Too Busy to Quantify


This has been the busiest summer I’ve had in a long time. In a good way. It’s a combination of work + getting involved in creative pursuits + travel + saying yes to the dress majority of social things that I have been asked to be a part of.

And I haven’t even really been blogging! If I felt like I had more time to talk all of your faces off- trust me- I’d write more. But I think I like the balance I’ve struck with everything that I have going on. What I’m doing right now works for me right now. It works for this summer.

I’m living in a way that 365-day-ago-Allison would never imagine. This time last year, I was coming back from Russia (a monumental experience in my life and a turning point in my mental health). Since then, I’ve healed myself from major food issues and have found a great deal more of confidence (in myself and in the decisions I make every day). I’m more comfortable just winging it and not always having a plan and knowingly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

When I was overly managing my health, wellness, food, exercise, etc. it was much easier for me to be a shut in and spend a lot of time alone. It’s taken me a while to let go of my recluse ways and to embrace my inner social butterfly. I love adventuring and I think I’ve taken hold of that love and started to live life more than I ever have before.

Okay. I’m done rambling on and on. I don’t even know where that self-reflective blurb was going…


HEY GUYS! I’m here!

Let me try and make sense of what I’m up to these days with some numbers:

2 new (to me) Essie nail polish colors that I’ve been loving lately and alternating between (Butler Please and Too Taboo)

0 planned homemade dinners from now till Wednesday (!!). I may or may not have dinner reservations or plans out everyday… excessive? Maybe. Fun?

1 tire TOTALLY flat on my bike. I tried to go to spin yesterday morning and then I pulled out my bike- womp. No spin that morning for me. I made up for it in the evening hours. And in the night class the instructor played Word Up soooo I was pleased.

9 brownies that I made the morning of the spin class that wasn’t meant to be. I was up early with extra time on my hands… so I baked! My 5:45am wake up call wasn’t wasted.

8 eggs that went into this breakfast egg bake that has been saving me this week. Since coming back from Massachusetts, I’ve been working non-stop and haven’t had a lot of time to meal prep or think about food. I made this egg bake which lasts for four breakfasts so that I could just heat it up in the morning post workout and jet off to work {comment if you want the recipe- I’d be more than happy to share!}frittatafrittata2

4 staples that I’ve been relying on in the kitchen to throw together lunches and dinners: frozen brown rice + bananas + canned tuna + sweet potatoes. Not together. But the brown rice has been clutch for lunches and dinners (it takes less than two minutes to heat in the microwave). The bananas have been clutch for breakfasts (alongside the egg bake or pre-gym) combined with sweet potatoes. Or I’ve been using the sweet potatoes as a carb for lunches + dinners. And the canned tuna has made an appearance in salads.


the most random dinner of brown rice, hot dogs, and roasted brussels + broccoli. topped with a honey mustard bbq sauce. it was weirdly delicious.


sweet potato + banana + almond butter + plum jam.

5 chicken thighs that I had Will defrost for me on my way home from MA so that I could crock pot them upon my return and have some protein for the week all cooked up. I can’t stop crock potting chicken and then shredding it. So easy. So good.

22 days till California with Will! 🙂 We’ve started planning like for real for real (choosing activities, restaurants, etc) We are currently accepting any and all recommendations. We’ll be staying in Santa Monica.

6 different types of stone fruit I’ve eaten in the past three days. Seriously obsessed- cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots, apricots- I want them all.

80 seconds of planking at one time that I repeated three times this morning as part of my workout. When I’m doing a circuit style workout, I usually factor in 60-second planks but I decided to up the game a bit today. And it was hard. Like really hard.

3 cherry recipes that I’ll be demoing over the weekend to support Cherry Fest at Whole Foods! We’ve got this cherry & fennel matchstick salad– then this summer chicken salad with avocados & cherries– and then possibly this fresh cherry and pecan quinoa. Give me ALL THE CHERRIES.

8 ounces of wine (plus?) that I will most likely consume tonight outside listening to some free music.

24 years old I shall be come Tuesday! Getting wicked excited over here if you can’t tell!

Here’s to more play time + more life living + more good food + and keeping up my constant balancing act.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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