Going home always puts things into perspective for me.

The chance to get away from the everyday that I’ve grown so used to and transport myself back to the place that’s home to my roots- where I came from- and the place that shaped me- it’s a necessary experience from time to time.yard

It illuminates what matters and what doesn’t better than anything else.dogpark

It makes me question “my normal” and see the things I take for granted. My life when I lived back at home years and years ago was completely different than it is now- it’s almost black and white really. Seeing that juxtaposition between who I was and who I am now- it’s jarring, surprising, thrilling, scary- but overall a really good thing.molliedogtimesI’ve come back to DC with a fresh perspective– dreaming of the things that are important to me {family, love, hugs, laughter, babies, sun, walking, exploring, food, cooking, coffee, creating beautiful things, living simply, making memories, traditions, conversations, learning, culture, closeness, the ocean, balance} and the ability to let go of the things that tend to control my every waking hour but shouldn’t {meal planning, exercise planning, life planning, obsessing over elusive perfection}.schoolvegetables

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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