Love || Don’t Love


I know- I used the word love in the title of my last post and now in this one. I’m on a creative roll, what can I say. Although, really, I’m sure this doesn’t bother anyone but me so let’s just move on shall we…

This style of post was stolen from my friend Christy. She does these love/don’t love posts from time to time and I like ’em a lot. I’ll apologize to your face for the thievery when we meet up for dinner next week. Love.

Before going out to dinner next week though, I’m planning on making dinner every single night leading up to that. I haven’t made dinner for Will and I since… crickets crickets. With birthday stuff and going out a lot- I have been eating at many a-restaurant and throwing together hodge podge like salads and scrambles at home. I MISS COOKING. I miss cooking new and fun stuff. I literally cannot wait to make Will and I dinner tonight {cool plans on a Friday night- I know}. Love.

Although- I have gotten to cook at work and that’s where all my latest experiments have been popping up. I made these grilled portobello and peach burgers on the floor yesterday and people were either 1) weirded out or 2) very intrigued. Upon actually trying the food though, there were no mixed reactions- people liked them a whole lot. Love.IMG_20140717_121814[2]IMG_20140717_111205[1]They were the perfect distraction for me yesterday when I was having the worst day. There was just something in the air. I was tired. I was cranky. I was full of self-loathing. I don’t know why. It was stupid and awful. Blech. Don’t love.

But I was able to turn things around with dinner at GRK. It opens today but I got invited to the grand opening party last night and it was SO GOOD. They have awesome, fresh Greek food. There were copious amounts of tomatoes, olives, pita, gyro meat, feta, and tzatziki. PLUS frozen and fresh greek yogurt- to which you can add various toppings including cherry preserves (gahhhh so delicious). Love.IMG_20140717_183133[1]And then today has been good too. It began with two surprise pop-ups from friends of mine- one at the gym at bootcamp and then the other when the metro doors opened on a train and someone I adore was standing there (oh hey Erica!). DC can be such a small city. Love.

I have to say though, that while things in my little bubble are good- there are some scary/intense/heartbreaking things going on in the world right now. I can’t even get into them all but every time I’m around a blaring news channel, ugh, just all the feels. Don’t love.

Besides staying well informed, the easiest way to not stress about the state of the world, is to pull the ignorance is bliss card. I know that’s not necessarily the right thing to do but it’s how I handle with things that are bigger than myself. Just being honest. I’ve been putting all my energy into work and taking advantage of the things that I love in life that I feel lucky enough to have. Currently I’m really looking forward to my day off on Sunday. It’s my favorite off day. Come to me, lazy breakfast, coffee out, farmer’s market, spin class, long walks, and cooking. Love.

And tomorrow night I’m going to Wolf Trap for the first time! To see a special screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey accompanied by a live orchestra. And BUZZ ALDRIN will be there! What! Love.

After a late night at Wolf Trap, I’m really looking forward to sleeping later than 6am (please body, please) and waking up and making myself eggs. I recently listened to a podcast where Alton Brown talked about how much he loves breakfast and how much he loves eggs. He said that whenever he finds himself in a creative rut- he makes himself eggs. He starts the day with a fresh mind and whips up simple eggs. I couldn’t agree more with his egg obsession and it just really wanted me to stumble bleary eyed in to the kitchen and make myself eggs. Love.

Eggs sound especially good after dealing with the aftermath of me gluten-ing myself and eating more dairy than I have been. I sort of threw my common sense out the window because of my birthday and have been enjoying a lot of breads and cheeses and yogurts and sweets as per birthday celebrations. It’s all been delicious- don’t get me wrong. But I’ve felt miserable because of it- not going to lie. My stomach has been killing me and everything feels out of whack. It’s the price you pay I guess. Don’t love.

Molly’s blog. Love.

This weather. Love.

This cinnamon paleo granola. Love.

This album. And this song in particularLove.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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