LA Adventures

Santa Monica Sunset

I think my body is finally recovering from the west coast jet lag (this might explain why you all haven’t heard from me in a while). Three hours shouldn’t be a big deal- but for some reason- these hours have been driving me crazy! When I was in California, it felt like I was in another universe. In a good way. I’m happy to be home- but vacation was pretty great.Santa Monica 3

I was going to do one BIG post about everything but I realized that would be impossible. So I’m breaking down my recap of the trip into {adventures} and {food} (even if the two overlap quite a bit).Santa Monica 6

Let’s get to the adventures first…

Upon arrival, we got upgraded on our car rental and got to drive a red ford mustang the entire time. Talk about a sweet ride!Mustang 2Malibu Drive 3

But nothing was sweeter than being by the ocean for a full week. The sand- the mountains in the background- the sea- the palm trees- the gorgeous sunsets- GAH I couldn’t get enough. I’m definitely used to the whole beach scene- but I had never touched the pacific ocean before and it was so strange (in a good way) to have mountains as part of the landscape. I couldn’t get over them.pacific oceanSanta Monica 4SunsetSunset Kids

Also- I’m pretty sure Will and I referenced Rocket Power a bajillion times when we were there. We felt like we were on the show. Wooogedy Woogedy Woogedy.under pierWhen we weren’t at the beach- we were doing lots of other cool stuff! Like watching BASEBALL GAMES. We saw the Cubs play the Dodgers at Dodgers Stadium. Dodgers Stadium basically feels like a 1960s game show. It hasn’t been updated since it was built way back when and it shows (not necessarily in a bad way- it just has a retro feel). I got to see Josh Beckett pitch (!!!) for the Dodgers. Kelsey Grammar thew out the first pitch.Dodgers 5Dodgers 4Dodgers 3On our last night in CA- we saw my beloved Red Sox kick some Angel butt out in Anaheim. They wouldn’t let you walk around Dodgers Stadium (weird) but we got to walk all over Angels Stadium and see every nook and cranny of the place. I saw the infamous Rally Monkey video live in person and died laughing the whole time. I hate that freaking monkey. But if I were an Angel’s fan… I’d be all over it. Also- the stadium was PACKED with Sox fans so I felt right at home.Angels 5Angels 4Angels 2AngelsWe also did some hiking- first in Malibu (where I searched for Bruce Jenner but he couldn’t be found). Malibu was definitely my favorite place that we hiked. It was beautiful, mountainous, clear, full of pretty views, and quiet.Malibu 4Malibu 7Not our wedding- I swear.Malibu 1Malibu 2Malibu 3Malibu 6Malibu 8Malibu 9We also did some windy driving around the crazy hills of Malibu in our mustang.Malibu DriveMalibu 11Malibu Drive 4

We hiked Runyon Canyon in Hollywood and while that was cool to some extent… it wasn’t as great as Malibu. It was way hotter and more desert feeling. The Hollywood sign was neat to see but that’s about it. I could have done without seeing Hollywood. It was sort of a trashy place. Like Times Square- you think it’s going to be wicked awesome and then you’re there and it’s grungy. That being said- I’d choose Times Square over Hollywood any day. I never thought I’d have something to make Times Square feel like a classy place.Hollywood 2You can barely see the sign. But it was there. I swear.Hollywood 4Hollywood

The one redeeming thing about our drive over to Hollywood was seeing the Dash store. I showed some Kardashian love.Dash

We saw a handful of famous people and places- including Hillary Swank, Grumpy Cat (yes you read that correctly), Nakatomi Tower from Die Hard, and the mall where Steve Carrel and Ryan Gosling converse/shop in Crazy Stupid Love.Grumpy CatNakatomi Towers

Unlike any other city I’m used to- LA is HUGE and sprawling. I know all cities have their fair share of neighborhoods but LA felt different because the neighborhoods felt far away from each other. But it was all LA.

We strolled around Venice a lot- ate there, got coffee there, saw rollerblading Jesus…Rollerblading JesusAnd we rode bikes from Venice up close to where Malibu sort of begins.

One night, we drove two hours up to Santa Barbara for dinner to scope out their scene and eat dinner. We gussied up for this event 😉SB 1Santa BarbaraSB 3SB 4

But I think Will and I would both agree that our favorite place was where we were staying- Santa Monica. It was close to the water, not super intense, crowded but not too crowded, and full of great food. On the first night we rode the “infamous” ferris wheel (when we were totally cracked out, over tired, and jet lagged).Pier 2Pier 3PierSanta Monica 5Cue Sheryl Crow…Santa Monica BlThis is Saint Monica! Hey girl hey!Santa Monica StatueObsessed with succulents…SucculentsChillin’ at the 3rd Street PromenadeThird StreetBeach Time 2Hotel CaliforniaOn the plane ride there we watched August: Osage County (wahhh so depressing! good but so sad) and on the way home we watched Wolf of Wall Street (omg). I downloaded the audio book for B.J. Novak’s book of short stories, One More Thing, and it was an amazing decision- so freaking hilarious. It’s so much better as an audiobook too because he reads the stories along with other celeb friends (i.e. Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham and Jenna Fischer).Plane SleepThat’s everything. The shortened version of everything. The closest I can get to packing a week of vacation hijinks into one succinct post.Beach Time 5

Stay tuned for the food recap (that’s the one I’m most excited about!)

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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