1-2-3 Weekend

tree7Hey there everyone! I’d say “Happy Monday” but I feel like most of you aren’t necessarily happy monday people. I normally am not- Monday always feels hard- but I woke up today to see that the Patriots beat the Chargers and that set a really positive tone for my day. I went to bed after the first half last night and was naht sure what I was going to wake up to this morning. Also I totally thought it was going to be raining all day today and it’s not! It’s pretty cold out there- but its not raining. That makes life easier.

Anyway, I’ve done one of these type of post before where I recap the highlights from the weekend and I thought I’d bring it back to fill you in on the good things I got going on.


1. I got a raise at work! I had my year in evaluation with my boss and I got a bump in pay- woop woop! Every little bit helps, man.

2. It was my BFF Michelle’s birthday and it just made me happy to share the love with her on her special day (even though she’s back home in Massachusetts).

3. Will and I participated in the Lights Up on 14th Street event on Friday and scored free caramel cookies from Blind Dog Bakery that they had at Salt and Sundry + scoped out some of the newer stores on 14th street that we haven’t gone into yet (West Elm and Shinola) AND visited an old fave- Miss Pixies for some cool live music.


1. This past week was a looooong one for me and so when I woke up on Saturday morning- I just felt exhausted. I had planned to do a short HIIT workout but I was naht feeling it at all. My body was not on board. So I googled a 45-minute vinyasa yoga class and pulled up this one on youtube. I practiced in our living room before the sun rose with the christmas lights on and it just felt like the perfect decision for that moment.

2. Work was really busy as we had a big in store Winter Fest event (featuring the Children’s Chorus of Washington performing, kids crafts, and storewide sampling) but the day went by so fast and everyone was happy at the end of the day. It was a lot of work and I didn’t stop moving from the time I was there till the time I left- but everything was a success and was carried through the way it was supposed to be.wpid-img_20141206_140914.jpgwpid-img_20141206_140922.jpg3. Will got our tree while I was at work on Saturday and when I got home we decorated it together! We normally get a lil baby tree because our apartment is small but we got a big guy this year! It makes me so happy. We were big dorks and took a mini photo shoot with our tree. P1040789P1040791P1040790P1040792tree4tree3tree1christmastreeSunday

1. I went to spin at RIDE DC with one of my fave instructors, Richard. I’ve been in sort of a workout slump lately and haven’t been feeling very motivated- so I wasn’t necessarily that pumped about heading to class. But once I was there and Richard was doing his super positive + fun thang, I was really into it and happy that I went.

2. My friend Sara (who used to live in DC but has sinced moved) was in town this weekend for a conference and I got to have lunch with her on Sunday. It was a much needed girlfriend date. I miss her so much and it basically just felt like she had never left. I hate that we’re not in the same city anymore.

3. Photographer by night and editor by day Brittany Goldwyn reached out to me about working together to build up her portfolio- she was looking for subjects to take pictures of and found me through me blog! I figured since I don’t have any profesh looking headshots, it was worth the time to meet up and have some free glamour shots taken of me 😉 It was something fun/random to do on Sunday for sure. I hardly ever have my picture taken and I can’t wait to see how they come out. I’ll share them with you guys when I get to see them!

That’s it in a nutshell! I hope you guys had relaxing/fulfilling weekends!P1040794Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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