Celebrate Everyday


It can be really easy to go through the motions of the every day and live for some event or better time ahead. A lot of people I know trudge through the week only to relish in the weekend. Monday is terrible- Tuesday is sometimes even worse- Wednesday is simply the middle of the week (and man thank GAHD)- Thursday is the day before Friday- and Friday is FRIDAY. And then its the weekend.

I do this to a certain extent but I more so will see something fun in my calendar that’s a week away and then see every day up until then as just another day- just more time in between me and that fun thing. I also look far into the future and think things like well money is tight now but in a few years I’ll be in a better place or well right now I’m feeling x feeling but it won’t be there a few years from now. 

All of these shenanigans add up to not appreciating every single day that we have. And with a life so short, ain’t nobody got time for that. I hate when I realize that I haven’t been living in the moment or that I haven’t been present in my daily life. It’s for these reasons that I have started to make a more conscious effort to make every day count. To make the most out of life in an actionable way as a response to the fact that life is short.

For a long time I used to say no to the majority of things that came my way that may have been adventurous or put me outside of my comfort zone. I was the responsible one, I am the responsible one, and I need to be responsible (go to bed on time, stick to a schedule, meet everyone’s expectations). In the past couple years, but especially in the past couple of months, I have been saying YES more often. Yes to plans with friends- yes to nights out- yes to mini adventures- yes to FOOD- yes to vacations- yes to rest- yes to being a teeny bit reckless every once and a while- yes to living out my passions and not apologizing for it- yes to only doing what I love every day.

I was inspired by this blog called “Taking Back My Twenties” where Laura basically blogs about her attempt to make her 20s count- to enjoy every day in her life and not just live for the weekends (and for all you food blog readers- she’s Kath’s sister). I’ve always loved her blog and it has served as a reminder to do the same in my life.

So each day I try and have one wicked awesome thing to look forward to. Sometimes its small. Sometimes its bigger. But its something I can look back on and feel like that day was worth it. Sometimes the thing is planned- but sometimes the thing ends up being something I never could have anticipated but that surprised me in some awesome way.

With the holiday season upon us- when we’re all feeling more grateful and thankful for what we have, who we’re surrounded by, and our lives- I feel like its an opportune time to make the extra effort to celebrate the every day and see just how good things can be and are.

It could be a phone call date with a friend from home.

It could be a middle of the week pedicure with a good friend (+ a cocktail- three cheers for the new Nail Saloon on 14th Street!)IMG_20141112_164453[1]IMG_20141112_174428[1]It could be a nice dinner made at home just for me that I took extra time/effort to make.

It could be buying a new scarf on a whim.IMG_20141112_160648[1]It could be going to see Alton Brown late on a night where I had work the next day.IMG_20141109_194712[1]It could be cooking my favorite recipe for customers at work.

It could be a text from me sister.

It could be letting myself do some window shopping for no other reason than to look at pretty things and perhaps get inspired for christmas presents for people.IMG_20141112_161909[1]IMG_20141112_161310[1]It could be a massive free concert on the National Mall featuring musicians such as Bruce Springsteen (!!!), Eminem (!), Rihanna, Dave Grohl, Metallica and Zac Brown Band.IMG_20141111_182507[1]IMG_20141111_210212[1]IMG_20141111_214632[1]IMG_20141111_212310[1]It could be being up late with Will and going to get beer battered eggplant fries from the wicked popular late night food place around the corner from my apartment that I never go to.

Little things. Big things. Surprising things.

Like I said, it’s easy to settle into a routine and to be afraid to do new things or step outside of your little personal space circle- but its so worth it to say yes and have fun.

I mean really, what’s the worst that could happen?*

*I lost my sunglasses at the concert mentioned above. That’s the worst thing that happened. Worth it? I think so.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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