January Picks

wpid-20150109_210055.jpg2015 // new month // new picks!

Grocery Store Find: Dried fruit from Steve’s Paleogoods. When I just can’t shake that urge after dinner to eat something sweet, I’ve been munching on some dried fruit. And for me, that’s huge. I had gotten in the habit of always eating chocolate or something really sugary after dinner. So while fruit before bed isn’t the best thing, its better for me than what I was doing. Anyway. All of their dried fruit has no preservatives or sugar added so it’s Whole30 approved. Wahoo!wpid-wp-1421071266499.jpgSnack Savor: One of the really awesome things I’m starting to notice about Whole30 is that I’m eating more intuitively and feeling less hungry in between meals. But, on days where I eat lunch at noon and know I’m not going to be eating dinner till 7pm- my go to snack has been, chopped banana + cashew butter or coconut butter (or a lil of both!) + shredded unsweetened coconut + freeze dried blueberries. It tastes so decadent!wpid-20150109_164021.jpgFoodie Freak Thing: This one is kind of dumb but… I’m obsessed with this aluminum straw that I bought at Salt and Sundry. It was $3 but it’s such a quality straw! And it makes me drink more water when I’m home. It makes water mixes and iced coffee feel so much more luxurious and special. It’s the little things.P1040888P1040891Book: The Andy Cohen Diaries. I got it for Christmas and have been reading it little by little. It’s broken up into short diary entries so its perfect for me to read- a little here- a little there. It basically makes me wish that I was bff with Sarah Jessica Parker and that I had a dog. Andy has a fun life.

Look: No face. It’s too cold. Layers. Hat. Fur hood. Thick Scarf. So necessary. Brr.wpid-20150108_093222.jpgCookbook: It has got to be Mediterranean Paleo. My “What I’ve Made in 2015” board only has ONE thing on it because I’ve been cooking almost entirely out of this cookbook! Only slightly obsessed. I’ve made a cabbage slaw, pumpkin cilantro soup, a slow cooker version of a chicken tagine, swiss chard frittata, and I made this almond crusted cod with cilantro sauce the other night- yum!20150106_113819[1]wpid-20150108_192428.jpgAnticipated Meal: This one actually happened last night! Will asked if he could make me dinner and obviously I said yes! He checked the ingredients with me to make sure they were Whole30 approved and then I arrived home from work last night to a warm apartment filled with the aromas of pork tenderloin and mashed sweet potatoes. I wish I took better pictures because the food was so.good. I made Will put it away in the fridge so that I didn’t continue to stuff myself to capacity. But we have leftovers tonight! YES.wpid-20150111_194227.jpgDC Restaurant Adventure: Because I’m doing Whole30 AND trying to save money… I don’t have any plans for winter restaurant week here in DC or plans to go anywhere wicked cool. I’ve been either eating at home or at cheap lil places. On New Years Day, pre-Whole30, Will and I celebrated the new year with brunch at Le Diplomate. Ah-mazing. We both got this mushroom soup and it was just… the best.

And quick cheaper place I’ve fallen in love with is Yamas at the intersection of 16th and New Hampshire and U. They have plenty of tasty proteins + vegetables. And it’s all Mediterranean focused. And its very inexpensive.

Smart Choice: Utilizing my new mortar and pestle that Will got me for Christmas to grind salt, pepper, seeds, etc. as I need them. He got me this Italian see salt with herbs and spices from Eataly– it’s so gooood. It’s got fennel seeds in there- pieces of garlic, lemon peel, and sage.P1040892Next Best Thing to Water: Tea! I’m doing Whole30 and a cup of tea after dinner + before bed has been necessary to get my mind away from wanting to eat something dessert-y.

New Song: Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson + Bruno Mars. Cannot get enough. I’m basically Ellen when I’m working out listening to this song.

Old Tunes: On rainy, crappy weather days like today (which there will definitely be more of this month), I gravitate toward listening to Simon and Garkfunkel for peace.

Work Thing: My new Whole Foods job starts this month and I can’t wait to make that transition! Also, I got invited to a class on how to take better pictures for social media at work and it was so fun! Everything I learned can help with the social media stuff I do for Whole Foods and in my own personal life.wpid-20150109_130719.jpgwpid-20150109_131241.jpgwpid-img_20150111_104947.jpgWorkout Thing: All of my workouts have been pretty consistent this month. And I feel like I’m doing a really good job of listening to my body and adjusting my workouts accordingly. I think that the addition of Fightmaster Yoga at home has been the best choice I’ve made so far this month.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “January Picks

  1. My co-workers LOVE uptown funk! I have to agree that it is so catchy! When it came on the radio while I was running the other day I got an instant boost! I thought about getting a mortal and pestal a few weeks ago…but know that I am too lazy to actually use it. I’m not a foodie, I’m realistic 🙂

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