Inspiration Mirror


Sometimes when I look into the mirror I feel great and all is right with the world.

Most of the time when I look into the mirror- that’s not the case at all.

Especially with the full length mirror that I have right next to my closet in my apartment. Its the one that I see myself for the first time in every morning. Its the one that I consult when I try on an outfit. It’s the one that I run to when I’m worried about what I look like. It’s the one that I evaluate myself in constantly. It’s the one that I tear myself apart in like everyday. I squeeze the areas of my body that I don’t like. Suck in the areas that I think need to be sucked in. It’s not a healthy relationship that I have with this mirror.

Sometimes I would wonder- what if this mirror wasn’t here? What if I turned it around or got rid of it? I don’t need it. I have plenty of other ones to see my face in (to fix my hair or put on makeup). I don’t need to compulsively analyze the outfits I put on (especially the outfits that are in my regular rotation and that I wear all the time- dear allison, they haven’t changed. love, me). There isn’t any real benefit to that mirror being there.

In addition to wondering about getting rid of this mirror, I also had been thinking of making a vision/inspiration board (completely unrelated to the mirror issue). You know- like a tack board or sorts where you collage a bunch of pictures and words that illustrate where you want to be, who you want to be, things that you want, your passions- that kind of stuff. The idea is that you hang it up and look at it on a regular basis- and by envisioning all of the things- there is a greater chance that you’ll start to believe them or make them happen.

My problem was- I have NO room to hang a vision board in my apartment. I have no wall space that makes sense for such a thing.

And then I had the brilliant idea to turn my mirror into a inspiration board! Killin’ two birds with one stone over here!P1040460P1040456P1040457

So that’s exactly what I did. Some of the stuff may seem cheesy, but I love it! It still catches me off guard when I go to look at myself in the mirror. It surprises me and makes me smile.

It’s just a bunch of fun words and phrases- but it’s made each start to my day a positive one instead of a negative one.P1040459P1040458P1040461

Side Notes:

  1. The cat on there might seem weird… but he’s on there because I envy the life of a cat (I’m a freak it’s fine). They only care about sleeping, eating, and hunting/playing. That’s it. The cat reminds me of what my priorities should be- and how simple life could be. Plus he’s adorable.
  2. The whole “do something good everyday” message is something I’ve implemented into my life. I tend to get bogged down with all the things I’m trying to accomplish and this gives me focus- I feel successful in day as long as I do ONE good thing for me and ONE good thing for someone else.
  3. I left a little hole for my face so that I still look back and see myself- but instead of analyzing my body, I am surrounded by all the nice messaging around the mirror.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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