Summer to Fall Trade Off


Fall is totally waiting in the wings around here. I wouldn’t say its fully hit DC because we keep having these bursts of warm weather. Like yesterday morning- I wore shorts walking to work and was comfortable- but then in the afternoon walked out in pants and was chilly. I don’t really get it. Whatever, it’s just given me an excuse to keep wearing some of my summer stuff. Hey there white after Labor Day. Hey there neon pink.IMG_20141002_083539[1]IMG_20141002_083753[1]IMG_20141003_170345[1]{I swear I wasn’t trying to let you see down my shirt or anything. Pinky promise}

BUT I will say- the mornings are way darker and there are particularly fall-y looking areas in the city filled with colored leaves all over the sidewalks. And today I’m wearing flannel for the first time this season! It’s not really fall till you break out the flannel, right? I’m still totally rocking my birkenstocks though #birksforlifeIMG_20141004_100347[1]Some people I know are already over fall… to that I say boo you! I overheard these two people talking about how the pumpkin obsession is so annoying and they wish everyone would stop freaking out over it… well um- that’s what is in season now sooo of course that’s what everyone is obsessing over! Do you also get annoyed at all the zucchini/tomato/berry love that gets thrown around in the summer? Pumpkins and squashes are in now- so just let us have our autumn fun. Haters gon hate.

I’m like the opposite of the pumpkin/fall haters- I’m ALL ABOUT IT {Says the girl who has eight mini pumpkins in her apartment}. I’m more than ready to trade my bright blooming summer flowers for pumpkins and gourds.P1040555P1040556figs for apples.IMG_20141004_111046[1]sparkling water for warm cups of tea.P1040566fresh berries for pomegranate arils. P1040562sleeveless arms for layers.

salads for soups.IMG_20141004_110959[1]summer squash for winter squash.IMG_20141004_111150[1]

iced coffee for hot coffee.IMG_20140929_154927[1]{I had my last iced coffee for the year when I was home in Massachusetts- yeah Marylous! Although, us Massachusetts people drink our iced coffee year round so that’s probably a total lie. BUT there is something nice about a long walk on a cold day with a hot coffee in hand. Andddd just like that I’m back into fall/colder weather}IMG_20140927_144827[1] IMG_20140927_144420[1]You got me, fall. I’m hooked.P1040557

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Trade Off

  1. I love fall, too! Every time I go grocery shopping (which is often) I pick up an extra baby pumpkin for the apartment. It’s starting to look like I live in a pumpkin patch. By the way–I moved to Adams Morgan in July and I definitely think I’m going to need to join in on the Meridian Hill Park November Project fun. 🙂

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