September Summer Scenes


It may be September, but it is most definitely still summer here in DC. I think this is actually some of the most oppressive (and offensive) weather we’ve had this season. Go figure. I’m trying my best to be patient and to let summer have its last hurrah.P1040468

Have you tried/bought a santa claus melon yet?! They’re like a sweeter and more flavorful honeydew melon. And they’re like the juiciest things ever. I had to drink it’s juice out of the melon (and off of the counter) as I was cutting it in order to not have it go everywhere.IMG_20140831_124033[1]

I literally could eat the “only-available-at-sweetgreen-dupont” rad thai salad everyday. The cashew dressing is the thing of dreams.P1040479This came in the mail yesterday. I think the picture says it all.P1040482This also came in the mail. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with my little flex friend. I’m hoping it can give me some insight on my sleep and on my daily activity.P1040475Have you ever mixed your cold brew with coconut water? Ali mentioned it on her blog and it really hit the spot the day after a really sweaty bikram yoga class + walking around in 90 degree humid DC swamp weather.IMG_20140903_153411[1]Also on the drink scene- if you live in the DC area and haven’t tried the Barefoot Bucha on tap at the Whole Foods on P Street… you’re doing something wrong. It’s the best ‘bucha in town- I swear to you. I’m really hoping our store in Tenley will get it on tap.IMG_20140903_161121[1]IMG_20140902_150924[1]IMG_20140902_145902[1]IMG_20140902_145910[1]IMG_20140902_151821[1]I’ve been “forcing” myself to walk around outside despite the fact that its gross out there. If you can ignore the temperature and humidity- DC is just as beautiful as ever.IMG_20140903_092802[1]But I literally haven’t worn my bangs down all week for fear of them being plastered to my forehead. I’ve also been laying off the makeup because it just feels pointless. I decided to take an overhead mirror in the elevator pic to show you what I’ve been looking like.P1040476Flowers inside are always a must. I never regret buying them.P1040480I had yogurt for the first time in like three months(?) The weather has had me craving cold snacks and I was curious as to how sheep’s milk yogurt would affect my system. So far no problems! Even if there had been- they would have been worth it because of how good this snack attack situation was. Figs + pistachios fahevahhh.P1040469I really need to make a BIG batch of pesto and freeze it so I don’t go through fresh basil withdrawals over the fall/winter. I’ve gotten way to used to it being readily available all the time. I made some of Julie’s pistachio pesto yesterday… GAHHHH.IMG_20140831_093647[1]I don’t even want to begin to tell how sweaty I’ve gotten riding my bike places these days. It’s out of control. But I love my bike too much! The bike lanes on 15th street are one of my favorite places to be.IMG_20140903_094525[1]IMG_20140904_111020[1]How out of place are those two pictures right now? SLOW YOUR ROLL, WHOLE FOODS. I saw a woman with bags of frozen cranberries and a giant pumpkin in her grocery cart today and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING. IT’S TOO EARLY.

Trust me, I’m ready for fall too- but I felt totally awkward eating a honeycrisp the other day. It was total perfection (obviously) but I probably should just keep shoving fist fulls of berries into my face while they’re still around and not like a million dollars.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo



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