cherrymatchsticksaladAre you still in bed? Are you enjoying a lazy sunday late morning? Are you looking for some articles to read- pages to peruse- recipe inspiration?

Here are the things I’ve had my eyes on:

I pretty much cannot wait for the new restaurant GRK to open on 19th street. Next weekend? I’m there. I mean- just look at their website. All the deliciousness. Greek salad + beef and lamb, plz.

It’s still kind of crazy to me that places like GRK are appealing to me- a couple of years ago you would have had to do insane things to get me to eat olives, tzatziki, and any other foreign foods.

All I know is- I’m glad I’ve jumped on the foodie train. Here’s what Anthony Bourdain has to say about the growing appreciation of food culture in the U.S.

If you’re looking to expand your food horizons here in America- you should probably look at this ranking of states by their food/drink. This list reminded me that DC is not a state {sigh} and made me feel proud to rep Massachusetts (numba 13 baby!)

Or maybe you’re looking to expand your food horizons by cooking at home. I made this summer chicken salad and this cherry fennel matchstick salad for customers at work- and people loved ’em. They’re two ways to use cherries that aren’t just endlessly sticking your hand in the bag and popping them into your mouth. That’s the best way to use them though- let’s be real.summerchickensalad

And here are the foods I’m dying to make and are craving pretty hard:

And if someone gave me one of these to drink- I’d down it: mango cilantro mojitos. All the cilantro haters out there can get lost.

If after all this you’re still craving more blog reading- I highly recommend checking out My Name is Yeh {but seriously- her blog is da bomb} and of course my favorite blog of all time, How Sweet It Is (I have to give Jessica a shout out because she just announced she’s expecting and I found myself SO excited for someone I don’t even know but I can’t even help it because- well- I’m so darn excited for her!).

OH and this article made me belief for a brief moment that maybe all my stomach issues were really just my body’s way of saving me from greater evils (lol).

Keep it wicked healthy


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