- it hasn’t been the smartest idea for me to go there to workout before work. Instead of being defeated by having to miss my favorite classes, I’ve been doing what I can and working out in whatever ways I can. There is a little gym in my apartment and the space is just enough for me to get it in. My favorite at home gym workouts are ones where I do some cardio on the treadmill and then some strength work. Yesterday’s was in the form of several tabatas after a twenty minute HIIT session on the dreadmill…wpid-20150129_080232.jpgAnd on some mornings, where I just can’t bear the thought of going in the apartment gym or I can tell that I just need a break (either mentally or physically… or both), I’ve been keeping up with those Fightmaster Yoga videos I told you about. The videos on average are about 30 minutes long- which is perfect for my attention span. I really love them- Lesley has such a soothing voice and her flows just work well for me. Her videos have been the answer to my “I want to do more yoga but don’t want to go to the gym at inconvenient times for an hour to practice” dilemma.wpid-20150129_064245.jpgAnother reason why I opt to do yoga in my apartment instead of utilizing the apartment gym is this FREAK of a guy who works out down there sometimes. Okay. He’s maybe 50 years old? Older I think? And he wears like SEVEN layers of clothes- sweatpants, sweatshirts, jackets, hood up on his sweatshirt, hat- like… he looks ridiculous. I can’t even handle it. And he CRANKS the HEAT up in the gym as high as it will go and uses the elliptical. It’s so bizarre and so annoying. If I walk in there and he’s already there- I’m doomed. I’m sorry- I’m not going to have a heat stroke running on the treadmill just so he can go about his sweat it all out routine on the elliptical. Yesterday I walked over to the thermostat to turn the heat off and he FLIPPED out on me. And I flipped out right back. Oops. But seriously. I’m sorry. The heat can’t be on full blast in a gym. That just isn’t right.

My favorite moment of that confrontation is when he got off the elliptical- in all his layers- and yelled at me It’s not even that hot! Look at me, I’m not even hot right now! How are you hot! I had no words. What I wanted to say is- YEAH YOU’RE INSANE. But I just laughed and said, Maybe if you were doing a workout that broke a sweat you’d be hot! I’m about to run on the treadmill and I’m not doing it with heat blowing in my face. And then he was speechless. And he turned the heat back on. And then I turned it back off. And then I won- we left the heat off. He finished whatever he was doing on the elliptical and left. GET OUTTA HERE DUDE.

Dear anyone sharing a gym space, the temperature of the room should not be above eighty degrees as a common courtesy to those working out with you. Love, me.

But the weird gym stuff doesn’t just happen in my apartment gym- ohhhh no- there are interesting characters no matter where you go. The last time I was at my gym in the city, there was a guy wearing bright orange crocs using a rowing machine… and he thought he was THE MAN. He was maybe thirty? Kind of acting strange… but he was totally in shape. He was acting really casual about it, doing sets of a couple minutes at an easy pace followed by a couple minutes at an intense pace… but in bright. orange. crocs. And a sweatshirt that had worn out holes all in it… what?

He kept making eyes at me and this other girl using rowing machines and I just tried to avert my gaze. But I wanted to stare at him in order to figure him out! What are you DOING?! I thought the other girl was on the same page as me- thinking this dude was whack- but then- we both finished our workouts at like the same time and as I was packing my stuff up to leave- she goes over to him to FLIRT and asks him to WORKOUT TOGETHER sometime.

I had no words.

And another time this week, there was a girl who had no personal space boundaries. I was one of the only people in the turf space // free weight area of our gym- this girl started working out there too- but instead of finding her own little corner- it was like she wanted to glue herself to me. I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn’t going to kick her in the face or something. I was doing wall balls- throwing a medicine ball up against a column- and she decides to use the TRX bands hanging off the same column- not on the other side of the column but literally right next to where I was throwing a ball at the wall. I was like… LADY this ball could easily hit those TRX bands and mess you up- WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

And then I was doing a set of three different chest exercises and utilizing a big exercise ball for one of them- and after my first set she came over and rolled the ball away from me. First of all, there are TWO exercise balls available for use- GO USE THE OTHER ONE. Second, my butt had barely left the ball before you kicked it out from under me- geesh- I WASN’T DONE WITH IT. If I was I would have put it back over with the equipment.

People are strange (when you’re a stranger).

Not even the weirdest of the weirdos keep me from working out…GetItKeep it wicked healthy xoxo


3 thoughts on “Fitness Fill In and Faux Pas

  1. I have a theory on the man: he was a wrestler! Those guys never give it up and will work out in the same way their whole lives. I did a research thesis project on them and because of the way training for wrestling is instilled in those guys, it’s hard to break out of what you’ve always done. He was probably using the warm air and baggy clothes to sweat which is how wrestlers make weight before competitions. Next time you should ask him!

  2. I hate people who talk on the phone at the gym. I was using the elliptical the other day and this girl next to me spent a good 20 minutes on her cell phone and it nearly drove me nuts!

    Also, pretty sure we go to the same gym, so now I keep looking for the guy in orange crocs so I can see how ridiculous they look.

    • That’s so strange haha like… what are you doing! It’s TWENTY MINUTES I think you can not be on the phone… I hate that too. Wait- I didn’t know we go to the same gym! I saw him in the mid-morning on a random tuesday haha so he might just lurk around at weird times.

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