DC Staycation Weekend


Normally I would be sharing my NFL Sunday Supper recipe from the weekend with you guys today- but there is going to be a delay this week. The Patriots played (and beat) the Jets on Thursday- but because I was so busy with work things (I’ll update you on some of that stuff next week), I didn’t have time to make the recipe I wanted to for the game. My plan is to make it on Friday and share TWO NFL Sunday Supper recipes with you after the next game against the Chicago Bears. So stay tuned for that!

I don’t have much to write today (or time to write a lengthily post) but I wanted to pop in real quick to say hello!

This weekend I treated myself to a much needed DC “staycation” where I didn’t work or busy myself with errands- to do lists- meal prepping- all that jazz. I just tried to do the things I love, spend time with people I love, and most importantly- relax.

I made chai pumpkin bread, hung out with some of my best friends, caught up with people I haven’t seen in ages, went to a saturday bootcamp class (which I usually miss because I work most saturdays), ate brunch, drank margaritas, went for walks in the crisp fall weather, bundled up in scarves to stay warm, found all of the necessary pieces for my stevie nicks halloween costume (!!!!!), and laughed a lot.

It was a really good one. And it made me feel ready to tackle this week in front of me which is going to be intense/stressful for a whole bunch of reasons (I swear I’ll explain more next week some time about what’s going down in my work life).

I got a solid nine hours of uninterrupted sleep last night (basically unheard of)- I woke up with the memories of a great weekend and the readiness to start a new week and face all of the challenges coming my way.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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