23 Things I’ve Learned


Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. I did a lot this year. I grew a lot this year (a whole year’s worth of growing to be exact).wpid-img_20140714_100232.jpg

It’s near impossible to look back on a year of life and remember all of the things that made it great- but off the top of my head- here are some of the things I learned at the ripe ol’ age of 23. Some are fun- some are silly- some are serious.

  1. Mango is delicious (I hadn’t had one till age 23. yes. true story), but its so annoying to cut (even though handfuls of people have shown me different techniques).
  2. When a recipe calls for roasted nuts- don’t just use plain nuts that aren’t roasted- take the ten minutes to roast them. Total game changer.
  3. Fresh herbs make all the difference. They’re worth the price and worth the time it takes to grow them. The magic of some herbs + grass-fed butter? I can’t even.
  4. Buying organic produce is always worth it (health, cost, and taste wise) if you can find the room for it in your budget. Yes, there is a difference in taste. I didn’t believe it till I worked in a grocery store and had the luxury of doing side by side comparisons. Not to mention, when it comes to the dirty dozen, it is hypocritical to preach the values of eating healthy and then eat produce smothered in pesticides. Don’t do it. Your wallet will be sadder but your body will be happier.
  5. A lot of plants flower in a way that I didn’t know they did- chives, squash, artichokes- they all produce beautiful flowers! I had no idea.
  6. There is a difference between regular paprika and smoked paprika.
  7. When making a decision, always choose the path that you feel good about and that works for you.
  8. And then try your hardest to trust that you actually do know what’s best for you and be confident in the choices your making.
  9. Ira Glass and Philip Glass are cousins (for some reason that blew my mind and I don’t know how I didn’t realize this sooner)
  10. If you want to do something- go full force and just do it even if you’re scared out of your mind to fail (goruck challenge, half marathon, starting a new job + a whole new career path)
  11. Life without dessert is stupid and I want no part of it.
  12. Never apologize for the way that you eat (especially to people with poor diets who make fun of you for caring about your health).
  13. Cardio isn’t everything. Not even close.
  14. Aim to do what you love every single day- and if you aren’t there, make decisions every single day that position you toward that direction (feel good even if they are small ones)
  15. Pomegranates are so easy to de-aril- radishes are not strange- shallots should be a necessity- the outside of lychee fruits are red- tahini is goooood- a can of full fat coconut milk should always be in the fridge (for whipped coconut cream, duh).
  16. Caramelizing onions are worth the wait.
  17. Being weirded out by labels like “vegan” and “raw” just isn’t necessary. For so long I avoided trying new things because they didn’t seem “normal.” Like what? Society had me programmed into thinking there was a right way and a strange way to cook. If recipes look beautiful, amazing, and are made with all nutrient dense foods that I love and that are good for me- I’m on board- no matter what the label is.
  18. Despite being far from home for quite some time now, at my core, I’ll always be boston strong- and no matter what downs I (and we all) have- there will always be big big ups. Good things come to those who work their butts off.
  19. Eating seasonally and locally is ideally the way to go. It’s fun. It forces you to learn more about different fruits/vegetables and get creative in the kitchen.
  20. Food blogs, fitness blogs, healthy blogs, whatever blogs- they’re not out there to make you feel bad about yourself- they’re there to inspire you, make you feel some magic, and for the person behind the screen to share some part of their life with the world that they feel like they need to.
  21. Home is where you make it.
  22. Being able to plan is important- but being able to improvise, restrategize, and adapt are even more important skills. Life is constantly throwing curveballs and you have to be willing to admit that the plan you had won’t be successful and rework everything to fit the situation.
  23. It’s okay.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “23 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Happy early birthday! Love all of these lessons- it’s nice to be able to reflect back on how much we’ve grown over the course of a year 🙂

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