This past weekend I had the opportunity to stay at the new line of hotels by IHG, EVEN Hotels. When their lovely PR people reached out to me to come try out their second location in Rockville, MD- I couldn’t say no! It sounded too good to be true: a hotel dedicated to health and wellness- nutrition and fitness? Awesome!P1040403

I had some high expectations going in and they certainly met all of them. I was greeted by a wall of delicious infused waters (which I went back to continuously in my time there).P1040404P1040405Upon check in, not only do you get a key card- but you get a fitbit like looking wristband that works as a key! I loved this. This way, you don’t have to carry a key card around with you. AND when you check out, you keep the wristband and you can use it whenever you stay at their hotels- they just reprogram it to the new room you’re staying in. Suh-weet!P1040407

Instead of the usual journey to my room (lobby > hotel > room), I was created with fun messages on the walls, directions on how to access the stairs, and fun words throughout the stairwell. They definitely get their commitment to health across.P1040406EVEN4

And then came entering my room for the first time… guys. There is a fitness studio in every single room. Like what! Half the floor was cork and the other half carpet. There were a bunch of pieces of equipment, tv channels featuring workout routines, and a booklet of exercise ideas using the things found in each room.EVEN3P1040424P1040412P1040410P1040409P1040408P1040417P1040418

I really loved the lighting- it wasn’t obnoxiously bright and it made the space feel cozy.P1040425P1040422

All of the media guests (myself included) were treated to a workout with Tammy Stokes- the woman who did a lot of the in-room workout planning. She is an expert on great travel workouts that you can do anywhere- especially in smaller spaces like hotel rooms. We did a workout in the fitness center.P1040433P1040432

After the workout, I did some walking on the treadmills to test them out (they were SO legit looking). I felt like SUCH a princess because I was watching E! news and playing the Kim Kardashian game on my phone while walking on the treadmill hehe.P1040434

After sweating it up we were treated to some really well made cocktails (I became best friends with the hibiscus margarita) and dinner.EVEN2

Their kale salad and spinach salad were so tasty! I always am surprised with how well made salads can be- I make them all the time- but there is something about someone else making a good one for you, ya know?P1040436P1040437

There also were adorable and delicious mini jarred desserts… I may or may not have polished off this peanut butter and chocolate themed one in like two seconds flat. TOO good. I was really full- but the dessert didn’t make me feel gross or anything (or like on a crazy sugar high)… a sign that it was made well.

The morning was greeted with a 4 mile run all together- and it was the perfect weather for it. It felt borderline fall-esque. I hadn’t run in over a month but I felt okay with it. My foot didn’t feel too strained and I tried to not go to hard. I’ve never run in Rockville before either so there was a bit of excitement in running somewhere new. We were taken off the main road and into some fun woodsy

{thanks for the picture, Ellen!}

The breakfast following the run was divine as well. I had a smoothie made with mango, banana, spinach, and orange… yum. And while I chose an egg dish as my meal, they had a really cool bowl breakfast flow chart that you could follow. You choose oatmeal or yogurt and then go through the topping options. It’s like a breakfast you would make for yourself at home… but better because someone else assembles it for you 😉P1040438

They have amazing food in their little grab and go food area too- fresh fruit, healthy snacks, water, coffee. I was impressed by all of that.P1040440P1040441

Their idea of health and wellness is truly a complete one- it isn’t just about eating right and working out- they go out of their way to offer guests spaces that are conducive to relaxing and resting easy. From the natural lighting options in the guest rooms, to the wide open lounge area near the lobby, to the check in desk that feels absolutely nothing like a check in desk- they’re rethinking the traditional hotel feel that you get from most places. They’re more like a day spa combined with a business hotel.P1040442

They definitely recognize that people need to be productive and take care of business sometimes when they’re away from home. Thus they have solid free wifi, comfortable desk spaces in each room, beautiful apple computers near the lobby, and STANDING desks in each room! Win!P1040416P1040415

All of the people I met were so nice and so passionate about the brand that they’re working for and that they’ve helped build. I appreciated their kindness, candidness, and openness in talking about the company and their goals. I thanked them all profusely, but here is one more HUGE THANK YOU for having me and letting me experience it all. I absolutely loved it- and the sweet people working there were the icing on the cake (the gluten free totally vegan cake that it).P1040414

I highly recommend staying at an EVEN Hotel. It makes no logical sense for me to stay in Rockville because I live in DC… but I’d even consider just going for a night for a staycation because it was that cool.

They currently only have two locations (one in MD, one in CT), but they’re planning on expanding to the major cities and I can’t wait to see how they grow!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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