1-2-3 Weekend

IMG_20141207_155951{I love eating all my meals in front of a big christmas tree. Sometimes I forget its right behind me when I’m at my table and then the pines will tickle my legs or back and I get all freaked out}

I’m too tired today. Anyone else? I had trouble sleeping last night. Not as in like, I fell asleep five minutes later than I would have liked. As in, I fell asleep four hours after I wanted to be asleep. I hate when that happens. Subsequently, I skipped my morning workout in favor of sleep (which frustrates me to no end… blerg) and my eyelids feel so heavy. AND I have a busy afternoon at work ahead (I’m currently writing to you on my lunch break)

I’m trying not to let it ruin my week- it is only the first day of a new week- and chalk it all up to a giant case of the mondays. Today will be okay and tomorrow will be a better day.

Despite a rough night and rougher morning today, the tone coming off this weekend is a positive one! I had a really good weekend. I’m slowly crossing off things on my “christmas to-do list” and getting closer and closer to going home (one more week of work!). I normally give you three highlights from each day of the weekend but today I’m just going to give ya the best thing from each day (because I’m tired and have a lack of pictures thing going on).

1. Friday- Will and I opted to stay in and have a chill night together. I had a really long week mentally and needed some relaxation time in. We watched The Santa Claus (one of my faves) and I made us peppermint white hot chocolate. I worked on some Christmas present stuff too which made me feel productive.wpid-img_20141212_201449.jpg2. Saturday- After work, Will and I grabbed dinner + a couple of fun drinks out (read: I got the best mulled wine ever at 2 birds 1 stone and then a fantastic margarita at the new slipstream on 14th) and then walked downtown to see the National Christmas Tree. I always think the tree is pretty ugly (sorry White House, sorry America) but nonetheless, I haven’t not gone down to see the tree every year that I’ve been here so it was necessary to go see.NationalTree3. Sunday- My friend Melanie hosted a bunch of friends at her place for a little Christmas party! There was this delicious sangria, dates stuffed with pistachios and wrapped in bacon, a brie en croute that she made herself, and cookies to decorate. It was the best way to spend a sunday afternoon (all while the patriots were kicking butt at Gillette- suck it dolphins!)cookiesThere you have it- the best of my weekend in a nutshell. You shouldn’t be too surprised that all of my highlights include food. Tis the season? I promise I’m eating healthy things in between the libations. Libations is a creepy word- right? Definitely is. Well for lack of a better one I’m using it. Did I mention I’m really tired?

I’m going to keep eating this roasted brussels + squash + dried cranberries + chicken + curried mashed avocado delicious mess that I brought for lunch and just stop talking now.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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