Best Decisions

Billy Joel

My planner has a little space to write “what worked” and “what didn’t work” at the end of each week. The space is teeny tiny so I always really have to think about it. I have to be concise. It fits maybe three words tops. It’s in these moments where I realize that there are always a bunch of little things that I did right during the week that made my life easier/better.

Because I can’t fit them all into my planner’s reflective space- I’m sharing them here:

1. Made THIS heirloom tomato and peach pasta salad and then some. I made enough to have it for lunch all last week and I forgot how awesome it is to have grab and go containers ready to take for lunch.Pasta SaladP1040376

2. I bought these new tupperware containers and am in love! They make packing meals so much more fun. Below is this morning’s brown rice breakfast pudding with almond butter, figs, pistachios, and blueberries.IMG_20140728_073851[1]

3. In the same amazon order, I got the Paleo Kitchen cookbook by Juli Bauer and George Bryant. GAH SO MANY GOOD RECIPES. I can’t even wait to begin. I mean, c’mon, cinnamon rolls made with all real food ingredients?! Can’t handle it.Paleo Kitchen

4. I made gazpacho on the floor at work for the first time ever! I almost didn’t do it because I was so nervous it would come out wrong or I would mess something up. I almost swapped out the recipe at the last second for something easier. But I manned up and did it and it was great. A British guy told me it was remarkably good… accent and everything.GazpachoGazpacho 25. Will bought me tickets to see Billy Joel for my birthday (!!!) and we made sure we got in early enough to hear a little bit of the opener Gavin DeGraw. I love Gavin, man. All of his throwback jams put me in a time machine for a brief moment.Gavin DeGraw6. I bought and cooked lobster tails for the first time thus renewing my status as a New Englander. I made a BLT salad + pan seared lobster for dinner Friday om nom nom.Lobster Tails7. I meal planned the CRAP out of last week. In addition to the massive pasta salad- I made a big batch of mashed sweet potatoes, divided them into tupperware containers, and ate them for breakfast with berries and almond butter stirred in. Sounds kinds of random- but it was delicious. I also hard boiled a bunch of eggs. The eggs + sweet potato mash meant Allison didn’t have to think in the morning to pull breakfast together.Sweet Potato Mash8. Those berries in the picture above are not raspberries- they are WINE BERRIES that I was told to buy at the Farmer’s Market by a couple of friends I ran into when I got there (thanks for the head’s up 🙂 ). I was throwing the little guys all over granola and my sweet potato mash… and directly into my mouth from the fridge- their texture and taste was so addictive!Wine BerriesWine Berries 29. Last week was a week full of epic summer flavas (if the pasta salad and LOBSTAH wasn’t enough). I made a lot of things with basil and zucchini. These tahini zucchini noodles are the bomb dot com. I added shrimp to them- yeah baby.P1040391P1040389P1040392Feet UpSO my wins involved: eating seasonally, shutting down fear and just going for it, planning in order to save time during the week and to ensure good meals + good times, and splurging on a couple of items that will make my life easier and tastier.

I’m using those wins to help shape this week. Although, it’s going to be kind of hard not to have a good week this week because on Saturday I leave for CALIFORNIA.

5 days of work stand between me and my first west coast venture.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Best Decisions

  1. your meal planning is epic. I need to take note and try and get my meal planning in order!

  2. You put me to shame with this set of meal planning. That sweet potato dish would keep me happy for weeks. Also lobster tail?? You say that so casually. I guess I just need to move to the coast and get my act together lol

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