Happiness Is


Happiness is getting nine hours of solid sleep.

Happiness is coming home to flowers from a boy who loves you a lot.P1040495Happiness is reconnecting with friends who are far away.

Happiness is trying a new vegetable and getting all “wide-eyed” about it.


I bought and cooked okra for the first time!


Happiness is a breakfast made with all real food.


scrambled eggs with shiitake mushrooms and pistachio pesto- topped with avocado. plantains sauteed in coconut oil with fresh figs.

Happiness is running errands in end-of-summer-weather with a kombucha in hand.IMG_20140912_102241[1]Happiness is a kitchen full of food that I can’t wait to eat.P1040492Happiness is seeing the change in vegetables being grown at the nearby public shared garden that I walk by on my way home from work.IMG_20140911_090345[1]IMG_20140911_090328[1]IMG_20140911_090529[1]Happiness is hearing songs you haven’t heard in forever that just make you dance and rap out loud and smile.P1040496Happiness is hard cider and guacamole (straight and to the point).IMG_20140910_191916[1]Happiness is an outfit that you love- one that’s comfy AND cute.IMG_20140910_093802[1]Happiness is grass-fed ground beef on sale (!!!) yeah whole foods market (today only!)!

Happiness is the slow change to your favorite season of the year.IMG_20140912_115350[1]P1040493

Happiness is a lot of things. But this is what happiness is to me today.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is

  1. Dear A,
    Please oh please share with me what you did with that okra. I’ve been wanting to try it but am a bit scared, not gonna lie. Any suggestions for how to make it less intimidating/ insight as to what on earth it tastes like would be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely, K.

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