Secrets to Success in 2015


Okay so maybe the title of this post is a little bold. I’m not like, Oprah, or someone wise and inspirational on that level. But I wanted to share a few tips that might help you all achieve everything that you want in the next year and years to come.

I do these three thangs and they’ve positively impacted my life- so maybe they’ll be good for you too!

1. Surround Yourself with the Right People

Build your team and make it a good one. Don’t put negative nancys, joy stealers, or bad people on your team. Get them out of here. Bench them. Kick them off the bench and make them leave the field. If they won’t leave the field- take your awesome team and play somewhere else. Seriously.

It’s really hard for me to let relationships go- I always want them all to work out and be good ones. But there are some times where you need to just walk away from people and let them go. Whether its because they don’t treat you right, your relationship with them is unhealthy, or they flat out just feel like poison to you- move forward and cherish the amazing people that do contribute positively to your life.

I know you can’t choose your family- you can’t always walk away from everyone- but be smart about how you communicate with those tough customers. Make your interactions with them brief and set up something fun to do after being with them so that you can bounce back to the you that you love.

And with these piece of advice, I don’t just mean with friends/family/love interests. I also mean your extended team- the people you interact with online, the blogs you read, the celebrities you pay attention to, the news you listen to, the voices you listen to, the music you listen to- all of them. Find people that want the same things out of life that you do and put them on your team. Pull nuggets from their successes and life – apply them to your own. Don’t try and be someone else, but apply some of the things that work for them to your own life in order to better your own. Absorb the good ideas that work for you.

Surrounding yourself with people that want you to be where you want to be and that support the things you want out of life will get you that much close to it all. You want people on your side that not only support you, but that challenge you and push you to be your best self.

For example, right now you know I’m doing Whole 30. Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo is doing an amazing roundup of recipes and kitchen help for anyone doing Whole 30 right now and so I am subscribed to her emails! She’s on my team. She’s filling my ear with support and guidance.

2.  Write Things You Want Down

This one might seem obvious or dumb but do it. My planner has a space to write down everything you want out of life. Little things- big things. I write them all there. Some are silly. Like own a bar cart or meet Jason Varitek. Some are serious like move back to Massachusetts and someday have children. Some I have no idea when they’ll come to fruition but know I’ll make them happen like visit Italy and own a dog. I did this last year and when I went to look back at the list a couple of weeks ago- I was amazed at how many of the things I did without even realizing it. Write it all down- get it all out of your brain on paper. You’ll be more likely to make it happen.wpid-img_20150103_090758.jpg3. Take the Time to Prioritize and Reflect

I do this in a very public way here on my blog- you all know what I’m going through on a monthly basis practically. But what I say here is only the tip of the iceberg. Take time to think about your life and what you want. Are you doing things that are conducive to your dreams coming true (for lack of a better term)? Are you really trying to make changes that you think will better your life? How could you get from point a to point b more efficiently? On the first of every month, think about the past month, where you are, and where you want to be. Don’t give up on the things you want. Those things may change throughout the year too- which is why you should constantly reflect and prioritize.

Every day month I write down three things that are broad that set up the focus for that month (do a consistently good job at work, cook more at home, be kinder to myself… for example). Some times its the same things from month to month and sometimes they change dramatically.

And then every day in the morning I write down three tangible things that are my top three priorities for that day (get to a workout class, write a blog post, call my mom… for example). That way, at the very least, I can feel accomplished because I did the three things I said were most important. Everything else on my to do list is just a bonus.

Prioritize your life in order to schedule your time in a way that makes sense. And then reflect on how that worked out for you (and how it didn’t work out). Repeat with the things you learned from reflecting in mind.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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