In the Meantime


Even though we’re all getting psyched up for Thanksgiving (myself included), there is still plenty of food to be made and eaten leading up to the big day! Juggling Thanksgiving meal prep with regular food prep is a little tough- but at the end of the day I just feel so lucky to be surrounded by all this good food!

Here’s what I’ve been eating and what’s on the meal agenda from now till next thursday. I’ve been keeping it seasonal, festive, and 90% paleo. It actually makes me feel like I’ve already started celebrating thanksgiving because I’m making lots of wicked fall meals that are totally comforting.

Breakfasts have been either eggs or this breakfast sausage (from mediterranean paleo cooking) + some type of roasted squash or sweet potatoes + any leftover veggies from dinners in the fridge. I roasted an acorn squash, a sugar pie pumpkin, and four sweet potatoes this sunday just to have for breakfasts. I also made kath’s easy cranberry sauce because I laaaahve cranberries and want them on everything and in everything.IMG_20141117_075348[1]IMG_20141116_154148[1]Lunch has been this easy chicken sausage, butternut squash, and kale soup! So filling- so warm- so perfect for these busy cold days. I’ve been enjoying it with some clementines- ridiculously seasonal. Next week I’m keeping it even simpler with some crockpot chicken salads (basically I just crockpotted a pound of chicken and am putting it on top of greens and other veggies + roasted sweet potatoes).IMG_20141117_120530[1]For dinner, I made this crockpot beef/mushroom/sweet potato stew last week and fell in love with it! Definitely going to be a recipe that I make again. And then this pumpkin cream chicken casserole? UHHH YUMMMM. I wasn’t sure about it- I wanted to love it and had high hopes for it- and it delivered on these expectations. Continuing on my pumpkin kick…these chicken curry pumpkin sliders? Om nom nom. I made them with ground turkey (it was cheaper than the chicken) and served them with roasted parsnips and broccoli.IMG_20141115_065535[1]Dessert has been Simone’s loaded banana bread from her Zen Belly cookbook (filled with cranberries, coconut, chocolate chips and pecans). It’s not online but she has her basic banana bread online (its added sweetener free). I highly recommend grabbing a copy of her cookbook. It’s one of my new favorites.

A lot of people get all stressed out about staying healthy during the holidays, but it’s a whole lot easier when you try to eat well all the time. Then it just comes naturally come turkey day and/or you don’t feel bad about indulging in special holiday stuff. Plus, eating all the delicious, healthy things that are in season right now is just fun (read: all the pumpkin- all the squash- all the pomegranates- all the cranberries). And eating well just leaves more room for the fun stuff.P1040716Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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