Birthday Love


I’m officially a 24-year-old! #weird

I had an amazing birthday yesterday- I went to spin, ate panackes, drank kombucha, went to yoga, got my bike tire fixed, got my haircut, got flowers from my mom, read a bunch of thoughtful cards/posts/tweets/comments/texts, caught up with the kardashians, and stuffed my face with all of my favorite food. I think I’m still full from yesterday.Flowers2

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday love I received- you have no idea how special you all made me feel.

But now to the real meat of this post…

I know you’re all on the edges of your seats to find out how I did on my birthday bucket list– right?! Ha I joke I kid. But in all seriousness- I surprised myself with how much I got done. 22/24 ain’t bad! I know I’ll tackle those other two items that escaped me soon.

I should turn 24 more often.

1. Buy myself a nice birthday present Okay so I bought myself birkenstocks- you all know that by now- and I wasn’t planning on getting myself anything else but WHOOPS. I bought myself a pair of Reebok Skyscapes. My plantar fasciitis has made me realize that I need to take better care of my feet and stop wearing cheap shoes that have zero support.Reebok2Reebok1

2. Cook something with lavender This one didn’t happen! I bought lavender at the farmer’s market and then just ran out of time to make something cool with it. I’d like to get some more and mix it with blueberries in some sort of baked good or breakfast porridge.

3. Make bahn mi something I made Molly’s bahn mi hot dogs on the 4th of July. Mine were bunless over some cilantro brown rice. So fun!P1040339P1040340

4. Order a  birthday cake from Whole Foods Done and devoured!Cake2Cake1

5. Go to a baseball game Will and I saw the nationals play the rockies (exciting game- I know)

6. Drink a couple of Rainier Cherry Muddlers I broke out the Russian vodka for these guys #seriousbusinessDrank3Drank4Drank2Drank

7. Do some sort of exercise I’ve never done before I’m TOTALLY counting big ball bowling for this. I grew up on candlepin (#massachusettslife) but had never regular bowled… until I went with my sisters when I was home!Bowling2Bowling

8. Bake these vegan brownies Dear God yes. These were delicious.brownies3

9. Eat at Kapnos Birthday dinner say wha! I wanted to go here for so long and it was worth the wait. Gimme all the mediterranean tapas. Will and I were STUFFED. Duck and cherry phyllo pie- roasted cauliflower- eggplant spread and pita- charred octopus- GAH.Kapnos

10. Make these buckwheat blueberry pancakes Epic birthday breakfast.pancakes2pancakes

11. Try one of the new sweetgreen test kitchen salads Step 1: Go to Dupont, Step 2: Order the Rad Thai salad + beets and avocado. Step 3: om nom nom.sweetgreen

12. Maleficent Seeing this just really made me want to watch Sleeping Beauty, the original.yoga3

13. Go to the beach I got to go to Salisbury beach when I was home in Massachusetts. It was awesome. My family and I lucked out with the perfect beach day.Beach2Beach

14. Make lamb sliders Ack. This one didn’t happen! But its on the menu for this week. I promise.

15. Finish a section of my book Yes! I did it! Just trust me on this one.

16. Finish reading Kitchen Confidential Thanks to a lot of down time when I was home, I finished this book no problem.

17. Drink a Marylous iced coffee creamy chocolate coocnut- I wish I knew how to quit you. But not really. I never want to quit that drank.Marylous

18. Eat at three new(to me)  DC restaurants (not counting Kapnos) Will and I went to Policy which was just eh, alright. My favorite dish was the broccolini which we got in return for sending back the brussels we ordered. The brussels were terrible (so sad). Also, the dressing on the peach and brie salad we got was awesome- I was obsessed.

Tico happened on a double date. Will and I feel like we MUST go back- the food was great. The scallops ceviche was to die for. The shredded cabbage salad sounds simple but it was one of the best items. And my two texture beef taco was gone in an instant. The peas peas peas dish reminded me of something that I made for myself at home- in a good way.

And then there was Rus Uz– a Russian and Uzbek fusion restaurant. Oh. em. gee. Be still my heart.rusuz2rusuz1

19. Get ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee Bourbon Caramel Banana for me!icecreamjubilee2

20. Eat a lobster roll Uhhhhhh Luke’s Lobster- you’re so delicious! I can’t stand it! Also- I never drink soda- like ever. But I went for their blueberry root beer as per a lot of recommendations- worth it. Delightful. lukes

21. Listen to music at Yards Park beautiful evening by the river for some good tunes.yardspark2yardsparkyardspark3

22. Go to a cookout When I was at home, we had a family cookout at my grandmother’s house where I got to play badmitton, chat it up with everyone, and eat watermelon + really really good steak tips.CookoutCookout2

23. Have at least three different friend dates My Marylou’s coffee was accompanied by my best friend Michelle, Maleficent was seen with my friend Nick, my good friend from home Kelly was in DC and we went to Jaleo, and was joined by friends Melanie and Cami at Yards Park.Kelly

24. Actually go to yoga… twice. District Yoga has restored my faith in the practice of yoga this week and helped me feel at peace with aging another year. Sounds cheesy-  but I had two really good classes there.yoga1yoga2

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Birthday Love

  1. happy birthday!! you’re amazing. I can’t believe how much you got done! I hope you had a great birthday 🙂 24 is awesome btw.

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