Food Exploration

IMG_20140919_121619[1]Hey everyone! I would say “happy monday” but that feels like a bit of a force this early in the day. We’re all just easing into a new work week over some coffee at this point, right?

WELL while we all do that… Let’s talk food.

I like to think of my life as one giant food adventure- continually trying new things both in my kitchen and from other people’s kitchens. This fall and winter, I really want to make more soups and practice the art of making really good soup. I’ve never really been a “soup person.” Probably for the same reasons that I’ve never been a juice or smoothie person- I like to physically chew food. Unless we’re talking panera’s cheddar and broccoli soup in a bread bowl… that’s just a WHOLE different situation.

But because I’ve never really been a soup person, I don’t have much experience in making it. And that lack of experience just doesn’t sit too well with me. So this past Wednesday, on my day off, I made a little soup!P1040509Okay lies, I made A LOT of soup.P1040510I made this carrot, tomato, and coconut soup and crockpotted some chicken to add to each jar. I’ve been topping each jar with sliced avocado… and hey whaddya know- I’m a soup person! I’ve found that the soup recipe tastes good both hot and cold. We had a surge of summer weather this weekend and I found the soup to be refreshing at more of a room temperature.P1040506Cooking soup requires patience. Something I tend not to have. SO while waiting for the carrots to get soft enough for me to puree them with my immersion blender… I distracted myself and made these paleo blueberry pumpkin muffin breakfast bars (aka the best transition dessert from summer to fall).P1040508They’re unreal.P1040512P1040513Anyway, I’m hoping that this soup kick stands the test of time and I get in the habit of making more and more often. It’s so easy from a meal planning perspective, it’s a meal that totally fits the new season, and soups are one of the best things I can be eating right now for optimal digestive health.P1040507[Side note: I’ve been doing a lot of my cooking with the balcony door and all the windows open in my apartment- soaking in that fall breeze! It makes me feel like I’m not cooped up in my tiny kitchen and it cools down the space at the same time.]

But when I’m not enjoying fall in my kitchen, I head out for food adventures around the city. I was lucky enough last week to be able to step outside of the soup saga that unfolded in my kitchen to let someone else cook for me. His name is Chef Aaron Silverman and if you haven’t heard of him, you might want to jot this down because he’s the man behind one of the best new restaurants in the country. No really. Bon Appetit says so.IMG_20140917_161401[1]The restaurant is called Rose’s Luxury and I was in love with it before I even stepped in the door. I read the Bon Appetit article about Rose’s on the flight back to DC from California. Will and I had eaten at Wexler’s Deli in Downtown L.A. and THAT was on the list as well- so that made me smile. But I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized a DC joint was on the list. It’s about time!

I can’t put it better than that article did. And now that I’ve been there, I can say that Andrew Knowlton (the man who wrote the article) was SO spot on. IMG_20140917_173355[1]I decided to go with Will on my day off. Mainly because the doors to the restaurant open at 5:30 sharp and they don’t take reservations- thus you line up outside the front door and it’s all first come first serve. I got there at 4:15 and was the 4th party in line. By the time the restaurant opened, the line was at least forty parties deep. SERIOUS business.IMG_20140917_161406[1]Some people might think that waiting for a restaurant like this is silly- anddd those people clearly don’t 1) love food or 2) understand how great Rose’s is.IMG_20140917_162959[1]Plus, when you stand in line, you get to watch them “put the restaurant together.” Set the tables, open the windows, arrange the candles, hear the music, etc. It’s a pretty sight watching them get ready to open. It’s all a part of the atmosphere there- which is just as good as the food.IMG_20140917_173523[1]

The servers were so happy and genuinely nice. The vibe was laid back but you still felt special. I felt grateful to be there- but also that the staff was happy I was there too. It was mutual. Their little details and quirks- like adding in some “sides of winning” to our check, for example- make it that much more enjoyable. (Just ignore the price tag you see below… it was a lot but it was Will and I’s special “night out” for the month… and it was worth it)IMG_20140917_185716[1]And the food. OH THE FOOD. Not only did Will and I love everything that we ordered, but they also make it a point to bring you food- on the house- that you didn’t order just because they’re that excited about their own food and want you to try as much of it as possible. We ordered two desserts to share… and they brought us out a third one. Overkill on the fullness front… but still, too kind.IMG_20140917_173559[1]Challah, honey, and butter. Just in time for the High Holidays!IMG_20140917_174711[1]Tequilaaaaa.IMG_20140917_173758[1]So fresh and so clean clean!IMG_20140917_175511[1]Pork lychee salad… there were apparently like 15 different flavors in this one bowl. All I tasted was deliciousness.IMG_20140917_182143[1]Caramelized Cauliflower… top notch veg dish.IMG_20140917_184656[1]

Mint pea cake dessert- aka the prettiest dessert on earth. It look like a little bonsai garden. I loved it!

If you have the guts and time to stand in line- ya gotta go. Trust me on this one.

I threw all my dietary restrictions out the window to eat at Rose’s and I only do that if the food somewhere is really worth it. And believe me, it totally was.

*I inhaled the rigatoni before I got to take a picture- but it was amazing. Like the plate was licked clean in less than five minutes. I also can say wonderful things about the fried chicken with honey (drool worthy) and the jerk chicken (spicy spicy spicy!)

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Food Exploration

  1. I’d like to eat everything in this post, please! LOVE Rose’s and already printed out the recipes for both the soup and pumpkin bars. Keep the inspiration coming!!

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