NFL Sunday Supper: Jets Round Two

P1040862This past Sunday was a tad bit more special than the usual NFL Sunday Supper. Will and I celebrated our Christmas together as we both will be in our respective home cities for the actual holiday later this week. We pretended like it was Christmas Eve on Saturday and then Christmas on Sunday. We ate good food + exchanged presents + tried to treat the days like something out of the ordinary.

On Saturday we went out to breakfast before I headed into work. Will made us margaritas that night and I made us meatballs. We watched Christmas Vacation.wpid-img_20141221_144146.jpgOn Sunday we got these (gluten free) cinnamon buns from Rise Bakery. Sinful!wpid-img_20141221_201318.jpgOne of my christmas presents from Will was a mortar and pestle! So pumped.

And then on Sunday- I made a combination dinner for my NFL Sunday Supper series AND for our Christmas dinner. Our favorite food is pizza, which worked out perfectly because the Patriots were playing the Jets (aka- I had to make pizza again). So I knew I was going to make pizza- but like I said, I wanted to do something sort of special- something that felt holiday-y.

Also- with the Patriots playing as great as they have been- I kind of wanted to bring a New England element into this meal. Here I am paying homage to all these other cities and not paying tribute to the one dominating them all! For me, seafood is home SO I decided on a seafood topped pizza. Because calamari has always felt fancy and celebratory to me (it was a big deal to me growing up whenever we would get a fried calamari appetizer out places)- I chose to go with a calamari pizza.wpid-img_20141221_182230.jpgNo cheese or red sauce on this one (crazy!) but with the fresh roma tomatoes, parsley, red onions, olive oil, garlic, pan seared calamari, and saffron aioli… it didn’t feel like anything was missing.P1040852P1040853P1040854I wish I could say I thought of how christmas-y the color scheme was before hand… but that was totally an afterthought. Green parsley and red tomatoes! Hey there christmas!P1040859I made the same crust that I made for the big ol’ pepperoni pizza I made a couple of months ago. I used this squid pizza recipe that I was enamored with upon my first read through. I mean… it uses a saffron aioli– how classy is that? Super classy. I had never bought saffron before this week- because you know… its like a million dollars. But man oh man was it delicious.wpid-img_20141221_175307.jpgI didn’t take too many pictures because in the midst of being pumped for our Christmas dinner, I excitedly forgot about taking pictures (#bloggerfail). But I have some of the end result! That’s what really matters, right? The money shot?P1040863P1040860P1040856If you’ve never had squid on a pizza- get on that. It’s fresh and delicious. Pizza rarely feels light and refreshing- but this one was just that AND comforting. That’s my favorite kind of combo right there.P1040865Another favorite combo of mine? The holidays + being in Massachusetts with my family! And that’s happening tonight weather willing! I can’t wait to see this lady.wpid-img_20141220_124852.jpgThis will be my last post until the holidays are through! I’m sending my best to you and yours- have a lovely rest of December, everybody!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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