Extra Support

IMG_20141024_132404[1]This past month I put 110% of my energy into job related things. I didn’t cook as much as I normally do and while exercise/taking care of my body was something I tried to do- it wasn’t a priority. If it weren’t for Power Supply, my meals would have been all jacked up (thank you for feeding me well for a reasonable price multiple weeks this month).

I was also offered free sample bottles of fresh pressed juice from Alive Juices. To be honest, before the company reached out to me, I had never heard of them. The DC market is very well saturated by fresh juices so it’s really no surprise that this one didn’t stand out to me. BUT not being wedded to any particular brand of juice, I decided it was worth a shot to try.IMG_20141006_185453[1]And boy am I glad that I took them up on their offer! Those Alive Juices felt like a lifesaver during the peak of my work insanity. I felt like I was running myself into the ground most days and it made me feel a lot better knowing I was getting some sort of quality produce into my body. Meals were very quick and I was constantly trying to hit the basics (carbs x protein x fat) so having someone else worry about the veggies (something that while although I love- is time consuming) was really nice. P1040597I was nervous before I took the first sip because sometimes juices feel scratchy on my throat or the ginger is too intense or the lemon too overwhelming- but fear not! The juice was really smooth and enjoyable. I split each one with Will in the morning and I’m not going to lie- I’m missing them now that they’re gone! I didn’t have a favorite flavor- none of them really stood out to me as unique or wicked special- but they were all delicious!P1040592

I’m definitely not a juice cleanse kind of person or someone who could replace meals with juice (they do offer plans like this by the way if you’re interested)- but as a supplement to more filling meals? Yeah buddy! I’m on board. It was an appreciated boost of extra support in my days of craziness. Whenever I’m stressed or not sleeping a lot, I worry that I’m going to get sick. I felt like drinking these juices benefited my immune system and helped to ward off any unwanted illness.P1040601

The juices are made local (in MD), there’s about ~200 calories in one juice, and you’ll get a hefty dose of nutrients and enzymes to benefit your body in a major way.

PLUS a lot of their produce that they use to make the juice comes from Whole Foods!

Thanks for letting me try your juices, Alive Juices! And ya know, for keeping me healthy 😉

While Alive Juices kept me feeling good pre-finding out about job stuff- Mind Your Body Oasis was there for me after finding out about the job for a spa day of sorts.

Mind Your Body Oasis is a yoga studio + wellness center that offers massages, sauna sessions, and lots of other great services that benefit the body and mind. I went there right after they opened last April with a bunch of other bloggers (read my recap here) but they invited me back to try out some more of their services.IMG_20141024_114554[1]With the help of one of their staff members, Elmer, I set up a mini-spa day of sorts complete with a hot detox yoga class and an hour long massage. I went to MYOB the day after my job interview and finding out that I got it… so it was perfect timing. I can’t even tell you how much I was looking forward to all this.

The hot hatha detox yoga class with instructor Soozie was the best. It was an hour and half long and sort of similar to bikram but less intense and strict. I love bikram, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for the rigid structure of each class. This class used similar poses and the high heat, but was a little slower and the poses more varied. I had never seen their hot yoga space before and it was beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture of all the art in the room. It was definitely a comfortable and relaxing space. I also really liked that Soozie made us introduce ourselves to the other people in the class- it took away that element of judgement and comparison that sometimes happens in a heavily posed class full of strangers (why can’t I do that pose she can do that pose- you know, that kind of stuff).

And my favorite part of any yoga class? Hands on assists. That sounds kind of creepy but I love the free massages and help with stretching that yoga instructors tend to impart throughout classes. Soozie was a pro- she cracked my back in a way that I didn’t even think it could crack.IMG_20141024_114605[1]IMG_20141024_114559[1]IMG_20141024_114527[1]After an amazing yoga class, I showered up and used the nice facilities that MYBO has for guests. And then I went in for a massage with Vital. For the first time before a massage, I was asked how I wanted to feel after the massage when I left the studio. I thought that was nice. He asked about any life stressors (I don’t think he was prepared to hear the life story I spilled out to him) and where I was feeling the most pain in my body. Not only did he give me a great massage butafterwards he offered me advice for areas of my body that he noticed had problems (stretches, reaching out to certain people for a deep tissue massage, foot soaks, etc.).

I try and get a massage a couple times of year because 1) it’s super enjoyable but 2) I feel like my body deserves it and I will definitely keep MYBO in mind in the future when I’m looking to work out all the crazy kinks in my muscles.

I’m so appreciative of all the extra support I got this month from really great people, companies, friends, and family. They were all a part of the journey to a new job and new chapter of my life.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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