wpid-img_20141231_192101.jpg{the first drink of New Years Eve at Farmers Fishers Bakers… one of the last for a while now that I’m into Whole 30 till February!}

Yesterday’s post was all about the details. Yesterday’s post was more on the serious side. Yesterday’s post was your traditional, here are all the things I will do in the new year post. As I wrote yesterday’s post, while I did feel excited to some degree, I also felt nervous- a little stressed- a little overwhelmed. That’s a lot of stuff I put out there yesterday. And it’s a lot to live up to. It was also the first time I was even trying to put those things into words so as I typed them I was like, oh man this is intense. can I do this? yes I can. can I? maybe? I think so? I don’t know. blarg.

But now that the initial feeling of oh crap these are big things has passed- I’m just genuinely excited for 2015. So much space for creativity and opportunity and change!wpid-img_20141231_195930.jpgIf this is the year that I’m moving back to Boston- that means a new job at some point, a new apartment/home, and a whole new setting in a familiar but also strange territory! That’s so crazy! I’ve never been an adult person in any other city but DC. AND I’ll finally be close to my family again! And so many of my really good friends! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

All this stuff can be a little overwhelming to think about in detail for a planner like myself- but I know I’ll figure it out and work hard to get to where I want to be. So I just literally cannot wait to see how it all plays out. My life at this time next year will be totally different than it is now.

But before those shenanigans ensue (I project the move to happen toward the end of this year), there are so many other things that I have to look forward to- I mean, in January alone there are lots of cool things going on for me.

I’m leading a couple of healthy eating challenges through Whole Foods and my gym, starting a new Whole Foods position in a couple of weeks, challenging myself with the Whole 30 program, continuing my NFL Sunday Supper series, cooking lots of delicious meals from my cookbooks, hopefully finally trying out 305 fitness, and celebrating the birthdays of some close friends.

{Side note: If you’re looking for awesome DC events in January- check out this list by Thrillist of things to do. Also, I heard that the Whole Foods in Georgetown is hosting Chocolate Covered Katie next Saturday afternoon}wpid-img_20150102_164749.jpgIn terms of travel- I’m hoping to see states I’ve never seen before! I already have plane tickets to Seattle for my good good friend’s wedding  in July (!!!!!!) Will and I will be driving to Savannah, Georgia for one of his best friend’s wedding in June. And I really want to try to find a way to get to Baton Rouge to visit my best friend Kate. I also hope Will and I can make some short trips to get to some baseball stadiums we haven’t seen before (NYC, Pittsburgh, Philly). Maybe take a beach trip to Virginia Beach?

I’ll be running the cherry blossom 10-miler in the spring (just typing spring makes me SO EXCITED for spring in DC!) which always has an electric buzz around it. And they will be my last cherry blossoms so they’ll be that much more special.

I’ll be turning 25 which just sounds epic to me (it’s the closest thing before 30 that I have to a milestone year).

The openness of a new year feels a little thrilling. There is a lot of empty space in my planner just waiting to be filled up and I can’t wait to mark it all up with awesome stuff.

None of that awesome stuff is set in stone or in the calendar just yet- but I can feel it coming. I see good things this year. And I just didn’t have this feeling about 2014. I was optimistic, but there is a different energy surrounding 2015.

I like the sound of twenty-fifteen. I usually prefer even numbered years, but there is something about multiples of five that make me not mind odd numbers as much.wpid-img_20150102_160100.jpgTwenty-fifteen, baby. Get pumped. I’m already there.

Keep it wiced healthy xoxo


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