Weekly Feats and Sleeps


[Looking REAL cute in my apartment building’s gym]

I’ve wanted to do this style of roundup post for a while now but I wasn’t sure if people would be into it. I have nothing against sharing my sleep/steps/workouts with all of you but again- wasn’t sure if people actually wanted to read that.

After getting numerous questions about what I actually do during my workouts (especially when I say that I went to bootcamp or that I worked out at home), I decided it couldn’t hurt to start sharing it with the people who are curious. And if you don’t care, I take no offense to you ignoring these posts 😉

Truth be told, not only am I starting these posts for your insight into my life, but also because it will help hold me accountable to my workout goals. It gives me extra incentive to not skip workouts and is a reminder of the intentions I set for myself. AND now with my fitbit tracking my every move (stalker), it’s that much easier to analyze how many steps I take a day and how much sleep I’m getting.

Alright lets get into it. Here’s what went down last week:

Sunday {didn’t wear my fitbit this day}

  • Traveling day! I drove from Massachusetts to DC with Will.

Monday {didn’t wear my fitbit this day}

  • run the one mile to the gym
  • 45-minute bootcamp class where we warmed up and then did a “I’m going on a picnic workout” for the rest of class consisting of the following exercises:
    • 20 bicycle crunches
    • 8 weighted front and back lunges (4 each leg)
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 chest flys
    • 10 squat thrusters
    • 20 flutter kicks (modified from 8 hollow rocks)
    • 15 air squats
    • 10 TRX 1 and a half rows (row up, go halfway back, row up, go all the way back) … a surprisingly killer move!
    • 30 KB swings
    • (there was a 10th exercise but I only made it to round 9)
    • [You start on the first exercise, and then you do the first exercise and the second, and then the first, second and third- and then the first, second, third, fourth, etc. You build up as you go]


Tuesday {didn’t wear my fitbit this day}
Pretty sure their were massive acorns falling on my head for the entirety of this workout in the park. Squirrels were out to get me or something.

  • Worked out in Meridian Hill Park (took about 45 minutes- I’m a slow burpee-er)
  • 18-15-12-9-6-3 rep scheme of:
    • Burpees
    • Squats
    • Plank Knee Taps
    • Tricep Dips
    • Pushups
    • After each group of reps, I ran the .4 miles around the upper level of the park (about .6 km) — so in total I ran 2.4 miles (about 3.8 km)

Wednesday {steps: 29,009 || sleep: 7 hr. 21 min.}

  • 60 minute vinyasa style yoga class at Yoga District
  • 80 minute walk to work

Thursday {steps: 20,767 || sleep: 7 hr. 34 min.}

  • Worked out on the balcony (30ish minutes)
  • Warmup {10 good mornings, squats, side lunges, opp arm/leg extentions, supermans, 3 down/up dogs, cobras… x2}
  • Series of 4 tabatas (4 minutes — 8 rounds of 20 sec. on // 10 sec. off, alternating exercises)
    • {Before each tabata: 30 high knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, simulated jump rope hops}
    • renegade row || flutter kicks
    • plank row right side || plank row left side
    • russian twist || shoulder taps
    • tricep kicks || plank jacks

Friday {steps: 29,154 || sleep: 6 hr. 48 min.}

  • 80 minute walk to work
  • 5k run after work

Saturday {steps: 21,414 || sleep: 7 hr. 5 min.}

  • See the picture below! I did the 10 strength exercises for 50 sec. on and 10 sec. off– three times through (so it took a 1/2 hour).

IMG_20141004_072312[1]If you want to replicate any of the exercises above and have questions on them- please let me know and I can clarify!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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